Almost more than 60% of companies worldwide invest in content marketing. Poland is one of the leaders here. When it comes to creating long-term content strategies, it ranks first in Europe. So if you plan to conquer the Polish market with your brand, you need to adapt to these realities. Today, it is almost impossible to reach a Polish audience effectively without content marketing. But who outsource itto?  

Table of contents

  • Why outsource content marketing?
  • What type of content do you need?
  • What is your budget?
  • Cooperation with a freelancer
  • Working with an agency
  • Ask before you start

Why outsource content marketing?

Today, almost every company in every industry needs content. Company blogs, videos, social media – all of these require high-quality content that is not only valuable in terms of content and interesting, but also adapted to the requirements of search engines, user experience or mobile devices. But who should create this content? No matter how big the brand is, we always have two choices here. We can take care of content marketing creation internally or outsource it to qualified specialists. 

Polish domestic brands mostly handle content creation in-house. But what if you are running a foreign brand that wants to enter the Polish market (or is already there, but has not yet invested in content marketing)? We know from experience that this is where working with an external expert from Poland will work best. Here are some of the advantages of such a solution:

  • Knowledge of the Polish market

It’s simple – a person who has experience of working with clients in the Polish market knows how to communicate with them. He or she will understand their needs more easily and be quicker to spot spaces that need changing.

  • Knowledge of trends in Polish marketing

A Polish content marketing expert will help you plan your content marketing plan, taking into account trends on the Polish market. He or she will also suggest what of the brand’s previous activities on other markets may not work in Poland. 

  • Speed of response

Instead of commissioning content writing and then translating it into Polish, you will have ready content created by professionals – and always on time. Ultimately, this solution also proves to be more cost-effective in most cases. Hiring freelance marketers is less costly than hiring an extra person to create content in Polish full-time. 

  • Looking at the brand from outside

Many foreign companies (British, but also German or American) try to transfer original content in their native language to the Polish market. This is the wrong way to go, because although Polish customers are indeed becoming more and more similar to those in the West, there are still many differences between them. What’s more, a brand could always use a fresh side-eye from someone who is not attached to, for example, existing content creations.

What type of content do you need?

Before you find a company or person to outsource content marketing for your brand, think about strategy. Of course, professional specialists will suggest creating a dedicated strategy from scratch, but it is always better to have a certain base developed internally. It can be created on the basis of content that has been published in other markets. The types of content themselves in Poland are essentially no different from those in the popular UK or US. Among the most effective of these are: 

Company blogs 

In Poland, this is one of the most effective types of content marketing strategy, although it does not work in all industries. A very good knowledge of SEO will be essential here – some sectors in Poland are already so saturated with content that it is difficult for new brands to break through in search engines. However, blogs are the backbone of content marketing in Poland and almost any content expert will be able to help you with strategy, article creation but also distribution.

Video content

In Poland, a fairly popular type of video is tutorials published on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or a company website. Nowadays, video content is combined with the creation of content for social media, so it is advisable for one person/agency to take care of it.

Social media content

Social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok require a great deal of knowledge of the trends prevalent in the Polish market. So if you’re looking for someone to create a video for you on TikTok, it’s better to outsource to an agency that has actual experience with running TikTok activities, rather than one that simply has experience shooting video. It’s the same with Instagram – you should have a specialist working on your content who will look at the task in a broader context, proposing a whole visual strategy for the feed and beyond.  


If you have all your content prepared and just need help organising it graphically, working with a graphic designer will suffice. If, on the other hand, you want to create infographics from scratch (e.g. based on blog articles or company reports), cooperation with an agency or freelancer experienced in creating this type of content will be a much better idea.

E-books, white papers and reports

Depending on the subject matter, e-books, white papers and reports can sometimes be written internally or translated into Polish from existing company materials. However, such a text should always be properly edited by an experienced Polish editor or copywriter. If you want to write an e-book and at the same time create an appropriate promotion strategy for it, cooperation with a Polish advertising agency should be the most sensible option.

