The art of translation

Even the best marketing campaign for the most recognisable brand can suffer a lot if they ignore one little thing… translations. We all know how important the language is in communications. Specialist translators not only require excellent knowledge of a language and subject matter that the translation concerns, but also should know how to apply various important marketing principles.

On the other hand, the problem is much more serious when a bad translator interrupts the reception of a message or completely changes its meaning. The art of translating promotional materials aims not only to convey the message into another language, but also transferring the content to a completely different culture.

The trickiness of Polish translations

Polish culture and language are unique and sometimes hard to grasp by people from abroad. In addition to this, Poles are very sensitive when it comes to language mistakes. It’s better not to trust regular Polish English translation services that translate marketing content into many languages of the world. Choose an agency that specialises in Polish.

We can help you in Polish marketing translations 

As experts in Polish PR and communications, we know how to carefully translate English to Polish, avoiding mistakes and misunderstandings. We will make your content clear and understandable in a relevant cultural context. Translations to Polish can be tricky, so we approach each client individually. You can be sure that we always stay with your message, as we not only translate, but also proofread to make sure the quality is accurate. 

Show us your brief – it does not matter if you need a website translation, social media posts, articles or brochures – we will be glad to make them understandable for Poles! 

If your company is looking for support in Polish marketing translations – just contact us.