The company in question was a dynamically developing recruitment agency, which offered employment, mainly in the furniture industry.


The company was well known in the British media, but it was not known within the Polish media in Britain, nor was it recognised by Poles living in Britain. The company wanted to target the Polish population, via the Polish media, to let them know of their attractive job offers.

What did we do?

In under six months, we produced and distributed three press releases to over 60 media channels directed at UK Poles, which included the news of its new branches and being awarded a business award. We invited some 15 journalists to the two press conferences organised in connection with the branch openings. We were pro-active in generating positive mentions about the company in the media.


As a result of our Polish media planning and media relations activities, some 100 positive articles appeared and the client received some 500 CVs from candidates. The agency became a known brand among the Polish community in the UK.