Christmas is getting closer and closer, and we are under constant attack by advertising messages from every side, in every medium. A good marketing campaign should contain elements for a variety of platforms, especially if a brand wants to reach the widest possible audience. Recently, we presented several elements of a good Christmas campaign in Poland. Now it’s time to analyse this year’s 360° Christmas Polish campaigns, and examine what makes them so effective.

Polish Christmas 360° marketing campaigns
First of all, let us remind you of several basic elements of efficient advertising messages for Polish customers:

  • Appropriate use of emotions,
  • Remembering about Polish values ​​and Christmas traditions,
  • Influencers’ support,
  • Presents, limited Christmas-themed editions, or discounts.

It goes without saying that there is no well-prepared campaign without storytelling. Christmas is the time when poignant stories count the most in marketing. With an explosion of positive message and empathy, these 5 Polish brands know how to attract attention during the holidays. Here is the list of the best Polish Christmas 360° marketing campaigns in 2018:

5. Ikea

This year, Ikea neatly combined the elements of storytelling and festive atmosphere with an impressive product presentation. It does not evoke strong emotions, but their short TV spot simply reminds us of how magical Christmas time is. Ikea shows that magic is all around us, every day. Products from Ikea merely allow people to create a magical atmosphere that can be enjoyed in their homes. The main spot is also accompanied by individual product spots presenting a Christmas offer. Ikea know perfectly well that gifts are a very important element of Christmas for Poles. The festive atmosphere is also a strong component of Ikea stores’ decorations (on their social media channels too). The Christmas themed products released at this time are perfect as presents for loved ones.

4. Avon

Avon Cosmetics Poland decided to cooperate with influencers this year. Polish celebrity Małgorzata Rozenek and her husband Radosław Majdan took part in the Christmas “Kisses for Christmas” campaign. The narrator in 5 extremely atmospheric spots is Wiktor Zborowski – known to many generations of Poles, mostly from reading fairy tales. The creators of the spot take us into a magical world. In addition to advertisements, which appeared on both TV and the Internet, Avon’s customers also received a special Christmas catalogue, along with special Christmas offers and limited edition products. Their campaign also featured on women’s platforms: TV channels and magazines. Avon didn’t forget about social media either – their brand ambassadors talk with fans through chatbot on Messenger, advising them on how to choose the perfect Christmas presents from the brand’s offer.

3. T-mobile

T-mobile (Polish mobile network operator) surprised everyone at the very beginning of November with a strong, touching, Christmas TV commercial. This is the perfect combination of a story about values and the brand’s offer. In this ad, T-mobile points out that Christmas is a time when we should tell our loved ones the most important things, and seek agreement. Words are the most beautiful gift. Emotions are undoubtedly the strongest element of their entire 360° marketing campaign. Besides the moving message, spots also present Christmas offers and devices. Their advertising campaign is conducted on many platforms: TV, theatres, radio, outdoor, and the Internet. Noteworthy are also the Christmas discounts that make T-mobile products and service the perfect holiday gift for customers.

2. Empik

This year’s Christmas campaign of Empik focuses on the slogan “Żeby Cię lepiej widzieć” (“The better to see you with” – a reference to the “Little Red Riding Hood” fairy tale, famous in Poland). On the TV spot, which is the main element of the whole campaign, we are transferred to the world of well-known fairy tales (Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Match Girl, Hansel and Gretel). However, Empik uses this narration to address significant social problems related to the lack of balance between the virtual world and reality. Empik emphasises that Christmas should be a time of celebration, spending time with families, and technology should become immaterial. Thus, the campaign becomes more a social than a traditional advertising campaign. It contains both the elements of emotions, amazing storytelling and Polish traditions (old fairy tales). Empik also cooperated with a Polish influencer.

Polish Christmas 360° marketing campaigns

Rafał Gębura from “7 metrów pod ziemią” YouTube channel (known for speaking out on important social problems), in his videos speaks about the importance of relationships and family at Christmas time. A big plus for a complete separation from the brand and products.

1. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola surprises us every year. This year, as part of their Christmas 360° marketing campaign, there are solid elements that everyone knows: the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour all over Poland accompanied by events and concerts of Polish music stars. As every year, on the Coca-Cola official YouTube channel, we can listen to a new version of the famous Christmas Coca-Cola song. This time in a modern arrangement:

Coca-Cola is a very strong brand on the Polish market, so it is not surprising that their advertising campaign does not focus intensively on the promotion of the brand itself. This year, however, Coca-Cola has taken a social initiative; encouraging us to help those people in need. Since the middle of December, Coca-Cola has been inviting customers to support “Szlachetna Paczka” (famous Polish Christmas charity event) by purchasing some Coca-Cola products from the Christmas edition.

Polish Christmas 360° marketing campaigns

Coca-Cola also launched a special Christmas promotion. The registration of codes hidden under bottle labels can be exchanged for gifts, including a trip to Lapland; gifts prepared by Youtubers, and the famous Coca-Cola Polar Plush Bears. Of course, in Poland, there would be no Christmas without the Coca-Cola Christmas TV ad.  This year’s festive spot also has a ‘help others’ element and even their own hashtag #jakMikołaj (#likeSanta):

If you need a Polish advertising agency that knows the market and has experience in creating 360° marketing campaigns for Polish consumers, please contact us. We would love to make a comprehensive campaign, not only for Christmas, but for every important holiday or event in Poland.


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