According to Voxnest, Poland is in the top ten of the fastest growing podcast markets in the world – ahead of Canada, Great Britain and Spain. In the first half of last year, the number of Polish podcasts played on Spotify jumped by over 300%. Due to the pandemic restrictions, this number continues to grow. Yes. Polish podcasters are developing dynamically and they have no intention of taking prisoners. So if you want to jump on the ship of Polish influencer marketing and go with the current fascination with stories told through a microphone – now is the perfect moment.

Table of Contents

  • What brand will gain from cooperation with Polish podcasters?
  • Joanna Okuniewska and Durex
  • Justyna Mazur and WWF
  • Karolina Sobańska and Adidas
  • Two types of podcast and Allegro
  • 7 metres underground and Dewar’s
  • Rock i Borys and ING Tech Poland
  • Podcasters and Empik Go

What brand will gain from cooperation with Polish podcasters?

The answer is obvious – virtually any. There is no one specific industry that should cooperate with podcasters in Poland. Just as there is no industry that absolutely shouldn’t be doing this. The wave of popularity of podcasts means that almost every company (which has so far cooperated with Polish influencers of various types) is looking for the possibility of creating a campaign with the participation of their creators. Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

You must be aware of at least a few shortcomings of such cooperation in Poland. The biggest challenge is finding a way to measure the effects. Most creators’ content lands on multiple platforms at the same time. The most popular of them are Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and YouTube (but you can actually count up to a dozen of them). Analytics is not optimistic because it does not provide a uniform approach to statistics. With Polish podcasts, there are quite a lot of significant indicators that are worth measuring. It is not only the range or the number of subscribers, but also (e.g. in the case of Spotify data): the number of plays up to 60 seconds, the number of plays over 60 seconds, as well as the percentage of the listener’s attention being held.

For this reason, it is difficult to talk about the phenomenon of micro-influencing among Polish podcasters. Here it is all or nothing. Hence, the vast majority of brands’ cooperation with Polish podcasters focuses almost exclusively on creators with the largest reach.

Here are the most interesting of them:

Joanna Okuniewska and Durex

Joanna Okuniewska (podcast “Tu Okuniewska” and “Me and my idiot friends”) is undoubtedly the queen of the Polish podcast scene. On the one hand, popularity, and on the other – thematic versatility (these are lifestyle podcasts) mean that brands with a really different profile of activity apply to it. For example, the Durex brand, which offers products that are quite difficult in standard communication, decided to take such a step. As part of the cooperation, the author created as many as three thematic episodes, weaving into their content information about the brand and its products.

Justyna Mazur and WWF

Justyna Mazur is the author of two podcasts (“Fifth, don’t kill” and “Let’s talk about life”), each episode of which is listened to on average by 100,000 people. Thus, she is one of the most popular podcast makers in Poland and at the same time the most-listened to female podcaster in the true crime industry. And it was during the podcast “Fifth, do not kill” that she created an episode prepared in cooperation with the Polish branch of the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) foundation. At the end of the episode, her entire story turned out to be fiction, a way to encourage audiences to symbolically adopt a lynx. As you can see, Polish podcasters are a great tool for reaching out to social campaigns as well.

Karolina Sobańska and Adidas

Karolina Sobańska is the author of the Polish podcast “Karolina Sobańska”, in which she talks to interesting guests about a healthy lifestyle, eating, sport and ecology. Both the subject matter and the format of the podcasts have become an excellent basis for the joint Reimagine Sport campaign with the Adidas brand. As part of this cooperation, podcasters prepared a four-episode series in which they presented the story of sports-related heroines every week, such as trainers for Adidas Runners Warsaw. It turns out that even by listening to a podcast, you can effectively learn how to run correctly.

Dwóch Typów Podcast and Allegro

The largest e-commerce platform in Poland knows well how to do creative advertising. On the occasion of Christmas, the company released a gift calculator. It was enough to answer a few questions for the generator to offer us specific product offers that we can buy for our loved ones for the holidays. The action was widely promoted in social media. The game also featured the creators of the podcast “Dwóch Typów Podcast” – the most popular Polish podcast in the “entertainment” category. With these types of high-profile actions, it is worth choosing creators in terms of range. Allegro did their homework for an A.

7 Metrów Pod Ziemią and Dewar’s

Rafał Gębura – Polish influencer and author of the podcast “7 Metrów Pod Ziemią” proves that the formula of an interview with interesting guests will never get boring with the audience. This was also appreciated by the Dewar’s Scotch whiskey brand, by inviting him to a long-term cooperation. As part of it, Rafał Gębura has created a completely new series of podcasts, the “Special Edition”, where he invites guests from the world of Polish show-business. Placing a sponsor is almost imperceptible, but it was enough to effectively build a brand awareness, communicate the brand’s philosophy and arouse interest in the products.

Rock i Borys and ING Tech Poland

Cooperation with Polish podcasters does not have to be based solely on the placement of products or services in the content of episodes. For if a brand has its own podcast (and this is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool in Poland), it will certainly attract new recipients faster when it invites voices familiar to its listeners. This is what the company ING Tech Poland did, for example, creating an episode with Remigiusz Maciaszek and Borys Nieśpielak – the authors of the podcast “Rock and Borys” (technological, gaming and pop culture topics) as part of the “Tech Master Class” podcast. The gentlemen talk about technological solutions that change entertainment in front of our very eyes.

Podcasters and Empik Go

Who is gaining popularity of podcasts in Poland more than … podcast platforms? The Empik network immediately saw its opportunity, already in 2019 providing users with the possibility of listening to some podcasts on its own, paid Empik Go platform (which was intended mainly for listening to audiobooks). A moment later, Empik went a step further – starting direct cooperation with several Polish podcasters who create completely separate series of podcasts, available only in the application. So far, we can find there series from podcasters, such as: Marcin Myszka (Kryminatorium), Justyna Mazur or Karolina Anna. As you can see, crime podcasts definitely lead the way.

Will Polish podcasters become a new branch of influencers? Well… they’ve actually become one already. Cooperation with podcasters is one of the next departments of Polish influencer marketing. And looking at the results of views – a department that will require separate specialists at any moment. If you want to undertake this type of action with one of the Polish kings or queens of spoken stories, please contact us. We know what’s squeaking in the grass and we follow every podcast news from Poland.