There’s no denying it – today, the vast majority of brands’ promotional activities on the Polish Internet focus primarily on young customers, i.e. the millennials and Generation Z. Thus, Generation X (people born between 1965 and 1979) remains somewhat “neglected” by advertisers. How can this be exploited? Let us guide you through the meanders of marketing communications to Polish representatives of Generation X. Who are they and how to reach them online? Let us give you a hint!

Table of contents:

  • Who are Polish Generation X?
  • Polish Generation X as consumers
  • Polish Generation X and the media
  • How to reach Polish Generation X on the internet? 
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
  • Other forms of online marketing
  • What to communicate to Polish Generation X?

Who are Polish Generation X – characteristics

Generation X are people born between the early 1960s and the mid-1980s. Polish representatives of this generation are also often referred to as the PRL generation, i.e. people born between 1965 and 1979. From the perspective of a brand that wants to reach this generation, it is important to understand the times in which they grew up. It was a difficult time in the history of Poland (but not only). The country was under communism, the political system was changing, strikes were breaking out, and there was an explosion at Chernobyl that significantly affected public sentiment. 

At the same time, the maturation of the Polish “Xs” was accompanied by the rapid development of technology and media. In order to have value on the labour market, they had to acquire new skills quickly. Today, Polish representatives of Generation X – right next to millennials – hold the majority of positions. However, they differ significantly from their younger colleagues. They are characterised by great attachment: to the workplace, to people, and – as a result – also to the products they buy.

Polish Generation X as consumers

Poland’s Generation X is often described as inflexible, hardened in their beliefs and choices, and smug. They are not afraid to criticise, rarely change their minds, but at the same time strongly defend what they believe in. This makes the Polish “Xs” an incredibly loyal customer. Once we win their favour, they will stay with us for many, many years. Research shows that Generation X has the highest brand loyalty index of all generations. 

What’s more, the Polish Generation X values social status. As a result of the fact that they grew up in times when there was little to be found on shop shelves, today they are willing to buy premium products and are able to spend a lot of money on them (especially if the product is to emphasise their status). Polish “X” grew up in times when marketing and advertising (especially TV advertising) were just beginning to develop in Poland. As a result, they are much more susceptible to their influence than their children or grandchildren. About 70% of them are likely to buy a product from a brand they follow in social media.

Polish Generation X and the media

The Polish representatives of Generation X are the last generation to make such extensive use of traditional media. Data shows that less than 50% of them listen to the radio, 60% read newspapers and over 80% watch TV. So if you have the budget and your target audience is the ‘ixies’, investing in TV advertising can be profitable for your brand. On a day-to-day basis, Generation X prefers face-to-face contact and is not reluctant to make contact with brand representatives over the phone. At the same time, because they didn’t grow up in the age of mobile phones or computers, they rarely suffer from information overload. 

On the other hand, many representatives of the Polish Generation X like to use the internet. They follow news websites on an ongoing basis (e.g.,,, use e-mails, search engines, shop online, watch video guides, and even reach for social media. This is definitely dominated by Facebook, which in Poland is increasingly often referred to as a platform for the “older generation”.

How to reach the Polish Generation X on the Internet? 

Are you planning an online campaign aimed at the Polish Generation X? Here’s what forms of advertising and communication with customers you should pay attention to.  


Generation X accounts for around 10% of all Facebook users in Poland. In total, around 1.6 million of them have a registered Facebook account. In the case of this platform, effective ways of reaching customers are events, live broadcasts (phenomenal in the case of local services or products), Messenger and chat bots, as well as groups. Importantly, women are much more likely to click on classic Facebook ads.


On Instagram we can find about 265,000 Polish “Xs”. They constitute as much as 4% of all users of this platform in Poland. The great advantages of this platform (which are appreciated by Generation X) are the adjustment of the platform’s functions to mobile devices, a clear interface and intuitive use. Instagram is largely used by Polish women. So if your brand is aimed at men, advertising here may not be the most effective solution.


Although it is difficult to determine the exact age of YouTube users in Poland (the platform allows watching videos without logging in), it is assumed that more than 26 million Poles currently use this site. It is, therefore, currently the social platform with the largest reach. While reaching the Polish Generation X through influencers or YouTubers may not be very fruitful, advertising on YouTube is.

Other forms of Internet marketing

Apart from social media, what other forms of communication and online promotion for the Polish Generation X are worth betting on? Of course, every industry, product or niche is different (which is why our Polish marketing agency always starts its cooperation with a new client with a thorough market research). However, there are a few tools and tricks that will be good to consider:

  • email marketing and newsletters,
  • ads in the Google Ads ecosystem (including ads on YouTube),
  • social media remarketing, 
  • loyalty programmes, 
  • discount coupons, temporary promotions, codes, 
  • banners on websites (yes, they work!).

What to communicate to the Polish Generation X?

Are you planning an online advertising campaign aimed at Polish customers from Generation X? Or maybe you’re planning to start communicating in social media? To start with, you should know what is worth communicating to this generation. What values or messages are they particularly susceptible to, and which ones repel them? Some tips from a Polish marketing agency:


Based on past experience, there could hardly be a generation in Poland more sensitive to falsehood. Polish “X” have an insanely sensitive radar for lack of authenticity and are unlikely to believe the amazing promises of brands. If you communicate to them, avoid using empty promises or beautiful but meaningless words. It’s better to be specific and, if necessary, admit the customer is right. Few things are as satisfying to a Pole as winning a discussion. 


Looking for a Polish ambassador for your brand? Don’t work with celebrities or online influencers. It doesn’t work on Polish “X”. On the contrary – it may even cause their dislike (and it’s hard to rebuild their trust!). Real experts or specialists in a given topic are much better.

Communication focusing on expertise – an example of Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics brand


Poland’s Generation X is used to buying products that are reliable and last a long time. Whether they are looking for a car, computer, phone, trousers, a toy for their grandchildren or wrinkle cream. If your product has this feature, be sure to communicate it in your ads or social media.

Traditional values

Of course – not every representative of the Polish Generation X is religious or has right-wing views. However, research shows that many of them value traditional values. Unless your brand wants to break patterns or enter the Polish market by making noise, it’s better to take the safe route. Avoid topics that divide Poles: politics, social and economic issues or religion.

Communication focusing on tradition – the Dawtona brand example


For Polish “Xs”, products made in Poland (or with Polish raw materials) are usually of much higher value than those of foreign origin. If your product has something “Polish” about it, don’t forget to mention it.   

Communication focusing on Polishness – example of E. Wedel brand

Relationships with others

Family, children, friends, colleagues – for the Polish Generation X, relationships with other people are of great importance. They grew up in a time when relationships were strengthened by spending time together, and they usually choose the phone instead of Messenger. When communicating to them, pay attention to whether your messages include references to building relationships and being with loved ones (in texts, but also in photos, video ads, etc.).

Relationship-focused communication – the Lipton brand example

Do you target Generation X members in Poland? Reaching them online is not easy. Polish “X” are different from their peers in Western Europe or the USA. If you’re looking for an experienced Polish marketing agency that has already carried out many campaigns aimed at this target group, contact our experts.