All 4 Comms engages in external communication. However, as we are also perfectly aware of how important internal communication is, we would like to offer some advice on how to take care of it effectively.

Openness and speed

The role of internal communication is to prevent situations in which employees gain information about issues vital for a company, from the press or other sources. This is a great challenge now, in the era of social media. However, it is worth noting that open communication has a direct impact on how employees assess their employer, as well as on their motivation to work. Besides, no one needs to be convinced that you should always tell the truth.


In order to initiate the exchange of information between employees and management we must use our employees’ knowledge and their natural readiness to share. In this way, we influence employees’ commitment to the company as each employee receives acknowledgment that their voice is important and matters.

People responsible for internal communication should cooperate with all departments in order to be able to react to critical situations efficiently. But, not only. Success is also worth attention and shared celebration, which in turn significantly helps employees to identify with their company.

Adjustment to the recipient’s needs

If we want communication to be effective and credible, we must remember that we talk to colleagues who expect a real and simple message, not propaganda. Under no circumstances should one group of employees be played off against another group of employees.

In corporations whose headquarters are located outside Poland, employees often communicate in a different way than in their everyday life. They tend to overuse so called “corporate Frankenspeak” (professional jargon), present successes overenthusiastically, and belittle problems.

Surprise from HR

People responsible for internal communication in a company can make employees feel really special. The example may be a way of giving presents to employees at the end of the year. Usually employees receive an email with information on where they can collect, e.g. their gift cards used to pay for shopping in any shop. One company in Poland, ING Życie, tried out a different approach that turned out to be quite a hit. On 6th December, Santa Claus Day, a person dressed as the Snow Maiden gave out Christmas sweets, while an elf handed out beautifully wrapped gift cards. The effect was unbelievable and workers recalled the characters of the Snow Maiden and Elf for a long time after.



Effective communication engages employees in the company’s activities and compels them to promote the company’s idea. This undoubtedly has an impact on employees’ loyalty and their sense of belonging to the company. In order to engage employees, those responsible for internal communication often come up with some unusual events such as theme-based runs, blood donor day in a company, or other such charitable activities that benefit those less fortunate.

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