Do you sell products or services to Polish customers? Have you tried influencer marketing! After long months of turmoil, we can finally confirm with confidence that the Polish influencer marketing market is now back to normal. See eight reasons why you should invest in this type of campaign in Poland in 2022.

Table of contents:

  1. More and more influencers in Poland
  2. Poles are guided by the opinion of the creators
  3. High professionalism of Polish influencers 
  4. They allow young customers to be reached
  5. Excellent way to reach Polish women
  6. Great for some business goals
  7. They are becoming more and more effective 
  8. Your competitors are already doing it

1. More and more influencers in Poland

According to the latest survey of the Reach a Blogger platform ‘Influencer market in Poland 2022’ conducted among marketers operating on the Polish market, the number of influencers in Poland is growing all the time. On Instagram alone, almost 225,000 users can be described as influencers or micro-influencers. That is almost a quarter of a million people! 

Although this type of marketing in Poland is still relatively young (when compared, for example, to content marketing or video marketing), it is already distinguished by its high diversity. During the pandemic, the consumption of culinary (54.1%) and lifestyle content (46.8%) particularly increased in Poland. No matter what industry you are in – beauty, technology or perhaps food – you are sure to find influencers who will successfully advertise your offer. And who knows, perhaps they will become loyal brand ambassadors? 

2. Poles are guided by the opinion of the creators

Today, many Polish consumers look for information about brands, products and services precisely on the profiles of influencers or their videos on YouTube. According to data from the Hootsuite report, as many as 44% of Polish Internet users decide to buy a product thanks to social media. What is more, 16.5 per cent of them admit that following influencers and celebrities online is one of the most important reasons they use social media.

Influencers inspire, motivate, educate and share experiences. When we choose to work with valuable creators who inspire trust in the audience and create a community, we can count on quick results from the campaign. All the more so as Poles in 2022 shop more prudently – they look for promotions and attractive discount codes. On the other hand, as research shows, they are very susceptible to online advertising and the opinion of influencers. It is worth taking advantage of this. After all, everyone benefits from such a ‘deal’: the brand (because it gains new customers), the influencer (because it earns money from the cooperation) and the customer (because it can buy the product at a lower price).

3. High professionalism of Polish influencers 

As the importance of influencers grows, so does their professionalism. The vast majority of these most popular influencers from Poland are represented by external agencies and also have their own management, who are responsible for business contracts, finding collaborations and direct contact with clients. This signals that running such a campaign is no longer the chaotic process it was just a few years ago. According to the Reach a Blogger study, the average assessment of the professionalism of Polish influencers is described by marketers as 6.8 points out of 10. This is higher than in the previous year, when this score was 6.4. 

Professionalism rating of cooperation with Polish influencers is increasing
Source Reach a Blogger

However, from our own experience of a Polish influencer marketing agency in Poland, we see that this professionalisation does not only apply to influencers with large reach. Working with micro- and nano-influencers from Poland has also recently become very pleasant and the contact has become smooth. This is certainly influenced by the increasing competition. Now every influencer, in order to win over advertisers, has to give much more than just “numbers” from themselves.

4. They allow young customers to be reached

The approach to influencers in Poland has been strongly verified by the pandemic and lockdown. This is clearly visible among the youngest generations of Poles. Generation Z increased the number of influencer accounts observed by as much as 53% in 2020 alone, while the millenials (24-39) increased by 49.4%. Young Poles are engaged in the virtual world and are keen to observe the activities of online creators. 

What’s more, they are the main group of users of influencer-focused social media platforms. These include, above all, Instagram and TikTok, which is growing in strength from month to month. Currently, TikTok is the third most popular social media app in Poland right after Facebook and Instagram! According to early 2022 data, it is used by almost 25% of Polish social media users over the age of 18. The biggest TikTok influencers from Poland are followed by up to several million viewers!

5. An excellent way to reach Polish women

As the latest figures show, the vast majority of Polish users of almost all social media platforms (except LinkedIn) in all age groups are women. What is more, on Instagram (a typically ‘influencer’ platform), ladies make up as much as 56.6% of all users. This gives a result of more than 6 million female Instagram users from all over Poland!

Polish influencers are also dominated by women. Particularly valuable sectors in which brands rely on influencer marketing in Poland are those that are often typically female, i.e. beauty – 29.4%, fashion – 21.6%, architecture, interiors and construction – 21.6%, travel and tourism – 20.6%. This type of marketing is slightly less popular among brands from the technology sector – 18.6% and the culinary sector – 17.6%.

The most popular thematic categories of campaigns undertaken in Poland with influencers 
Source: Reach a Blogger

6. Great at meeting some business objectives

Although it is difficult to directly compare the results of influencer marketing to other types of online marketing, it is undoubtedly capable of brilliantly achieving many business goals. Of course, it requires the preparation of a strategy, as well as finding the right influencers. If you are just planning to enter the Polish market, the help of a marketing agency from Poland can be an invaluable support, especially at the stage of looking for influencers, checking their credibility and also coming to terms with the details of cooperation. We have written more about the process of vetting influencers in a separate article.

A well-planned and implemented influencer marketing campaign in Poland is able to increase the recognition of products and the brand itself and drive sales (especially if you offer discounts or discount codes to influencer followers). Other business objectives frequently cited by Polish marketers that they achieve with this type of marketing include gaining traffic for their company website or e-commerce shop (32.4% of respondents), creating product reviews (26.5%) and link building (14.7%).

7. They are becoming more and more effective

The activities of influencers on the Polish internet and their cooperation with brands have been under the scrutiny of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection for some time (we wrote more about this in our article on trends in Polish influencer marketing).  Here, it particularly draws attention to the way in which influencers label adverts in their content (be it photos or videos). In July 2022, the first penalties affecting influencers in the fitness industry sprinkled in. However, all indications are that this is just the beginning of ethical controls on influencer collaborations. 

In our opinion, this is great news for advertisers (those who operate fully legally, of course). It spells the end of morally questionable brands focused solely on profit. It could also herald the end of the stage where some Polish influencers advertise for any manufacturer who agrees to pay them. As a result, the credibility of these honest brands will automatically be higher. When your potential customer sees your product on an influencer’s profile, he or she will no longer have to wonder whether anyone is trying to scam him or her.

8. Your competitors are already doing it

No matter what industry you are in – your competitors (or at least some of them) are certainly already investing in influencer marketing. And they are investing quite a lot. Year on year, spending on influencer marketing among advertisers promoting themselves on the Polish market is increasing. Last year, more than half indicated that they were planning to increase their influencer budgets in 2022. 8.8 per cent said that this expenditure would be doubled! 

Brands in Poland are increasingly willing to invest in this type of activity. They see in influencer marketing not only a way to quickly reach their audience or increase sales. Such a thriving cooperation with an influencer from Poland is also a mine of valuable content, a chance to gain loyal customers and build a long-term positive image. 

Polish influencer marketing is a river topic, which we have written about on our blog on many occasions. The Polish influencer market is changing dynamically – as are consumers themselves. If you are not able to analyse it on a regular basis, you may find it difficult to find your way around. That is what we are for! Get in touch with our experts and start working with an experienced Polish influencer marketing agency.

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