There are thousands of different products on the market and even more information about them. What are the latest fashion trends this season? What to buy in spring? How to wear it? Polish fashion bloggers give precise, and attractively wrapped, answers to these questions. They have been noticed – even by the greatest brands!

Many people looking for specific products have no time, nor energy, to browse through shops and websites, or try out new trends (e.g. new Polish designer brands). That is why the assortment of information available is really appreciated these days, and it appears that bloggers willingly devote their time to compile it. By publishing selection results on their blogs, they are helping readers by eliminating the need to browse the market.

According to the Polish Association of Bloggers and Vlogers, Internet users in Poland – when it comes to opinions about some goods – prefer checked and trusted sources of information, i.e., family and acquaintances. They quite often use price comparison websites and services where they can check other people’s opinions. And, for regular blog readers, the opinion of a blogger is the most significant – even more important than the opinion of their family and acquaintances.

Bloggers and big brands

Big brands understood long ago, what the blogosphere phenomenon is. For example, ZARA invited some well-known, blogging mums to the Brothers&Sisters campaign. The task of the bloggers was to take photos of their children in Zara clothes. The main idea of the project was “showing real emotions of children in their natural environment”. Among the participants of last year’s edition of Brothers&Sisters, were the authors of the Polish blog “Kaszka z mlekiem, Zoja, Bianka i Gaja” (“Milk porridge, Zoja, Bianka and Gaja”). Thanks to the engagement of mums who are popular in blogosphere, the brand also gained the quintessence of blogosphere sales power – credibility.

Bez tytułu

Another Polish fashion blogger, Jessica Mercedes Kirschner, was invited to cooperate with French fashion house DIOR. After the elegant, glamorous and extravagant style of this blogger was spotted by Internet users, she became very popular. Jessica Mercedes Kirschner won a trip to the USA for New York Fashion Week, where her style was also appreciated. A photo of her attire was also published on the “Vogue Paris” website and in a few other places.

Style icons

Parallel to Jessica Mercedes Kirschner’s career path, is the story of Julia Kuczyńska – Maffashion – and her blog. More than 600 thousand people on Facebook and more than 700 thousand people on Instagram follow it. In 2013, Maffashion was named the person of the year on the Polish Internet. She works for Polish and foreign (fashion and other) brands.


There is also fashion business professional, Harel, who has been running her blog for many years. It is regarded as an encyclopaedia of Polish fashion brands. Her blog has such a long history that readers simply trust her opinion. Sometimes a product becomes popular after she shows it on, for example, her Instagram, although it had not raised any interest before.

Somebody who has a similar experience when it comes to cooperation with fashion brands, is Joanna Glogaza, the author of StyleDigger blog and the “Slow Fashion. Revolution” bestseller. Joanna recommends to her readers products compatible with the policy of her blog, written according to the slow Fashion and minimalism trend. It’s worth it! Within a few months her blog generated for her partners – whose programs she used by affiliation – sales worth a few thousand PLN.

The power of the blogosphere

Professionals say that the amount of content consumed by us through the Internet is going to rise in the years to come. Recipients are interested in this optimistic trend for bloggers who are now one of the main sources of knowledge about products and brands. Direct assessment, close relationships and interactive discussion make readers believe what bloggers write and at the same time, they feel they can trust them.

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