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The content marketing revolution is increasingly gaining ground in Poland. A growing demand for good content resulted in the diversity of books with advice on how to write better. Get to know Polish copywriting gurus who have recently published their books.

How to write magically and… fast

Among the people who specialize in teaching others how to write better is Joanna Wrycza Bekier, a PhD and an author of books on creative writing and Internet language. She is also the author of the “Writing Guide” (“Poradnik pisania”) blog that has built a considerably big community. The author of The Magic of Words (Magia słów) believes that “words have power, change the world and influence both readers and clients”. She shows some examples in practice. Her books motivate others to improve their writing skills. What she says, is that if we really want to reach our target audience, no matter if they will read our article, blog, scientific text, advert or e-mail, we should be good at writing.

Wrycza Bekier has recently published a book entitled  “Fast text. How to write short texts that will immediately catch the reader’s attention” (“Fast text. Jak pisać krótkie teksty, które błyskawicznie przyciągną uwagę”), and describes how to write short, persuasive and accurate texts. Who can teach us? Advertisement creators, songwriters, poets, famous writers Haiku masters, and SEO professionals, to name but a few. The latest book by Joanna Wrycza-Bekier is full of inspiring, short texts. She portrays them from the point of view of a literary scholar and expert in the Internet written word. In the book, you can find 21 techniques and 4 workshops that demonstrate how to write short texts in such a way as to quickly catch the recipient’s attention.

Authenticity attracts

Last year a kind of eye-opener for some businesses, especially those run by women (it is nice to see that a fast growing number of such businesses have appeared recently) was the “Authenticity attracts” (“Autentyczność przyciąga”) book. It’s author, Ania Piwowarska, a former copywriter for advertising agencies in Kraków, sums up her experience and relates the stories of her clients. “Authenticity attracts” is a very practical and well-written guide to authentic writing and at the same time a definitely thought-provoking book that is a tribute to authenticity and an encouragement for people to follow their own path, even though others may not like it. This book is practically devoid of theory, written in simple language, explains each important idea, as well as offers a multitude of examples based on the business practice of the author.

Ania Piwowarska says that authentic writing about yourself (and your brand) is possible only after you have found out who you are. This finding may be painful (in the case of the author, it involved psychotherapy), but the prize for overcoming the obstacles is the comfort of communication with others in harmony with yourself and your values. The second very important thing is the advice on how to say “no”. We define ourselves with what we support, but (to an even greater extent) with what we do not accept – in other words, focusing on people who we want to attract, and at the same time, repelling others. Ania Piwowarska says that authenticity is the art of resignation.

Integrated copywriting

Last year a traditional copywriting guide appeared on the Polish publishing market – “Copywriting in Integrated Marketing Communication” (“Copywriting w zintegrowanej komunikacji marketingowej”), written by Magdalena Jaworowicz.  The book contains the experiences of Polish marketing practitioners and constitutes a summary of the last 20 years of this branch’s development in Poland.  An evening meeting with the author took place at an iconic place – 5 Mysia Street in Warsaw. This is the place where the seat of PRL (Polish People’s Republic) censorship was located for many years.

The book was co-authored by people dealing with marketing communication who have contact with text creation on an everyday basis (they are interviewed, give comments, express their opinions or share their ways of looking for inspiration). In the book, there are statements by, among others, representatives of advertising, public relations, full service, event and branding agencies, as well as people from various corporations, manufacturing houses, research institutions and universities plus different freelancers, bloggers and journalists. Thanks to their comments, the copywriter profession is presented from many perspectives: from the point of view of a creator, a client or a partner of the project.

The book also addresses all aspects of copywriters’ work: inspiration search, portfolio creation, communication with a customer, setting the boundaries of interference in their work. The result of the cooperation mentioned above is a digest of practical knowledge on integrated marketing communication, ideal for everyone who wants to improve their skills in this area.

Additionally, there are more and more candidates for this work among Poles. The number of companies that want to pay for good copywriting services is also increasing.

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