Poles – an average of 55% of them – hold the profession of journalist in higher regard than, for example, a miner or teacher. According to revealing statistics, 35% greater social respect is enjoyed by, among others, miners, doctors, teachers, employees, shop owners, cleaners, and to a smaller degree – priests, ministers, deputies and stockbrokers. Firefighters and nurses are deservedly the most respected professions in Poland.

In a survey conducted in October last year by CBOS on a representative group of adult residents, 55% of respondents expressed a high regard for the profession of journalist, 35% average regard, 8% small regard, and the remaining 2% had no opinion.

The journalist is in the last ten of 31 listed professions in terms of social respect. Less than 50% of respondents expressed great respect for, among others, officials (44%), priests (36%), stockbrokers (27%), as well as several policy-related professions: ministers (33%), municipal councilors (32%) and party activists (18%). The latter profession had not only the least positive indications, but also the most expressive low respect – 34%. In the case of priests, the percentage of negative opinion was 29%.

At the peak of public confidence among the professions are firefighters, for whom a whopping 94% of Poles respect, with only 6 holding them in lesser regard.

In surveys carried out every few years since 1995, the percentage of high respect for the journalistic profession falls within the ranges – high range 50-60%, medium range 30-40%, and low – from 5 to 8%. In popularity, this profession peaked in 1995 when 60% of those surveyed expressed high respect for it, medium range – 32%, and low – 5%.

In 1999, respect for journalists decreased, 47% of respondents being the highest, average range 40% and 8% indicating a lower respect for the profession.

In contrast, the overall trust index for the journalistic profession (on a scale of 0-100) based on CBOS surveys, decreased from 71 in 1975 to 61 in 1999, and in three studies since 2008, it was 63-65. For doctors, the indicator from 1975 to last year, dropped from 86 to 77, for ministers – 85 to 54, and priests – 69 to 51.

In contrast, social respect for skilled workers increased from 65 to 79, for farmers running medium-sized farms 51 to 76, small shop owners 45 to 70, unskilled construction workers 38 to 63, and for office clerks from 42 to 61.

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