New Polish fashion brands are characterised by unconventional marketing activity. A history of a brand is created not only by a company itself, but also by its clients, ambassadors and well-wishers. Here are 5 Polish fashion brands with the best marketing ideas.

Risk made in Warsaw

Risk has been consistently creating a story of success from the very beginning. This is a story of a brand with a unique history and a concept of clothes that are “elegant, but comfortable”. The unique elements include paper tags sewn in garments by hand, dresses with such names as “Roman holiday”, a jacket called “The Boss” and the owners themselves. They are first to promote their collections as photographers and models.


When the founders of Risk were opening their recent boutique, they also opened a café in which one may drink coffee or champagne, as well as work with a laptop in the garden. They are working on RISK FOR ART project, cooperating with galleries, organising concerts, and even exhibitions. The brand communication addresses the users’ needs very well. The Risk’s fanpage on Polish Facebook is followed by more than 60,000 people.

The brand successfully develops the real people concept, showing clients wearing clothes with Risk logo and engaging them in thinking of new names for products. The stories of the clothes’ owners are published on Facebook and the clients’ photos are also published on the website. Clothes that have been adjusted to the style of living of a growing group of professional freelancers have become popular abroad as well. The clothes designed by Risk Made in Warsaw may be found in Berlin, Stuttgart, Zurich, Milan and other cities.

Mission: the appearance of ENNBOW brand

While clothes designed by Risk address the needs of creative brand representatives who want to look elegant and feel totally comfortable at the same time, another Pole, Kasia Piasecki, decided to support the modern businesswomen who – just like sportspeople – each day takes part in some business marathons. The basis of Ennbow clothes are modern microfibres which are normally used in sports clothes. They ensure proper ventilation and optimal regulation of the body temperature.

Kasia Piasecki used her experience of an ideal client of her own company, as she, as a financial specialist, regularly spends 12-16 hours in an office, assisting mergers and transactions, and she wanted to find clothes that would be smart and very comfortable at the same time. All-day freshness is also ensured, thanks to unique antibacterial technology. The material is durable and will not be destroyed during washing, or by an unexpected rainfall on the way home.

Kasia Piasecki’s company, apart from its “sports technology” is also known for an innovative approach to sales and marketing. Ennbow clothes are sold directly in offices, with the use of mobile pop-up shops which save the most valuable resource of each businesswoman – time. The company models are real people, active and authentic businesswomen. The brand is engaged in a number of initiatives for women, such as Women in STEM, and showing the practicality of its clothes in extreme conditions.

Femi Pleasure philosophy

Two sisters from Poland, Kamila and Anita Nawarkiewicz, have chosen sports clothes. At the beginning they sewed only for themselves and their friends. They went to Prague or Berlin to get cool, colourful clothes. Finally, they had the idea to create unique clothes themselves. What was their first marketing action? The sisters gave away 100 sweatshirts to their acquaintances. After that people started to ask where they could buy them, as they liked them because of their characteristic style: thick cotton, vivid colours and big graphics.


When six years ago, some foreign distributors contacted them, they started to work really hard. Now, thousands of sweatshirts, T-shirts, swimming costumes, jackets and bags are created by Femi Pleasure every year. Femi Pleasure clothes are worn not only by Poles, but also by the women in 15 other countries – including Portugal, Italy Russia and Japan. The Femi  brand offers not only clothes, but also a whole life philosophy that is attractive  to girls from the whole world.

Femi Pleasure clothes are perfect both for snow covered slopes and seaside beaches. Looking at them, you can taste the holiday flavour. The designers have also managed to reach surfers’ environment, which is difficult, as this world is dominated by foreign companies with a long history and substantial budgets. Nawarkiewicz sisters do not spend money on traditional advertising, but they sponsor their team of female surfers, snowboarders and kiteboarders who are the best ambassadors of the brand.

Celebrities wearing Local Heroes clothes

The founders of another brand, Local Heroes, are also two girls who started their career as bloggers presenting their fashion styles. They gained success thanks to pure coincidence, and a bit of luck. Theirs was not a well-thought-out campaign, but rather a spontaneous action. Areta and Karolina found the address of Justin Bieber in Google Maps. In the package that they sent to him were a T-shirt and a sweatshirt with a note: “Doing Real Stuff Sucks”. He liked the clothes and the whole world got to know about the Warsaw brand!


This strategy, which appeared to be effective in the case of the teenagers’ idol, the girls used also in the case of other pop culture icons. They helped the brand with promotion. Suddenly Local Heroes became very fashionable and clothes offered by the brand could be seen literally everywhere.

However, the founders appreciate the niche nature of their brand. They still want it to be the brand that is attractive for a specific group of customers and they do not want it to be similar to a typical network of shops. This selective distribution strategy pays off as Local Heroes’ T-shirts are worn by such stars as Rihanna or supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Original slogans from MISBHV

The founders of MISBHV are two students from Kraków: Katerina Kotnowska and Natalia Maczek. They design clothes for young and brave people, both girls and boys, and recently even for children. Just as in the case of Local Heroes, clothes of the  MISBHV brand are worn by foreign stars, models and singers, like Rihanna.

These clothes are sewn in Poland and – if possible – they are made from good Polish materials. They are limited and original.  The combination of trivial graphics and original slogans attract a big number of clients. Their clothes go like hot cakes, and single items from old collections may be found on Allegro website, at really sky-high prices.


MISBHV has been successful worldwide and its collections are available internationally, including Hong Kong, France, Canada or Great Britain. Rihanna is not the only international star who appreciated the projects of the Polish brand. MISBHV clothes have been already worn by Cara Delevingne, Azealia Banks, a rapper, and supermodel Jourdan Dunn who loves “naughty” Misbehave projects.

Polish fashion brands are successful not only because they follow the latest trends. The difference lies in the fact that they also follow the latest marketing trends! The vehicle of success, also in fashion, is an interesting story. All 4 Comms may help you to create it!

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