Currently, there are many airlines from all over the world that fly to and from Poland. Some are low-cost airlines (and their number is systematically increasing), some are regular lines. The former mostly focus on highlighting their low prices in all promotional messages, the latter create extensive campaigns and put emphasis on building a professional image in the Polish consumer’s mind. What are the most effective ways to advertise airline companies to Polish travellers?

Plane on the sky


Cross-marketing is a common marketing technique that airlines put a huge part of their budget into. In Polish media, we can see many campaigns of this type – especially airline partnerships with national travel agencies. Not without reason – most Poles still prefer foreign travels in a safer and convenient way, and instead of planning their journeys by themselves or looking for best flights and lines, travel agencies do everything for them. It is particularly evident amongst the elderly (or middle aged) and families with children. Those groups are the target of promotional campaigns of this type. 

For example, a huge part of the Ecco Travel agency’s offer is flights by Polish airline company PLL LOT.

This type of advertising also includes joint marketing campaigns with travel ticket distribution agencies (that sell train or bus tickets). One campaign of this kind is especially worth mentioning. It was carried out a few years ago by Polish airlines LOT. The company released their campaign “Miej pociąg do latania” (it is a word game in the Polish language) in cooperation with FlyAway agency. Every train ticket that was sold by the agency had LOT’s advertisement printed on the back. 

Train ticket with LOT’s ad on the back

Image campaigns

Polish airlines are unquestionably known by most Poles, even if they have never travelled by plane at all. But how do you promote foreign airline companies in Poland? Let’s look at the last campaigns of two of the most popular among Poles: Wizz Air and Lufthansa. 

From time to time Wizz Air releases image campaigns targeted on a few markets within Eastern Europe. One perfect example of such activities was their cinema campaign. It was promoted in four countries: Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria on over 400 screens. Their 30-second long spot referred to the happy feelings connected with travelling and spending free time with loved ones. 

A frame from cinema advertisement of Wizz Air airlines

Another remarkable image campaign was “Say Yes To The World” released by Lufthansa in 2018. One of the strongest highlights of it was the special lottery where all people registered were able to win plane tickets. This multi-channel campaign encouraged Poles to open themselves to the world and perceive travels as an immense source of inspiration.   

Selling campaigns

At the end of the day, everyone knows that in all kinds of business, it is all about selling. These activities, however, must be more personalised for an individual recipient and focused on temporary offers or discounts. 

Almost all popular airlines do it relatively well, using their websites and targeted social media ads.

Emirates targeted a Facebook ad for Poles

Wizz Air is the real master of mammoth 360⁰ campaigns directed at a few markets at the same time, but with separate messages for each. In Poland, one of the most popular selling campaigns was supported by claims such as “Many travels. One Wizz Air” or “Many friends. One Wizz Air”. All the marketing activities included TV, radio and digital ads, and were extended by OOH; perfectly planned Public Relations and Wizz Air’s own media platforms. 

Wizz Air digital advertisement promoting special offers of flights for Poles

Airline Ryanair does almost the same thing, but they tend to focus on promoting one special offer, usually active for a short time. Ryanair’s scope of promotional activity is also more narrowed and, in most cases, includes one or two media platforms.

What is more, to run an effective selling campaign, own media are indispensable (especially own website). Most airlines’ websites are adapted to Polish accounts and emphasise actual flights to or from Poland that Poles would likely be interested in. 

A print screen from the Polish Emirates website

Many airlines have their own newsletter as well. They send personalised offers and special discounts to people that sign up. Ryanair, for example, give an option to book flights before others. People from the newsletter list also receive all the information about new routes or improvements. This tactic makes the company more connected to clients.  

Building an own mailing base is one of the basic internet activities for airline companies. A well-created newsletter is an irreplaceable source of new lead generation. 

Real-time bidding

Real-time digital marketing that is based on retargeting. Thanks to this, airlines can reach users who have already visited their website, seen available flights, or have already bought one-way tickets.

Occasional campaigns

We must come back to Polish airlines again. LOT’s’ campaigns directed to Poles perfectly use solid elements of Polish culture and traditions – as in the case of their Christmas campaign, where all plane decks were decorated with mistletoe. There was also a special website launched where people could check the current location of every plane. This made it easier for passengers and their families to connect with each other. LOT’s Christmas campaign was supported by integrated activities in social media. 

Influencer marketing

It may seem that influencer marketing and airlines have nothing in common. However, marketers from Lufthansa perfectly know how to use the potential of influencers in their promotional activities.  

Last month they started their campaign “Don’t let your dreams be just dreams” with Polish ski tourist Andrzej Bargiel They explained that his courage and achievements are extremely inspiring and can show their clients the power of chasing dreams. The main part of this campaign was the social media contest #LufthansaTravelGuide, where all winners got free Lufthansa plane tickets to any city in the world.

Instagram post made by Andrzej Bargiel promoting Lufthansa campaign


Billboards, posters, bus stop ads or superbacklights (huge billboards with a special light system built up of fluorescent lamps) are still a very common practice when it comes to promoting airlines in Poland. However, the city selection is restricted. Most outdoor advertisements are placed in big cities, especially those with airports. Here, again, we can learn a lot from Polish LOT.

Cityboard of LOT airline

Point-of-sale materials

Woblers, hangers, stands and bulletins intensely affect the final purchase decision. They are usually placed at airports, tourist places, and even in planes as well.

They are willingly directed at existing customers. This type of advertising is focused on retaining clients, establishing relationships with them and melding their minds so that they return more willingly. In most cases, Polish tourists search for the least expensive offers, not paying much attention to the company’s name. Leaflets printed for passengers or onboard magazines in the Polish language are a good way to boost the number of regular customers.

LOT’s printed promotional leaflet

Media relations

Besides traditional and digital modes of promotion, there is one thing that is also important – media relations! There are many Polish websites that are entirely focused on flights and travels. They can make good PR for airline companies. Writing articles and messages about current news is almost undemanding, but can change a lot. 

A great example of this kind of activity can be articles on – a website wholly dedicated to plane travels. This page even has a separate tab called “airlines” with news and sponsored articles from various airlines that fly to and from Poland.

Print screen from with the article about EasyJet new offer to Polish travellers,nowe,trasy,easyjet,z,krakowa.html

These PR activities are extremely important because Poles are not eager to look for information on the websites of particular airlines. 

However, media relations encompass many activities besides the internet. Printed press and other more traditional media channels are still good platforms on which to advertise, especially in hot seasons. Media booking and buying during holiday seasons or long weekends are a very effective promotional activity for airlines that target their messages to Polish travellers. 

The above was only a small sample of advertising forms that can be used to promote an airline company to Polish travellers. As an advertising agency, we have experience in creating campaigns in this industry, and we will gladly share it with you. If you need integrated activities on the Polish market or just short-term campaigns, please contact us. We will analyse your needs and together we will plan activities that perfectly fit the needs of your Polish client.

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