Are you active in the beauty industry on the Polish market, but you are tired of new influencer Insta Stories with beauty products or make-up, which followers move their finger to the left without passion? You are not alone. Observers are tired of it too. At a time when beauty influencers multiplied like mushrooms after rain, something has come that can be safely described as the nightmare of digital marketers. Yes, Polish influencer marketing – especially in the cosmetics industry – is slowly losing credibility. So you will either be creative or you will disappear into a crowd of more creative (or simply richer) competition. 

To inspire you, we have a few examples of quite successful and at the same time unusual cooperation with Polish beauty influencers. And what’s interesting – cooperation not necessarily cosmetic. 

Table of Contents: 

  1. Klaudia Owczarek and Flaconi 
  2. Karolina Zientek and Affect 
  3. Agnieszka Grzelak and Avon 
  4. Optician Rozmus and lenses for influencers 
  5. Klaudia Tarka and EA Games 

1. Competition, but different 

Klaudia Owczarek’s Instagram post –

Contests or giveaways of cosmetic brands with the participation of beauty influencers are the bread and butter of Polish Instagram. Today, in order to cooperate with a beauty brand, you do not even need to have a large reach – a few thousand followers are enough to be able to recommend products to followers under barter. Such contests are already done by almost every third Instagram account. So in order to get real interest from customers, you have to try a bit harder. 

The make-up brand Flaconi did quite well. On the occasion of Halloween, the company organised a competition in which the winners received vouchers for purchases in the brand’s store. The rule was simple: a photo of a creative Halloween make-up marked with the hashtag #HalloweenzFlaconi. The action was promoted on her profile by the Polish influencer Klaudia Owczarek, who played the role of … a clown. You only need to look at the tag to see how much interest the competition aroused in the recipients. 

Review of the makeup tag for the Flaconi brand contest – 

Our advice: 

If you are a cosmetic brand that is just entering the Polish market, invest in cooperation with one Polish beauty influencer and create a creative campaign that engages its recipients. Large ranges will give you brand awareness, and the stimulating content will make potential customers interested in the brand’s offer themselves. 

2. Artistic make-up, or the art of Instagram 

Karolina Zientek’s Instagram post – 

The cooperation of the make-up artist Karolina Zientek with the Affect cosmetic brand is solid proof that Instagram is a medium in which aesthetics, not marketing chatter, counts. This Polish influencer did not need to talk about the perfect pigmentation or the possibilities of Affect products on Stories. She just showed it. The film of making artistic make-up (entirely with brand products) perfectly suited the needs of the target group, which are not only individual clients, but also professional make-up artists. Karolina took … zero words. 

Our advice: 

Start the selection of Polish beauty influencers for cooperation with solid research – use their natural skills and let them prove themselves. There is nothing worse in cooperation on the brand-influencer line than taking the space for creativity and own suggestions from the creator. After all, they know their audience best. 

3. What instead of a boring tutorial? 

Some time ago, Agnieszka Grzelak (one of the largest Polish beauty influencers) released a video on the network in cooperation with Avon, in which … she recreated make-up from the brand’s catalogue. The video quickly reached several hundred thousand views and today has more than two thousand comments. The brand avoided the common mistake made by cosmetic brands that want to advertise on Polish YouTube. She did not hide the placement. 

Unfortunately, many companies in Poland are still trying to negotiate with influencers on the possibility of concealing cooperation. Polish customers, however, are not naive and quickly spot dishonest actions, and lose their trust in their favourite artists. In the case of Agnieszka Grzelak, the film was an unobtrusive and, above all, creative advertisement for new products from Avon. Seemingly similar to classic films such as “all make-up with one brand”, but … not entirely. 

Our advice: 

When you work with a Polish influencer by placing products on their YouTube channel, you need to know Polish law. We have here an order to inform about the fact that the material is sponsored. Polish customers are not negative about advertisements – as long as they are not intrusive or intentionally concealed. Then not only has the influencer lost trust, but also the brand. It is worth keeping this in mind and not engaging in unfair practices. 

4. Non-make-up product as a make-up item 

Optician Rozmus’ Instagram post –

Not everything that glitters is gold and not every Polish beauty influencer has to advertise only beauty. Not only cosmetic brands can benefit from the heyday of artistic make-up. All you need to do is stimulate creativity. Wigs, accessories, hair accessories, gadgets, sequins, glasses, clothing and even food brands – many industries can confidently cooperate with Polish beauty influencers. As long as they offer something that will be useful in their daily work. This is what the Rozmus optical shop, which sells coloured lenses, did. The entire brand feed is flooded with unique photos of Polish influencers, proudly presenting their artistic make-up using coloured lenses. 

Our advice: 

Even if you do not operate strictly in the beauty industry, think about whether you can somehow benefit from cooperation with influencers in this industry. The beauty sector is one of the most dynamically developing parts of Polish influencer marketing and, at the same time, one of the cheapest. The low threshold for entering into cooperation means that even companies with small budgets can use it. All you need is a great idea. And a well-chosen influencer. 

5. Beauty and gaming – yes, it can be combined 

Klaudia Tarka’s Instagram post – 

Klatex, or Klaudia Tarka – one of the most popular beauty influencers in Poland, some time ago started cooperation with … EA Games. What does the beauty industry have to do with gaming? The answer is very simple – customers! On the occasion of the premiere of the expansion pack for The Sims 4 Eco life, the influencer surprised her fans with a post about make-up inspired by … Eco life. Although gaming and beauty seem to be two different worlds, here they played together perfectly. How did this happen? The recipients of an Instagramer are primarily teenagers. So, exactly the same people who play this title from EA Games. 

Our advice: 

Always think about your target first. This is why it’s so important to conduct audience analysis on a regular basis. Today’s Polish influencer marketing is slowly departing from the traditional classification of target groups by age or place of residence. Now marketers focus on the behaviour and habits of recipients. So if you have come to the conclusion that your clients have contact points with beauty influencers, do not hesitate to undertake such cooperation. Believe me, they also often need a “vacation” from cosmetics. 

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