It is said that today is an employee’s market. It is they who decide whether they want to stay with you, or look for happiness elsewhere. This shift in the labour market requires a completely new approach: treating potential employees, not as a new workforce, but as customers.

How to do good employer branding in Poland, and how to take care of your Polish employees?

Take a look at 4 examples from the Polish backyard, and tips on how you can immediately implement similar activities in your company.

Table of Contents:

  1. To the glory of diversity
  2. Internship and Apprenticeship Programmes
  3. Pro-employment programmes
  4. Training in … remote work

To the Glory of Diversity – Capgemini campaign

We are diverse and we see potential in this diversity – this slogan launched the nationwide employer branding campaign Capgemini entitled “AmongOthers”. The aim of the campaign was to show potential employees the diversity of the working environment. As part of the campaign, the company released five episodes of an original series that touched upon the subject of the multidimensionality of the professional environment, e.g. the IT challenge versus humanists, or generation X versus generation Y. A series of podcasts, created in cooperation with experts such as Paweł Tkaczyk and Barbara Zych, was also launched.

Interestingly, the action was based on a survey on social myths and stereotypes, organised among the company’s employees.

The entire campaign is a great example of combining external employer branding (targeted at potential employees and other people from outside the company) with internal employer branding (targeted at current employees). How can you get inspired by it?

  • Think about which of your values are the most important for your company and choose one (eg freedom). This will be your EVP, i.e. Employer Value Proposition.
  • Give space to employees – ask if they see this value in the company’s day-to-day operations (e.g. they have space to criticise their superiors’ ideas),

Think about how you can use this value to attract potential employees, for whom such a value could be significant (e.g. for people who have worked freelance so far)?

2. How PZU attracted interns

In 2020, we witnessed another, equally great, employer branding campaign. This one, however, was geared solely towards potential employees. More precisely – interns. PZU launched an Internet campaign “Practical knowledge makes sense”, promoting Internship and Apprenticeship Programmes.

A banner promoting the PZU apprenticeship and internship program

Transferring the previous activities to the online world was a bull’s eye. After all, this is how the majority of young Poles apply for a job or internship. Poorly developed internship programmes (or rather their complete lack of) are the bane of Polish students and each initiative of this type is received enthusiastically. In the case of PZU, the use of the programme for the promotion of employees who started as an intern themselves a few years earlier also deserves praise.

How can you get inspired by it?

  • If not an extensive internship programme – maybe at least hiring a few people for internships in the company? Generation Z is slowly entering the labour market. It is worth attracting rough diamonds in advance.
  • Promote internships only where you actually reach those interested. Leaflets, TV, radio? We say no to these media.
  • Use your current employees to promote recruitment. After all, committed employees are the company’s best ambassadors.
  • Pro-worker Deloitte Programme

The Deloitte Polska campaign entitled “Good Company Matters” is a successful example of Polish internal employer branding, i.e. directed at current employees. How did the action look? The company educated and encouraged its employees to be active in three areas: a committed mind, an energetic body, and a sense of meaning. As part of the project, sports activities, education on healthy eating and environmental impact were organised, as well as supported manifestations of social commitment.

Poles spend on average over 41 hours a week at work, which places them in the top five in the European ranking. It is important that you, as an employer, show your employees that they are as valuable to you outside the office as they are inside. Because they are, aren’t they? The campaign paid off for Deloitte twofold, as it also won a distinction award in the Employer Branding Excellence Awards 2019 competition.

How can you get inspired by it?

  • Maintain organisational culture and maintain a good atmosphere in the team.
  • Support employee development – not only related to the work itself, but also outside of it.
  • Sports cards, health insurance, training courses – when we care for the health and well-being of employees, their level of job satisfaction increases.
  • Training for employees from Nationale-Nederlanden

The transition from office work to remote option was quite difficult for many of us during the pandemic. To help its employees find their way in the new reality, Nationale-Nederlanden Polska, almost immediately after the first lockdown was announced, launched a series of on-line training courses in the form of webinars and podcasts. Learning new competences, organising time in remote work, using additional programmes, building relationships in a dispersed team and on-line team rituals – all this was taught by invited guests, among whom were experts in remote work and productivity.

Post in social media informing about the start of Nationale-Nederlanden Polska employee training
Source: LinkedIn Nationale-Nederlanden Poland

This type of training may be important especially in industries where employees are a bit older and the complete reorganisation of the work mode is a huge revolution in their lives.

How can you get inspired by it?

  • Talk to employees. What do they need? What are they having problems with? What knowledge do they currently need the most?
  • Think about which competences they should develop together.
  • Consider which form of training will be most effective. Webinars, podcasts, online training, video – nowadays, the possibilities are virtually unlimited, and the need for remote communication does not bother us at all now.

A good employee is your most valuable asset. Finding and then keeping a solid, effective and successful specialist with you is not a simple task. If you are looking for a Polish marketing agency that will help you plan a strategy and implement Polish employer branding activities for your company, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us and start attracting the best.