Ethnic marketing stems from a concept that global customers come to the market place with specific desires, beliefs and needs.

In the UK itself, over 20% of the population belongs to a different culture than British. Over one million Poles are believed to live here, sharing with the multicultural population, over £300 billion worth of disposable income. Do you think it is worth reaching out to them?

Delivering the right message, at the right time, and right place – that’s what is unique to us.

All 4 Comms provides highly experienced and passionate ethnic marketing professionals with a strong link to the ethnic minorities in the UK. We love our work, communication with Poles is our bread and butter. With extended cultural background and research, we are able to provide an effective marketing communication plan for SME’S and large organisations. We specialise in cross – cultural dialogue that builds bridges between people from different backgrounds. In the core of our business lies a realistic, results oriented approach that gives our clients a competitive advantage.

Therefore, our cross-cultural or multicultural marketing comms and advertising campaigns are not only creative, but also provide outstanding results. We are able to conquer not only the British market, but our campaigns are proved to be affective in different countries, such as Poland, Germany, France, Norway, Lithuania, to name but a few

We speak, engage and provide communication strategies for Poles all over the world. Due to our strong link with British ethnic minorities, we can also prepare a PR strategy for Lithuanian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Latvian, Albanian and Czech communities.

Building a lasting relationship with the Polish community lies at our agency’s heart. We constantly explore new ways and opportunities to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Let’s mention just a few campaigns we have prepared for our clients:

1. Preparing media relations, content marketing, event sponsorship management during core community events, promo gift production, competitions, social media campaign for one of the top Polish cold meat brands

2. Multicultural international media relations and social media campaign and copywriting for start-up money transfer brand

3. Event management, AdWords, SEO, content production and social media campaign for an insurance company

4. Grass roots distributions, door to door and Polish hot spots, including family events for a world-renowned money transfer brand

5. Influencers marketing activity for a gaming brand

6. Branding, social media, media relations, affiliate marketing and content production for an educational company

7. Media relations and voice-over service for a health related brand

8. Production of a set of videos for social media channels for a foodie brand

9. Running digital campaigns, including mailings, social media and blog content creation for multiple telcomms clients

10. Outdoor campaigns for a money transfer company

11. Booking and media buying – for multiple clients

12. Merchandising production for multiple clients

Multicultural marketing is an emerging strategy for brands all over the world. It is the way forward to reach ethnic minorities in a trustworthy and authentic way. We are prepared even for the most demanding customers who want to attract Poles, or any other Eastern Europeans, worldwide. With our widely spread network of co-workers we are able to run campaigns in: the UK, Poland, Ireland, Germany, Norway and France.

By creating a meaningful and lasting relationship with our audience, we can create tailored campaigns for the specific segment of the market expressly interested in your area of expertise or products.

We nurture customers’ engagement, rather than sell. By developing a strong, emotional connection with the brands, loyalty drives repeat purchases and WOM. Social listening is very relevant for digital influencers, vloggers or bloggers who may mention the brand and help your brand in gaining a large chunk of the market. Social media strategy, including influencers marketing is something that we have successfully implemented for many of our customers eager to reach the Polish speaking audience.

Moving away from a mass marketing strategy to focus on smaller segments – and acknowledging cultural differences – guarantees success.

We are right in the middle of the passion points and values of Poles who are raising purchasing power, and social influence. We can develop and implement measurable campaigns that build reputation, advocacy, and drive sales for your brand.

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