If you are a British (but not only) company and want to reach the Polish community in the UK with your products or services, you need to know how and where to do it. There are thousands of ways to promote your business. Which of them will be the most effective in communicating with Poles, and which may turn out to be a financial shot in the foot? Today we have a small cheat sheet for you, based on our experience of working as a Polish marketing agency in the UK.

Enjoy reading!

Table of contents:

Offline channels

  1. Outreach and distribution of gadgets
  2. Patronage of ethnic events
  3. Outdoor advertising

Online channels

  1. Sponsored articles
  2. Social media
  3. Advertising Network Campaigns
  4. Influencer marketing

Offline channels

Outreach and distribution of gadgets

Outreach is perfect for hot spots such as Polish shops, clinics, restaurants, cultural centres, offices or service points targeted at Poles. Quite good results are achieved by simply distributing leaflets (especially for events or service promotions – not necessarily for products) or stalls in public places. If you decide to distribute gadgets to the Polish Diaspora, make sure that they are really meaningful and practical.

Patronage of ethnic events

Hint: not every event for the Polish diaspora in England is worth taking patronage over. According to our experience, the best results are achieved by sponsoring family events (especially outdoor festivals or events for employees and their families). It is worth emphasising those events that will allow you to interact with the participants (a must do when your product is aimed at children!). We also recommend following events related to Polish culture, such as London Days of Poland or Polish Heritage Days. It’s hard to find better events where you can reach so many Poles at the same time in one place. Concerts, evening events or music festivals are a bit lower in event ranking (unless you are, for example, an alcohol brand).

Outdoor advertising

In every city in the UK there are popular places more often visited by the Polish diaspora. Create a map of such places and focus the power of the campaign right there. We have noticed that Polish taxis are perfect for product promotion.

Online channels

Sponsored articles

An effective element of an image campaign directed to the Polish community in the UK. Writing sponsored articles works quite well when your goal is to build awareness about your brand among customers. What media to choose?

  • media addressed to the Polish community in the UK,
  • media targeted at foreigners in the UK,
  • industry media (financial industries achieve the best results here).

Social media

Of course, general advertising messages on official brand profiles also reach Poles. However, if you want to attract the interest of the Polish community, it is worth creating ethnic marketing messages from time to time just for this (and only this) part of the market. This not only builds trust, but also engages potential customers. What to write about? Take advantage of Polish holidays and traditions, refer to Polish culture, food and events. Poles love it. If you want to reach the Polish community with an offer of services, we also recommend trying the power of Facebook groups.

Advertising Network Campaigns

Advertising network campaigns are fully automated and make it possible to reach with our personalised message to quite precisely defined target groups visiting specific websites. In the case of ethnic marketing to the Polish community in the UK, the choice of websites is relatively easy – most often they are simply portals dedicated to foreigners.

Influencer marketing

In the case of communication with Polish expats in England, this type of advertising campaign is relatively difficult to conduct. But not impossible. A well-planned influencer marketing campaign allows you to achieve very remarkable results. We have often cooperated with Polish influencers living in the UK on the occasion of various campaigns. Another idea may also be to find a Polish brand ambassador. Here’s our advice: if you decide to do so, don’t save and aim high. It is important that your ambassador is recognisable among the Polish diaspora.

Remember – everything always depends on the industry in which you operate and what age group you want to reach. Poles in the UK are quite a diverse group that should always be divided into smaller segments. If you are looking for a Polish advertising agency dealing with ethnic marketing to the Polish community (but not only), do not hesitate to contact us. We have experience in this!