Some businesses wouldn’t even exist without content curation. Regardless of whether you are building a personal brand, or a company blog, curating expert articles is the way to go. It not only gives you an opportunity to leverage industry key resources and values, but also creates an opportunity to reach the experts and establish a relationship with industry influencers – and boost your brand credibility in your target group.

So, what does ‘content curation‘ mean?

Wikipedia says: “content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. Services or people that implement content curation are called curators. Curation services can be used by businesses as well as end users“.

In practise, I have just used this technique to show you how it works. I curated a Wikipedia definition for the purpose of explaining the concept to you. I used their exact words, but added content and comments to leverage the idea.

There are multiple ways of using content curation in marketing communications with Poles in the UK:

  1. Highlighting ideas, concepts, solutions which are already appreciated by Poles; read, shared and commented on; thus, adding value to the original piece of content by relevant comments and expanding the concepts. It is good practice to praise the original author of the article. Also, it is relevant to add some details about them by linking the article with the original content and their profile on LinkedIn, for example. It creates additional interest from new audiences seeing the tags or links.
  2. Use social media as a source of content to curate. It is common practice to quote tweets or Facebook comments with an attachment of their picture to your post. Then let the authors know that you quoted them, and gain additional interest from their crowds. Adding value to their opinions might even result in a long lasting business relationship.

In All 4 Comms we use this technique for clients. One example is the ExcellenceVale brand, which targets Polish professionals and businesses in the UK; offering a wide range of exclusive self-development trainings and workshops; mentoring and coaching courses, led by top Polish industry leaders.

Every time we are planning a marketing & sales funnel, content curating is on the top of our list of marketing tools. We choose content that is strongly relevant to our target audience by researching coaches’ blogs, articles, or social media posts, and add new valuable insights that resonate with our audience. We aim to add some comments; change the layout of the article by adding some features; highlighting key words and concepts, and create a better user experience by search engine optimization. By doing this, we are adding value to the website itself, and also improving the visibility of the coaches’ brands in a different context, and on a different market. By tagging them in the content, they not only get feedback from us, but they are impressed by some comments from our audience too. It is a win- win situation from the business perspective.

Please check it out on our website: vs. original article published here:,15-przekonan-ograniczajacych-sukcesy-finansowe-polakow

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Author: Margaret A. Szwed,

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