• How to promote money transfer companies to Polish expats?

    Many Poles live outside of Poland. Therefore, the demand for money transfer services is constantly growing. The market is constantly expanding and becoming more difficult to gain the trust of already distrustful Polish customers. However, there are several effective ways to promote money transfer companies, directing their message to Polish expats. Here, we present the […]

  • Event marketing in the children’s product industry in Poland

    The children brands are one of those that, as many people think, are promoting themselves. After all, kids are the most susceptible target and it would seem that a colorful ad is enough to get a buyer. However, apart from attracting the attention of children, it is equally important to get their parent’s trust as […]

  • 10 trends that will dominate Polish social media in 2019

    2018 is officially over. As a December was the time of summaries, in January every marketer tries to make some predictions for oncoming 2019. Last year was a great period in Polish social media. We have witnessed many unexpected ups and even more spectacular downs. We cannot wait to see what will bring us this […]

  • Best 5 Polish Christmas 360° marketing campaigns of 2018

    Christmas is getting closer and closer, and we are under constant attack by advertising messages from every side, in every medium. A good marketing campaign should contain elements for a variety of platforms, especially if a brand wants to reach the widest possible audience. Recently, we presented several elements of a good Christmas campaign in Poland. […]

  • 5 Polish alcohol brands that are great at digital marketing

    Alcohol producers in Poland still advertise mostly on TV, but the Internet is increasingly encouraging them to spend advertising budgets on Google Ads or social media. Also, thanks to advertising targeting, on the Internet it is easier to stick to restrictive regulations. Due to immense competition in the industry, alcohol brands have a very high […]

  • The Biggest Polish Beauty Influencers Who Are Worth Working With

    The Polish influencer marketplace is constantly expanding, and although the importance of micro-influencers is growing, the biggest are becoming even bigger and more powerful. This applies especially in the beauty industry. Who are the biggest Polish beauty influencers whom brands work with? Last month in Poland the official “Ofeminin Beauty Influencer Awards Powered by Sephora” […]

  • How to be successful in Public Relations in Poland?

    The fundamental role of Public Relations is to build awareness and the loyalty of customers, as well as increase the position of the brand on a market. This is not possible without the creation of good relations with the whole environment. A PR plan is, of course, the key. Public Relations concern a very wide […]

  • How to make a good influencer marketing campaign in Poland

    An increasing number of followers (or subscribers) and big engagement rates confirm that a well thought out influencer marketing campaign with matched influencers not only builds a better brand image, but can also increase sales of particular products. In some industries, influencer marketing is now an essential element of a marketing strategy (e.g. beauty or […]

  • How to choose an accomplished PR agency in Poland

    Each company must be visible so that its offer will reach potential customers. The job of Public Relations professionals is to build the awareness and image of a brand, as well as to influence its relationships with the environment. Each PR agency will provide you with a team of professionals, its know-how, contacts etc., but […]