Only a few years ago, cooperation with a Polish PR agency was much cheaper than the cost of similar services on the Danish, German, French or, above all, British markets. Today, the differences in rates are already less noticeable, and more importantly, they are dynamically decreasing. In 2022, most Polish PR agencies were forced to start by renegotiating their price lists for cooperation with clients. What influences the prices of public relations in Poland and what are the current rates for PR services? We suggest how much you will spend today for public relations of your brand on the Polish market!

Table of contents:

  • A few words about the situation in Poland
  • Why have the prices of Polish PR agencies risen?
  • Average price of cooperation with a Polish PR agency
  • What does the cost of cooperation with a Polish PR agency depend on?

A few words about the situation in Poland

The year 2022 brought many changes for Polish entrepreneurs, but also for ordinary consumers. Poles had barely begun to grapple with the socio-economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic wave, and huge changes in the tax law were already lurking. The Polish Deal, which came into force at the beginning of the year, introduced a revolution in taxation. Not only did the cost of doing business rise, but most entrepreneurs also had to deal with fees for legal and tax consultations, as well as an increase in bookkeeping rates. Poland is currently in the penultimate position among European countries in the International Tax Competitiveness Index ranking, which assesses the level of complexity of the tax process. Polish business owners have to reckon not only with the high cost of doing business, but also with unclear regulations. 

Moreover, inflation has risen and Poles have been hit by all-time highs (especially the prices of fuel, energy, food and soft drinks). Preliminary estimates from the Central Statistical Office in Poland show that inflation accelerated to 10.9% in March 2022 and will remain at 10.8% for the whole year. This is the highest inflation in 22 years! So, for entrepreneurs, it means higher and higher costs of running offices and the need to increase salaries to employees (among other things due to an increase in health contributions). In short, everything is getting more expensive.

Why have prices for Polish PR agencies risen?

Polish PR agencies today estimate an average of 5% additional costs per month. Taxes, costs of running an office or hiring employees have increased a lot. And if the cost of running a service rises, naturally its price rises as well. On the other hand, the PR industry has been particularly affected by the pandemic. Polish PR agencies are also experiencing increasing staff turnover and difficulties in recruiting specialists. This necessitates increasing budgets for recruitment and induction of new employees or raising salaries. The costs of running a PR agency in Poland are rising. And in every possible area. 

The vast majority of Polish PR agencies have been systematically refreshing their price lists for several years. This year, however, it was necessary not only to increase the prices of services provided to new clients, but also to renegotiate contracts with current clients. Another solution was to reduce the number of contracted hours. As a result, agencies work for the same rate as before, but in a reduced number of hours.

Average price of cooperation with a Polish PR agency

Not so long ago, cooperation with a PR agency in Poland cost much less than the rates of agencies from Germany, France or Sweden. But not anymore. A few years ago 2,000 euros for a month’s cooperation with an agency from Poland was enough. This was for standard public relations activities including, among others, running a local press office, handling media requests, monitoring the media, writing one press release and two articles and providing ongoing advice to the company. Although the most expensive PR markets in Europe are still the UK and Germany, the prices of Polish agencies are becoming more and more equal to those in the West.

Today, most agencies in Poland offer packages ranging from EUR 2.500 to 5.000 per month of cooperation. The hourly rates of PR specialists billing for their services in terms of hours worked (e.g. in crisis management, where ad hoc assistance and 24/7 availability is needed) are also increasing. This is a very big change. However, it is worth bearing in mind the significant price range. In short, the final price of cooperation with a Polish PR agency depends on many factors and this should be borne in mind at the search stage, even before the invitation to tender.

What does the cost of working with a Polish PR agency depend on?

The final price for public relations services in Poland will vary depending on many factors. Among the most important of these are:

Size and recognition of the agency

In Poland we can distinguish large global agencies, independent agencies, as well as small boutique agencies and freelancers. Usually the bigger and more recognisable the agency, the higher the amount for cooperation. However, this is not an absolute rule – there are many freelancers in Poland who value their expert PR advice on a par with large agencies. A large agency means not only a greater reputation, but also a larger number of specialists. They employ experienced staff dealing with various areas of PR (e.g. experts in crisis management, etc.), so the client can be sure that his or her project is being handled by the right people in the right place.

Agency experience and sector specialisation

Here the principle is similar – the more experience, more awards or industry awards, the higher the rates for PR services. Moreover, good knowledge of a client’s specific industry (especially if it is the so-called “difficult” sector) always costs more.

Extent and type of PR activities

The last, but from the PR agency’s client’s point of view, the most important factor influencing the cost of PR services in Poland is the extent of cooperation. Is it a one-off service or a long-term one? Does it require the creation of a PR strategy from scratch or just the continuation of existing activities? Is it product PR or corporate PR? Product PR usually means lower fees for the agency; similarly, one-off cooperation is often more expensive than a month of joint activities in a longer contract.

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