The number of Polish companies that sell their products successfully is constantly growing, especially in Europe. This situation is not only due to lower labour costs in Poland and a favourable PLN rate, but also thanks to professional production processes, high quality of products and marketing activities.

Bargain price is no longer enough

About 80% of Polish food destined for export goes to the EU. Poland, despite the Russian embargo, is doing well when it comes to the production and export of apples. Polish raspberries, blackcurrants (Poland is the greatest producer in the world for these fruits) and – this will come as a big surprise to some – champignons are also selling well.

Cold cuts and meat produced in Poland are also unbeatable. All Poles, especially those who have emigrated, know this to be a fact. The meat industry – with the biggest companies with family capital, such as JBB, ZM Henryk Kania, ZM Silesia, Tarczyński, ZM Olewnik, Peklimar, Lenarcik, Morliny – pave the way for Polish cold cuts in the world, thanks to a wide range of meat based products, and modern communication.

The Polish food industry has focused on quality and new technologies, which has resulted in appreciation from clients from abroad. A bargain price is no longer enough. A good example is the case of consumers in China, who really love Polish dairy products delivered by such Polish producers as SM Mlekovita or OSM Łowicz, because they are of better quality than their own products.

Cosmetics and science

Poland exports beauty products to more than 130 countries in the world. The strong position of Polish cosmetics, even in the demanding European market, demonstrates the high quality and attractive prices of these products. The quality results from a good scientific foundation, supported by faculties in Polish universities, such as pharmacy, medicine, biotechnology and chemistry.

The manufacture of cosmetics in Poland is based on state-of-the-art technology. The company, Eveline Cosmetics, has developed the Odnowa Komórkowa (Cell Renewal) series, in unison with the most recent achievements in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Glov is an innovative product of Polish the Phenicoptere Company – a glove made from specialist microfibres, 30 times thinner than cotton. It facilitates efficient removal of make-up, with only the use of water. Glov gloves have been a real hit on the market and are available in all drugstores in Europe. They can also be bought in Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Another Polish company, Inglot, has also been very successful. Its products are known on all continents. What was the key to this huge success? Innovation and top quality – comparable with the quality of French brands. And, non-conventional Polish marketing. The company focused mainly on a professional service, offering free make-up, product testing and the opportunity for clients to prepare their own make-up palette. Opinions from satisfied customers promote the brand in the most efficient way.

Modern “Made in Poland” carpentry

Polish window joinery companies such as Oknoplast, Drutex or Fakro, export 70% of their products. Competitive prices for customers from abroad undoubtedly attract clients, but it is not the only asset of these companies. It is yet another case in which it appears that only those Polish manufacturers that focus on the latest technologies, have managed to achieve success. Take for example, Oknoplast from Kraków, which by concentrating on quality and innovativeness achieved PLN 4 million in the first year of its operation.

The Polish wood joinery industry is also getting stronger each year. Porta, a national leader in door production, has recently opened a new factory equipped with an automated production line, and one of the most modern machine parks in Europe. Investment in modern technology, the work of highly qualified specialists and architects, and the latest generation machine park – all result in products of top quality – and ever increasing export figures!

Poland ranks 4th among furniture exporters in the global market. Kler, a company that exports its products worldwide, right from the beginning of their existence, paid great attention to high quality finishing, and the use of new solutions. Today, it is known for its luxurious, top quality products. However, although the Polish furniture industry is huge, Polish furniture brands are not recognizable abroad. Only a few sell products under their own logo. So – there is a lot to be done, especially in the marketing area!

Polish IT sector is growing

Polish IT companies also reap most of their profits from abroad, at an accelerating pace. The real star on the stage is CD Projekt, the creator of “The Witcher”, a series of computer games, based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series. As many as 6 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide.


Development in the IT industry is boosted by the high competences of Polish IT specialists and their creativity. Software to be exported is developed by such companies as Netguru from Poznań or Pragmatists from Warsaw. At the same time, these companies invest in content marketing that is useful for their clients. Webcon, a company providing BPM (Business Process Management) solutions, asks its users what they think should be the future direction of software development.

The “Good because it’s Polish” slogan that supported the promotion of Polish products a few years ago, is more topical than ever. Consumers from abroad (and sometimes even Poles themselves) just need to be made aware of it, and this is where All 4 Comms can help.

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