• Today we are evaluated on the basis of what information about us can be found online
  • Execute an audit of your online brand to see how it is perceived now
  • Create a vision according to which you want your brand to be perceived
  • Ask yourself what kind of your clients’ problems you want to solve and publish content related to this area
  • Make your profiles homogeneous in order to make your image coherent: pay attention to colours, fonts, style, graphics
  • Ask yourself what is the purpose of your posts
  • Diversify your activities and do not promote your brand on one platform only
  • Writing your posts, use the language of the target group
  • Publish your content systematically
  • Constantly analyse achieved results
  • Remember that social media is only one of many points of contact with clients
  • Communication in social media in 80% means relationships and in 20% technical issues
  • Automatize publication of content with the use of Hootsuite, Buffer or Later
  • Work, using a calendar of posts with a ready queue of posts

6 steps of activity in social media

Set the plan of the game, that is: present your brand to recipients, offer them valuable, free content, raise engagement and curiosity, build relationships and trust. The result: clients are ready for a transaction.

  • Precisely TARGET a group of recipients
  • Create a perfect advert
  • Optimise – check results
  • Build relationships and trust
  • Accelerate
  • Automatise

Social media


  • Your private Facebook profile is not really private as your client or employer may see it at any time
  • 3 elements guaranteeing effects: clients, content and regularity
  • Set yourself a challenge – start publishing one post a day or record two films a week
  • Remember: progress, not perfection!
  • Write posts that have a personal nature and encourage people to communicate
  • A background photo is very important. Change it frequently. You may also put a video in the background or boast about whatever you want as this will make you more authentic and trustworthy
  • Pin posts with information which is important for you as people who visit your profile see it straight away
  • It is better to have fewer, but more valuable fans; do not buy followers
  • Use your content to build relationships and only after that try to sell your products or services
  • Videos as well as groups will be more and more significant on Facebook
  • Occasionally raise subjects not related to your services or products in 100%, but still important for your clients; people will share them and you will have greater exposure. Such posts should be boosted.
  • Communicate with your clients, using the language which they understand

Write down 3 problems you help your clients to solve and create separate posts on these subjects

– I help (who?), offering (what?).

The ideal post:

  •  takes into consideration changes in Facebook algorithm, that is the fact that the number of comments is the most important factor of posts visibility
  •  contains CTA, that is call to action
  •  includes graphics, video or live video feed
  •  has a suitable tone
  •  is understandable
  •  contains tags or hashtags
  •  has a viral potential, ask yourself if you would share it

Know that:

  • Each post should have exactly one objective!
  • Facebook does not like it when you give links to some external websites, so the best solution is to implement a video directly from Facebook and not to give a YouTube link.
  • As far as links are concerned, it is best to share them in the first comment under the post. Test out what form of links publishing gives you the best visibility.
  • The quality of posts is more important than their quantity.
  • Editing your posts, present benefits for the client.
  • Show the way, for example show how someone has lost weight, give instructions on how to do something, for example how to set a campaign on Facebook, prepare a post like “10 mistakes”, “Step after step” or “A summary”.
  • Monitor phrases about you and phrases related to your industry, using Google Alerts, Brand24, Monitori or Sentione.
  • Give as much info about you and your company in “about us” tab as possible.
  • Posts published on company profiles are seen by only 3-4 % of recipients, so paid campaigns are necessary.
  • Posts’ visibility is mostly boosted by the number of comments under them. The more comments a post has, the more recipients see it as Facebook sees which posts are valuable for recipients; posts with numerous, multithreaded comments are seen by the greatest number of people, so it’s worth answering to comments!
  • Live transmissions are seen by all your fans so do them frequently. They are really engaging and people like commenting on them.
  • Ask your fans to choose “observe this fanpage first” option. One can observe 30 fanpages maximum.
  • Use pixel on Facebook; this is the code installed on your website in order to create groups of non-standard, for example similar recipients and remarketing; pixel gathers data about your users.
  • Ask questions in your social media.
  • Prepare your campaign adverts in Canva.
  • Use contrasting colours or solid background in order to stand out from others.
  • Post-unicorns are posts which raise a great interest; promote them, using paid campaigns.
  • Use paid adverts in messenger.
  • Do not give an admin function to too many people, but only to trusted ones; it is better to give them only a function of an editor; other responsible functions should be given to people who you trust so as they do not take over the account.
  • Check, what is working and give up what is not working.
  • Among the examples of valuable content on Facebook there are: ebooks, articles, reports, webinars, advice, lists of steps, recipes, training plans, products samples and free consultations.

