Contents created by a brand educate, engage and entertain. Content marketing – the trend that has put production and distribution of content in the centre of communication specialists’ activities – is currently spreading on the Polish market.

Content marketing is a strategy consisting in planning, production and promotion of useful, valuable and unique content. Its aim is to engage specific groups of recipients in order to turn them into clients or ambassadors of a specific brand in the future.
This is the art of communication without a (direct) sale. This is a form of dialogue with consumers, based on the understanding of their expectations, needs and interests.
A brand develops its web-presence in such a way so as users could come across it themselves, attracted by its interesting content. What kind of on-line content do Poles like?


Kuchnia Lidla (Lidl’s kitchen) website with recipes, videos and competitions for users.

A comedian or an expert

According to Content Marketing Polska 2014 research, carried out on the request of Digital One agency and Polskie Badania Internetu (Polish Internet Research), as many as one third of Polish Internet users find information about brands thanks to content marketing activities.
What content, for whom? Competitions with prizes, blog entries and video materials are particularly attractive for young Polish consumers aged 15-34. Older Internet users, aged 55 and above, are more attracted to expert opinions.
From the content published by brands in the Internet, consumers, especially younger ones, appreciate mainly ‘wit and humour’ as well as ‘cool music’. The older the consumer, the more interested he or she is in informational and expert content.


IKEA blog with advice, inspirations and instructions related to organization of space

Closeness to customers

Creation of appropriate content adjusted to its audience requires prior preparation. Brands aim to get closer to their recipients – the customers’ needs and aspirations are taken into account as well as how they live, work, play or travel. A brand becomes a reporter aware of everyday affairs.

What to prepare for dinner? What to wear? How to take care of your body and spirit? Such brands as Lidl, Ikea or Samsung give advice to Poles and inspire them. A blog with products for women with non-standard sizes,, shows the beauty of unusual body shapes and at the same time raises consciousness and self-esteem of its customers. Such brands let customers know themselves better – their philosophy, values and people who are responsible for their look. Brands are becoming close, friendly and present in consumers’ lives. Brands invite customers to co-create the content which describes them.

Sony_Xperia_Na dotyk

A list of the most inspiring people in the interactive branch, prepared by White Press content marketing platform.

Trust, understanding, openness and (mutual) inspiration

Consequently, content marketing results in some intimacy in the relationship between a brand and its fans or clients. Its quality is dependent on such values as trust, understanding, openness and (mutual) inspiration. This is not a fight for budgets but rather a rivalry for better and better ideas. And what is probably the best news – each company, even the smallest one with the tiniest marketing budget, can take part in it. If you do not have an idea how to use this new strategy for your brand, we bet we will know.

Lista100_White Press


A list of the most inspiring people in the interactive branch, prepared by White Press content marketing platform.


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