PR campaigns

In today’s media landscape, it is more than important to stay on top of your game. Multicultural PR is an essential way to reach the smaller chunks of the market that relies heavily on ethnic media channels. If you are eager to reach a population of over 1 mln Poles in the UK, 3.5 mln world-wide, or even over 38 mln in Poland, contact us now.

With our effective, yet original PR strategies, we can reframe your brand value in the new market place.

We keep up to date with ethnic media landscapes, nurturing a lasting relationship with their owners. We can effectively reach and develop an effective communication campaign for your brand.

What we have done so far:

1. Storytelling – creating personal stories, researching real life examples, and influencers using brands, to build a connection with the Polish audience

2. Designing Visual Assets – infographics, presentations, video production, photo shoots, marketing literature and merchandise for multiple clients

3. Influencers Marketing – working with multiple influencers to build WOM for multiple clients (video, interviews, and production of articles)

4. Competitions and event management for multiple brands

5. Creative writing – tailored content preparation and media placing

6. Blog posting – preparing, translating and placing blog posts for multiple clients

7. Media booking and buying – we book advertising campaigns in those multiple media channels with the highest market penetration for our clients. Our unique knowledge of the media landscape allows us to choose only the best media channels for your purpose of meeting your desired audience.

Multicultural communications in languages other than English should be sensitive to cultural norms and expectations. It is increasingly important for all industries to understand that minorities do not blend to immediate and total assimilation, and guard their individual identity. Brands that are interested in earning the trust of ethnic minorities must build upon recognition – not a simple task unless you work with professional PR strategists experienced in reaching ethnic audiences, including the Polish minority in the UK or worldwide.

Enriched with multicultural insights, All 4 Comms can perform effective and measurable campaigns that are crafted for your brand.