Lena Pytkowska

Senior Account Manager

Years of experience in marketing communications in total



Master of Arts in Polish Philology at the University of Warsaw; specialisation: Philology for the Media

In what I am a master / specialist

Most willingly implements communication activities in areas such as

PR, social media, influencer marketing

Most willingly works for the following industries

Health, technology, FMCG, beauty, fashion, non gov

English skills


The greatest professional successes

Arranging a meeting with music bands such as Varius Manx or Pectus and making dreams come true, such as a day on 4FunTV, for the children of Fundacja Herosi; working with the Polish Psychiatric Association on a project aimed at changing the way people with mental illnesses, such as depression or bipolar affective disorder, are viewed

Non-professional interests

Literature, history, movies, fashion, psychology, travel, volunteering at a dog shelter