Our client is a start-up coffee shop chain.


The objective of the campaign was to launch this new coffee shop chain on the Polish market and give the brand a very Polish and slightly nostalgic, artistic, feel.

What did we do?

We planned and executed a launch PR campaign that included the following:

  • strategy planning (key messages, target audiences, USP),
  • local and national proactive and reactive PR activities in women’s, lifestyle, consumer and business media,
  • sourcing a celebrity chef for cooperation,
  • press releases,
  • interviews,
  • advisory articles,
  • producing content for sponsored radio programmes,
  • Facebook campaign,
  • competitions in the media and on blogs,
  • blogger relations,
  • promotion of a tasting event,
  • marketing consultancy.


The brand was successfully launched onto the Polish market. We generated over 60 articles within the first 3 months of the campaign.