What now, Facebook?

  • Organic range is vanishing.
  • Costs of advertising on Facebook and Instagram will significantly raise in the next 12-24 months and it will be a stable trend.
  • And it is still worth investing in order to get advantage over the competition.

What are the advantages of efficient advertising on Facebook?

  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in the number of fans
  • Development of mailing lists
  • Image: an expert and a professional



  • In order to have a business account on Instagram you must first set a public private account.
  • Thematic accounts do very well on Instagram.
  • The name of an Instagram account doesn’t have to be the name of a company. It may be a thematic name like ethnic marketing.
  • The first sentence of a bio is the most important. This is where we give the name of the company and the most crucial phrases for us and our industry, info about benefits and values, call to action and a link redirecting to other website.
  • You can publish active links on Instagram only in bio.
  • In order to publish more of them you must use linktr.ee application.
  • It is a good idea to use a link in a bitly form in order to analize a number of clicks and other data.
  • It is advisable to give your telephone number on Instagram.
  • Make sure that the photo grid looks attractive and that photos match one another.
  • Before you decide that someone should observe your Instagram profile, ask yourself why anyone should follow it at all?
  • Your content must be coherent, so use perfectly one filter.
  • Social media mean conversation and relationships.
  • Remember about CTA in your Instagram posts.
  • On Instagram use knowledge from statistics and adverts manager.
  • Advertisements on Insta Stories are very cheap and reach target groups more easily.
  • Adverts set with the use of “boost post” button are usually the most expensive ones.
  • It is best to use an advertising manager as advertising from this level is the cheapest and lets you reach your target group the most effectively.
  • You may give 30 hashtags maximum.
  • Give popular and less popular hastags as well as those which are trendy at a given moment.
  • In case of Instagram Stories you may tag a place.
  • You can publish a live video on Instagram.
  • Under a bio you may write down chosen videos which you want to stay longer.
  • Insta Stories are available only for 24 hours. This is a series of photos or short videos (15 seconds) which is not written down on the main board; it can be seen only be people who observe you.
  • It is a good idea to promote live transmission with the use of a paid campaign.
  • First give your recipients some value and only then start sales.
  • Take into account the following sales funnel: awareness, interest, consideration, taking decision, purchase.

Hashtags – strategy

Use 10 – 20 hashtags:
4 – 5 popular ones (selfie, success, picoftheday)
5 – 6 fairly popular ones (Wrocław, training)
2 – 5 keywords for the niche (marketing online, social media)
1 – 3 brand hastags (onlinebrand, smartbrandacademy)


  • Video communication is the thing of the future.
  • YT is the second greatest browser in the world.
  • YT cover photo should be visible on various devices, tablets and mobile devices, so – first of all – it must be located in a specific place; the instructions how to do it may be found on the internet.
  • Remember about YT phrases; you may formulate them, using Google Keyword Planner.
  • Playlists are used to order video content, that is videos on specific topics are put on a given playlist.


  • Your LinkedIn profile is high in Google search results.
  • You may check it, for example, controlling search results incognito.
  • Your headline should make your stand out from others, for example thanks to ticks or stars, and it should include keywords.
  • You may go to other people profiles in order to make them visit your profile.
  • Tag people in Linkedin posts so as they notice them.
  • If you add anyone from your LinkedIn contacts, do not send your offer to these people, first build relationships.

What should be the form of published posts?

  • Tips, advice
  • Links to articles, other people quotations
  • Recommendation of posts related to our topic

Form of LI actions:

  • Publish articles: substantial content, opinion, relationships, cycles, case study.
  • Build a network of contacts: invite friends, business contacts, networkers.
  • Polish up your profile – build credibility: proper photo, intriguing headline, good summary, articles and projects linked to websites.

If you need to leverage your Polish social media comms, do get in touch with us. Email: info@all4comms.com or call +44 7737 163 194.

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