Our client was in serious turmoil after his family member’s action was exposed, causing severe reputation loss. The client was a public person who wanted to avoid combining his personal brand with any of his family member’s actions, which he found irresponsible and unacceptable. We took measures to counteract the crisis. 


Our client’s name was commonly known and well recognized in Poland. The name’s value was very high due to connections with elite society members. Therefore, almost every major media outlet widely commented on the events and social response to the events was very negative. 

What did we do?

We drafted a personal statement and placed it in most major media outlets. It comprised of a response to the events, and a personal explanation noting the family scandal as disgraceful and not connected to personal activities. We planned a PR campaign that consisted of the following: production of a statement, production of the press releases — interviews with the client — meetings with journalists. The response was up-front, consistent and clear, with an apologetic, yet firm tone.


We secured over 500 PR publications in Polish informational, national and lifestyle media, including TV. After a two-month PR campaign, our client’s brand regained its reputation and was no longer affected. Social response was very positive; they acknowledged the situation and empathy was extended to the victim of the reputation crisis.