For years, the fashion industry has been accustomed to marketing based mainly on content and visual communication. Newspaper advertisements, billboards with short advertising slogans, right through to TV commercials. In the Internet era, almost all fashion content has in turn moved to blogs, YouTube and social media. What does Polish content marketing for the fashion industry look like today? Here is a discussion of some of the most popular practices, with examples from Poland.

Table of contents:

  1. Company blogs
  2. Video content
  3. The brand behind the scenes
  4. Cooperation with bloggers
  5. Instagram content
  6. Newsletter

Blogs are conquering the net

Company blogs are one of the most popular and, at the same time, most gratifying ways of doing fashion content marketing in Poland. Why gratifying? Because the topics are endless. On company fashion blogs in Poland there reign:

  • Style tips and tricks – ie what to wear on a date, what shoes to wear with denim shorts or x ways to wear a bandana. Such articles are great for SEO, attracting potential customers to your site from search engines. However, there are two pitfalls: high competition (so the posts have to be really good to rank high) and a long wait for the first results (so this is a method for the patient).
  • Entries on current trends – this type of blog article is an interesting way to link to your own products in your shop in a non-intrusive way. There are usually lots of pictures and a little less text. For inspiration, take a look at how such blogs are run by shops such as Domodi or Lamode:
Lamode – company’s fashion blog
  • Fashion Week Summaries – this type of entry positions the brand as an industry expert who is genuinely passionate about the fashion world.
  • Interviews with industry professionals – gives readers a huge dose of knowledge and inspiration. It’s also an excellent PR move.

Video content

When we write about video content, we do not necessarily mean standard advertising clips (although these do have great viral potential; just look at the famous Reserved commercial featuring Kendall Jenner). Some clothing brands run their own channels on YouTube. A great example of this is the Polish brand Mohito, which in 2021, in cooperation with the Gerls Foundation, started a series of videos on self-confidence in women.

Of course, that’s not all you can do with video content marketing. It is enough to look at the actions of the Patrizia Aryton brand. This brand has used the possibilities offered by the live format on Facebook and runs two series of video content on its fanpage: “Building Style” and “Stylist Sets”. If you are looking for more inspiration on how to conduct video content marketing in Poland for a fashion brand, take a look at the Instagram of Polish designer Tomasz Ossoliński.

Backstage work

Running a brand shown from behind the scenes always generates interest and increases trust. And this is especially important in the fashion industry. Polish customers pay more and more attention to of what, and where, their clothes are made. Showing the process of creating a collection, designing or sewing clothes (e.g. on Insta Stories) is an effective way to bring customers closer to each other. Fashion brands such as The Odder Side, PLNY LALA, Laurella or Reves do this very well.

Instagram story of the fashion brand Reves

Collaborating with bloggers

Fashion blogs and YouTube channels dedicated to fashion are nowadays a substitute for magazines. In Poland, cooperation with bloggers is a frequently used model of clothing brand promotion. However, we do not necessarily mean multi-channel campaigns, which are usually associated with fashion influencer marketing. In this industry, you can also bet on classic activities related to content – sponsored videos or cooperation with a brand ambassador who will be a permanent element of the Instagram feed. Take, for example, the WKRUK video created in collaboration with the Polish YouTuber Radzka…

or on NAOKO’s Instagram collaboration with blogger Paula Jagodzińska:

ALT: Post on Instagram of NAOKO brand in collaboration with blogger Paula Jagodzinska

Instagram content

It is hard to imagine a fashion brand with a market presence in Poland that is not on this platform. According to Socialbakers, fashion brands are ahead of all other industries with their number and activity on Instagram. This is also where the most potential customers (i.e. women) are. How to use content on Instagram to inspire fashion and attract new customers? You have to bet on consistency and originality. Just look at how the fashion brand MISBHV excels in this matter:

Instagram feed of the Polish clothing brand MISBHV
Source: Grafika 5:


A nicely designed newsletter with interesting content and good photos is like an interactive magazine, sent to customers quite free of charge. Today, the vast majority of clothing brands operating on the Polish market have their own newsletter. It is an effective way to stay in constant communication with customers (it is enough to offer them a few per cent discount code for shopping in exchange for subscribing to a mailing list). It should be remembered, however, that a newsletter for Polish customers must provide them with some value (otherwise they will stop opening these emails), e.g. discounts, fashion inspirations or knowledge. A big advantage of a newsletter is the possibility to gain information about the customers’ preferences (thanks to the option of tracking statistics). Large foreign brands operating on the Polish market, such as Stradivarius, H&M or Zalando, do very well in the world of e-mail communication. 

Polish Zalando newsletter

Several things count in Polish content marketing for the fashion industry – creativity, building relationships, visual consistency and bringing value to customers. Poles are becoming increasingly demanding consumers of the fashion sector. If you want to reach them (and keep them with you), you need to adapt to them. As an experienced Polish marketing agency, we support foreign fashion brands entering and already existing on the Polish market. Are you looking for help in building a content marketing strategy for your clothing brand? Contact our experts!