Tourism market in Poland is changing. Poles are getting more mature as tourists and they are becoming more aware consumers.

According to the report of Polish Chamber of Tourism, entitled “Poles’ Holidays Abroad in 2017”, Poles do not appreciate last minute offers so much any more and they choose comfort instead of low costs of summer vacation.


Longer season

In case of holidays spent abroad summer season is longer, however the most popular are still summer months, that is July and August. In 2017 quite a big number of sold trips was noticed in June, mainly because of school holidays which started one week earlier. May and September are also gradually becoming holiday months.

Poles book in advance

Poles buy more and more, and do it earlier. Nearly 8 percent of customers are ready to reserve a summer holiday even one year earlier (October, November, December). It can be observed that the percentage of bookings made up to 10 days before the flight is exceptionally low while the percentage of bookings made at least two months before the flight is really large. A small percentage of customer decide to book a trip not more than 10 days before the departure. The increase in this trend brought about a reduction in the number of last minute offers which are not so cheap now as they used to be.

Shorter, but more frequent trips

Poles prefer to go on holiday more often, but for a shorter period of time. In case of organized trips one can spot a new segment in the market, that is 3 or 4-day trips such as city breaks or prolonged weekends. Two-week holiday in high season is planned by less than 20 % of families. Such trips usually take place in July and August, and are typical of mainly families with children. City breaks are very popular in low season, mainly among adults who don’t have children.


Preferably by plane

In organized tourism one may notice a clear dominion of flight trips while coach travels or trips with one’s own transport are becoming less popular – the exceptions may be noticed in case of customers living in the south of Poland. The competition between cheap airlines and regular ones caused the increase in a number of available connections.

Poles appreciate comfort

Polish tourists usually go on a one-week holiday to hotels with high standard – 43% of tourists choose four-star hotels. We go on holiday more and more often, which has an influence on rising expectations and more aware choice of holiday destination – location and standard of a hotel, additional attractions or catering. We are ready to pay more for a greater comfort. The most popular option is definitely all inclusive which is a standard nowadays, not a luxury. It is chosen by 3 out of 4 clients of travel agents. Poles expect such an option in European countries as well.

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