• PR in Poland

    PR in Poland

    As a foreign company, how do you set about starting PR in Poland? What are the most popular and effective types of PR campaigns in Poland? Who to contact for help in carrying out specific public relations activities? Read on, and be enlightened 😊. Audience targeting in Poland PR activities aimed at Polish clients should […]

  • The biggest Polish influencers

    The biggest Polish influencers

    Influencer marketing in Poland is currently one of the most often chosen types of online promotions for brands – especially among large, foreign brands. Currently, this market is very diverse, and the most popular Polish influencers can boast a reach of up to several million fans. Who are the biggest Polish influencers in particular industries? […]

  • Is it worth investing in influencers for PR activities in Poland?

    Influencer marketing, despite being increasingly criticised by specialists, remains one of the most used PR tools in the world. Public relations campaigns in cooperation with influential people from the Internet, and not only, are a great way to build customer trust. How does it look on the Polish market? Is it worth investing in influencers […]

  • Public relations in Poland – what do Poles not like?

    Regardless of whether you deal with B2B, B2C, product or corporate public relations, your actions must always be adapted to the market in which you direct your message. Often, what works in Great Britain, the USA or Western European countries may prove to be a complete failure on the Polish market. Poles are a specific […]

  • Evolution of Polish consumers in Britain

    Evolution of Polish consumers in Britain

    According to the results of a survey carried out by the Institute of Public Affairs[1] Poles in Britain are still perceived as cheap labour, people who have come in order to support their families in their motherland. According to this stereotype these are people who live in a rented room and buy products and services […]

  • event plan polish marketing Ways of reaching the Polish community in the UK

    Ways of reaching the Polish community in the UK

    If you are a marketer or an entrepreneur who dreams about Polish clientele, well, this article is for you. Below you will find the 10 best ways of promoting your products or services to the Polish audience in the UK, and also valuable tips from somebody who has ‘,been there and done that’ – Matylda […]

  • How NOT to run marketing campaigns directed at the Polish community in the UK

    How NOT to run marketing campaigns directed at the Polish community in the UK

    Polish business in the UK is definitely developing. Consequently, British and international brands that have ambitions to earn ‘Polish pound’, spring up like mushrooms. Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing, the reality is sad. So, what mistakes connected to marketing communication should be avoided? Let’s take advantage of the experience of somebody who, as Brits […]

  • A guide to the Polish consumer

    The increase in income in Poland is still below the EU average. However, by 2022, it will be over 15 percent higher than the European average. Polish unemployment (currently amounting to 4.4 percent) is lower than the EU average. Low unemployment is an increase in wages and an increase in consumption. Thanks to this, the […]

  • Retail trends for 2020

    The retail market in Poland is systematically growing. Poles want to have more and more clothes, not necessarily looking at their endurance. Almost half of us have admitted, in a study by KPMG (an international auditing and consulting company), that they buy clothing at least once a month. Polish retail market in 2018 was worth […]

  • The right channels to reach Polish customers on social media

    Poles – who are on Facebook and who on Twitter or Instagram? The latest research shows that over 80.3% of Poles use the Internet. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are growing in strength among Polish Internet users. The number of people visiting Facebook per month is already over 20 million, which means that 80% of Polish […]