What is your budget?

Naturally, the higher your budget, the more you can afford. As in every market, in Poland it is generally cheaper to work with a freelancer than with an agency – be it an advertising agency, a specialised SEO agency or a strictly content marketing agency. However, it is worth knowing that currently the prices of agencies in Poland hardly differ from those in Europe. The economic situation in Poland is changing dynamically: the effects of Covid-19, the war in Ukraine and inflation at 12.3% have caused the rates of Polish marketing experts to increase significantly from 2022. We have written about the current costs of working with Polish agencies in a separate article.

Cooperation with a freelancer

Working with freelancers who do content marketing in Poland has many advantages. It is usually cheaper than hiring an agency (although this is not the rule, and the largest Polish specialists have rates comparable to a medium-sized agency). Working with a freelancer is also less schematic and formalised. The freelancer can often be a little more flexible, and is able to react quickly, at a time when agencies have internal procedures to follow. By having direct contact with the person who creates your content, communication can happen more efficiently (although it doesn’t have to). 

On the other hand, when starting to work with a Polish freelancer, bear in mind that his or her expertise is limited. He or she will usually only be an expert in one type of content, such as building company blogs, creating content for social media or exclusively video for TikTok. If you choose wisely, he or she will be an expert at what they do, but you are unlikely to extend the collaboration into further aspects of marketing if the need arises. And often, implementing new people or agencies can be almost double the cost to your brand. 

Working with an agency

Agencies, because they have a much wider range of different types of specialists (content writers, copywriters, graphic designers, SEO specialists, UX specialists, marketing experts, social media strategists, video producers, scriptwriters and so on) offer more options for their clients than freelancers. A truly experienced agency will not only shoulder the content creation itself, but will build a full strategy, including not basic market analysis, but personalised market research. It will also help define the buyer persona, as well as the needs and the entire decision-making process of customers.  

The market for agencies operating in Poland is very broad, so you need to start by thinking about what your brand actually cares about. For content marketing can be outsourced to, among others:

SEO agencies – it is a good idea to apply to this type of agency if your main objective is only to optimise your website in Google. Specific and measurable KPIs allow you to quickly analyse the effects of the agency’s actions. However, it is worth bearing in mind that an SEO agency’s job is to bring traffic, not sales. SEO texts are often not written from a marketing angle, which can be a problem for a brand at some stage.

Social media agencies – if you only need help creating content (video and photo) for social media (especially for TikTok or Instagram), you can approach a Polish social media agency for help. They often have their own production studio, although they sometimes work with external photo or video creators. However, it is worth being aware that a social media agency will not be able to cope with increasing demands. So if, in a few months’ time, you want to expand your content activities to include a blog or e-book, you will have to look for other experts. 

A content marketing or copywriting agency – these are agencies that specialise exclusively in creating and distributing various types of content. It’s worth asking them about their range of services, as it’s often quite limited and may not be enough for those big brands. 

Advertising agency – they have the broadest competence and the largest number of different types of specialists. Thus, it can combine the competences of an SEO, social media and content marketing agency at the same time. What’s more, if such an agency lacks a particular specialist in its ranks (e.g. someone to create a podcast for your brand from A to Z), expect them to find it for you. So if you want a truly comprehensive approach, a classic advertising agency will be your best option.

Ask before you start working together 

Whichever collaboration model and specialist you decide on, make sure you clarify who will build and improve the strategy on an ongoing basis, who will distribute the content and how the results of the activities will be measured. To get started, it is worth asking the following questions:

  • What does the content creation process look like and who specifically is responsible for it?
  • What experience does the agency or freelancer in question have in your industry?
  • What experience does the agency or freelancer in question have working with brands the size of yours?
  • Will the content be optimised for search engines (including those on YouTube)?

If you are looking for an advertising agency with experience in Polish content marketing carried out for foreign brands, arrange an interview with us. On a daily basis, we cooperate, among others, with British, German and American companies who are conquering the Polish market thanks to our joint content, social media and PR activities. Join them!