• Retail trends for 2020

    The retail market in Poland is systematically growing. Poles want to have more and more clothes, not necessarily looking at their endurance. Almost half of us have admitted, in a study by KPMG (an international auditing and consulting company), that they buy clothing at least once a month. Polish retail market in 2018 was worth […]

  • The right channels to reach Polish customers on social media

    Poles – who are on Facebook and who on Twitter or Instagram? The latest research shows that over 80.3% of Poles use the Internet. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are growing in strength among Polish Internet users. The number of people visiting Facebook per month is already over 20 million, which means that 80% of Polish […]

  • Poles prefer to hold a phone than the hand of a loved on

    How important is closeness and physical touch in strengthening and maintaining relationships? Is social media just a “thief” of our time? Or maybe during this difficult time it can help us maintain and strengthen relationships? According to research conducted by T – Mobile Polska, more than half of Poles aged 18–34 (55%) admit that they […]

  • Bio products in Poland

    The bio products market is constantly growing in Poland. 62% of respondents would like to buy more and more products of this type. The obstacle is the lack of understanding of what bio is, as well as the lack of certainty as to whether a product labeled as bio, actually is. Such are the results […]

  • Public Relations industry in Poland

    Estimates indicate that the PR industry in Poland is growing in strength from year to year. This trend is noticeable not only in statistics and budgets allocated by clients to communication, but primarily in the quality of services rendered and their scope. One of the most important elements of this market is the agency’s professionalization […]

  • Journalist a more respected profession than a priest, minister and broker in Poland

    Poles – an average of 55% of them – hold the profession of journalist in higher regard than, for example, a miner or teacher. According to revealing statistics, 35% greater social respect is enjoyed by, among others, miners, doctors, teachers, employees, shop owners, cleaners, and to a smaller degree – priests, ministers, deputies and stockbrokers. […]

  • What were Poles looking for most often when shopping online in 2019?

    The keywords searched by Poles in Google are a reflection of topics that are interesting to them or are discussed in a given year. It turns out that search categories related to travel, shopping and finance gaining the fastest popularity are not always obvious. However, they can provide us with a lot of information about […]

  • What promotions do Poles like?

    The first summer sales start in June in Poland. According to the Santander Consumer Bank report – “Poles and money – we love opportunities” – this season’s promotions interest Polish consumers the most. However, the favorite pro-sales action is the “second or subsequent product for a penny” mechanism. Poles agree. When asked about shopping opportunities […]

  • The number of millionaires in Poland is growing

    Poles spent PLN 25 billion on luxury this year, with cars and clothes dominating. In 2019, the luxury goods market in Poland will be worth PLN 25 billion, estimates KPMG. Premium cars remain the largest segment, and hotel and SPA services are one of the fastest growing branches of this market. Already 116,000 Poles have […]

  • The most important value for Poles is family

    Family, health and peace are the values ​​that Poles value most As its results show, as many as 80% of Poles indicate family as the most important value. Despite the great socio-political and economic changes of recent decades, the family invariably remains the basic cell of social life, and family happiness is considered one of […]

  • Polish consumers and Black Friday

    • Black Friday has been established in Poland since 2015.• Although Black Friday or Cyber Monday have been organised in Poland for only a few years, they have become firmly embedded in the minds of Poles. • Up to 87% of Poles surveyed by TNS Kantar, claim that they know what Black Friday is. • […]

  • How are Poles getting ready for Christmas? Traditionally, or commercially?

    Will Poles remain faithful to the tradition of Christmas? Commercialisation of holidays according to 47% of Poles is the main reason for changes in holiday customs and preparations. Every third of us replaces traditional gifts with vouchers and gift cards, and 37% ask loved ones about gift preferences, afraid of failure. According to 40%, we […]