Marcin Niewęgłowski

Senior Account Manager

Years of experience in marketing communications in total



Master of Arts in Political Studies, specialisation: State Security, University of Szczecin;

In what I am a master / specialist

Strategy PR, holistic comms, digital PR, B2B social media marketing (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Most willingly implements communication activities in areas such as

PR, social media, employer branding, personal branding, social selling, content marketing (owned media), growth hacks

Most willingly works for the following industries

Technology, startups, food, e-commerce, blue economy, creative industries

English skills


The greatest professional successes

Launch first video blog in Poland (2007) called NDK Blog, as well as Relaz Film Festival, the first online film festival in Poland (2006). Kick-off Wish competitor, Wowville, on North American market, drawing the attention of 500 English-speaking micro influencers. Responsible for design international PR strategy for Hyper Poland (currently known as Nevomo).

Non-professional interests

Technology, business models, place marketing, future of food, creativity, UK-based urban music (drum’n’bass, grime, breakbeat, 2step, breakstep), curiosity, creative industries, circular economy, intersectional approach