The fashion sector is one of the most intensively developing industries in Poland. Huge budgets, huge influencers, huge campaigns and huge potential – this is how this market is currently presented in soldierly terms. Poles are increasingly open to buying clothes, shoes and jewellery from foreign online shops. In 2020, as many as seven out of ten Poles bought products from an e-store located outside Poland. So if you are a clothing company and you are still not on this market, you should make up for it as soon as possible.

How to start promoting your clothing brand on the Polish market? The key is the right PR strategy focusing on media relations for the fashion industry in Poland. Today, it is the industry media and industry influencers who dictate trends to young Poles. We suggest how to do it!

Table of contents:

  • The fashion industry in Poland
  • The most popular fashion magazines and websites
  • Bloggers, vloggers and influencers
  • Popular practices in Polish media relations

PR situation of the fashion industry in Poland

In the age of the Internet and the easy flow of information between the brand and the journalist, the art of media relations requires a bit more from us than sending a simple brand description supplemented with photos. Media relations, but also Polish PR in general, requires telling inspiring stories, building communities, good relations with influencers, creating high-quality content and maintaining constant contact with customers.

Fortunately, this contact does not have to be in Polish. More and more Poles (especially young ones) speak perfect English. If you are a large company, it is worth creating a separate promotion and communication strategy dedicated to this market. Your most important competitors will be brands such as Zalando, Answear, AboutYou, ASOS, Modivo or Eobuwie. They have mastered the art of media relations in Poland to perfection and are constantly featured both on industry portals and in content created by Polish influencers. 

Public relations plays a key role in fashion marketing in Poland. Just creating a product and adding it to a website is only the beginning of a long road. You need to be aware of where to visit, who to promote yourself to and who to send information about the latest collections to. Only by maintaining constant interest in your fashion brand will you promote a positive image in the eyes of the public.

The most popular fashion magazines and sites in Poland

A good Polish public relations specialist knows that disseminating information about a company should be the lion’s share of his work. Naturally, this involves working with editors and journalists from fashion magazines. Knowing how to create materials for the Polish media is not an easy art, which is why we always suggest (at least to start with) that you put this in the hands of professionals. For media relations to be an effective PR element, it must be handled by a specialist who is not only experienced in working with the Polish media market, but also has knowledge of business and fashion.

Among the most important online and offline fashion media (taking into account circulation, search engine results, number of website visitors and social media followers), the following are leading:

  • Vogue Polska
  • Elle Polska
  • Glamour
  • VIVA!
  • Fashion Magazine
  • Ofeminin
  • Fashion Biznes
  • Lamode Info
  • Uroda Życia

Bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers

One of the key elements of media relations and building a positive image of a clothing brand in Poland is constant contact with influencers. Sending PR packages, gifts or simply updates on the company, as well as inviting public figures to events and parties should become your daily routine. Today it is fashion blogs and even more often channels on Instagram or YouTube that set trends. Maintaining a good relationship with online creatives is not an extra, but an absolute necessity.

Some of the most influential Polish fashion influencers include:

  • Jessica Mercedes
  • Maffashion
  • Raaadzka
  • Make life easier
  • Macademian Girl
  • Fashionelka
  • Zophia Stylistka
  • Jestem Kasia
  • Styleev
  • Cheers my heels
  • Cajmel
  • Charlize Mystery
  • Pani Ekscelencja
  • Aleksandra Żuraw
  • Horkruks
  • Shiny Styl
  • Kapuczina
  • Little Mooonster 96
  • Joanna Kuchta
  • Viva a viva
  • Wiktoria Waśniowska
  • Ekskluzywny Menel
  • Sebastian Chłodnicki
  • Radek Pestka
  • Jakub Roskosz
  • Mr Vintage
  • Dandycore
  • Czas Gentlemanów

Ensure that everyone on this list at least knows about your brand.

Maffashion – one of the biggest fashion influencers in Poland
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Popular practices in Polish media relations of the fashion industry

Finally, we have some more advice on conducting media relations in the fashion industry in Poland from the perspective of a Polish PR agency:

1. Throw in well-known names

When sending press releases to Polish journalists, don’t be afraid to use well-known names. If big (and well-known in Poland!) celebrities are wearing your brand’s clothes, name them in the headline or in the lead. Editors of Polish magazines or fashion portals receive hundreds of messages every day. Standing out is essential.

2. Always operate with a calendar

Fashion trends change from month to month. The sooner you send information about a new collection to the press or influencers, the greater the chance that they will talk about it at the best time for your company. It’s important that photo shoots and other PR materials are prepared well before the collection goes on sale. Use important dates for Poles to further increase the chances of you being written about.

These include:

  • Women’s Day (8 March)
  • Valentine’s Day
  • The first calendar days of the seasons
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Men’s Day (10 March)
  • Boy’s Day (30 September)
  • Mother’s Day (26 May)
  • Father’s Day (19 June)
  • Children’s Day (1 June)
  • Grandmother’s Day (21 January)
  • Grandfather’s Day (22 January)

3. Take advantage of current trends

Every brand, including clothing brands, should be aware of current consumer trends and the moods of its target group. In Poland, these trends do not change particularly quickly – so it is worth knowing and remembering them. Trends and moods currently used by fashion brands in Poland during campaigns:

  • ecology
  • sustainable development
  • animal safety
  • socially relevant topics, such as LGBT rights and women’s rights

If the fashion brand you represent is entering the Polish market, you should start by taking care of the right PR. Are you looking for a professional Polish PR agency which specialises in media relations for the fashion industry in Poland? Contact us and tell us about your needs!

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