Not only has social media in Poland started a new era in brand communication, they have also created new tools that allow for their maintenance.

Social media maintenance tools are not only typical to Americans. Poles have developed tools for monitoring and promotion of brands that facilitate communication and contribute to better results. Some have become popular internationally.

Polish surveillance for the White House

Brand24 is a tool used for monitoring references on the Internet, allowing tool marketers to access opinions about a specific company, product or competitor. Brand24 offers prompt access to billions of Polish-language references, both in social media and on other websites (chat rooms, blogs, information services, and many more). It also enables measuring the Influencer Score, from which you may learn who are the most influential authors of opinion about your company. The automatic function of positive and negative reference detection is even used by the White House, more precisely – by the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Share of voice on the net

A tool that is similar to Brand24 is Newspoint. It provides effective and regular monitoring. You may define and track important keywords or brand discussions yourself, while thanks to the Share of Voice function, you can check if there are more discussions about your company than about the competition.

Social media optimization

Sotrender enables the analysis and optimization of activity in social media. If you are responsible for marketing in social media, Sotrender will tell you, step by step, what to improve on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This application will show you how to make your social media profiles more attractive. The tool is available for users in SaaS (software as a service) model.

Advertising controlled by the weather

Poles are also responsible for the creation of the tool, used for advertisement optimization. This is a tool based on Facebook API that helps to create more effective campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. It is successfully used in both small companies and big media houses. Thanks to, marketers from all over the world are first to access advanced advertising options, from Lead Ads to advertisements controlled by… the weather.

Several, or even more, integrations with top mailing tools (e.g. GetReponse, Freshmail, MailChimp), CRMs (e.g. ZOHO, Pipedrive), webinars (e.g. GotoWebinar) or tools used for marketing automation (e.g. SALESmanago) enable you to get a lead or to close a sales deal just a few seconds after the interested person clicks on the advert published on Facebook. is the official partner providing technical solutions for such companies as GetResponse, FreshMail or SALESmanago. The tool is available for users in SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

The author of the most recent Polish application in social media is a woman, Barbara Sołtysińska, the head of the company, LifeTube.  She has recently published her application, which connects Instagram users with advertisers. The simplest way to describe it is to say that this is an automated system for creation, outsourcing and campaign reporting on Instagram.

Thanks to indaHash, a campaign creation is very simple: brands develop a short task for an Instagram user, define time and budget of the campaign, as well as the @tag and #hashtag that are to be used in a campaign. Instagram users receive a notification about a new campaign through an application in their phones and, if they are interested in the campaign, they complete a task. Posts are accepted by the indaHash moderator. Instagram users receive remuneration and an advertiser gets a full report with photos, and the right to use them.

As we can see, thanks to Polish tools, we save time and optimise the effects.

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