There is no doubt about the importance of social media in today’s marketing landscape. We share, we like, we tweet, post Instastories and use hashtags on a daily basis. But not everybody knows what social platforms have prepared for us for the following year.

Here is your practical, yet very important, guide to all those changes that will help us to interact with audiences worldwide.

Twitter word limit expands to 280 characters!

Long time waiting for that one!  If you have got used to your 140 essays, it is time to expand your vocabulary. 280 allow the building of a proper story and sharing your ideas. And the good news is that the closer to 280 characters you are, the better visibility you will get.


 Video sharing on LinkedIn

If you thought that LinkedIn is not really important, it is time to change your way of thinking. If your target audience is in the B2B sector, and you aim to boost your brand awareness, LinkedIn is the place to be. It gives the opportunity to connect to professionals all over the world, share your stories, articles, build your company profile and now…download and publish your own video. The early bird catches the worm, it has been said, so make sure that your brand stands out and post your first behind the scenes footage.

 Facebook adds Facebook Video Creator

Now, you can skip YouTube, as Facebook allows you to do everything in one place. Now, you can add some personalised reaction buttons, publish intros with your live videos and cross-post them to Instagram.

 Polling on Instagram

If you intend to perform any kind of survey, you can add Instagram as a platform to do so. Why not ask your audience how they like your new website or song; perhaps how they find your new campaign? Asking is always better than assuming.


 Snapchat allows you to track and show where you are

By providing Context Card, Snapchat allows you to tag the brand or a company within a context. In this case, Context Card means that your audience can review your business or show another user their experience with the brand. Thanks to Context Card you can also order your transport (Lyft or Uber) or make a reservation (particularly useful feature for the hospitality sector).

Chatbots for a personalised shopping experience on Facebook Messenger, KiK, WhatsUp, and Viber

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise. Now everyone is able to add bots that will answer FAQ for you. These come in all shapes and sizes, including context strategy tools, functionality tools, and more. You can use them for personalised e-mails too. Hands free, plan your next move.

 Shifting attention to micro-influencers

Previously, marketers used to focus on the influencers with thousands or millions of followers. Currently, the biggest brands and main marketers focus on micro influencers that in opposition to the large Insta or Facebookfamous names, have more specific, yet more engaged and interactive audiences.

It has been proved that micro- influencers have more impact on their followers than their large-scale colleagues. They stay closer to their followers, take time to speak to them and better understand their needs. In response, their followers seem to mimic their choices and lifestyle.


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