Is Software as a Service a typically Polish idea? Seven good Polish examples in which the efficiency of a marketing message goes hand in hand with business effectiveness. 

Get to know 7 helpful Polish SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. They are known for international outreach and reliability. Their success is the result of an innovative approach by Poles towards solving problems and their ability to react efficiently to customers’ needs.

Nozbe for the busy

This Polish time management application is successful worldwide. Do Poles specialise in time management? “Just act efficiently!” encourages Nozbe on their main website. Busy people and their teams effectively manage projects thanks to applications that are available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPad and iPhone. The personal promise of Michał Śliwiński is really impressive: “I can guarantee that you will increase your productivity in 30 days.” Nozbe issues its own magazine and collaborates with influencers who actively use this tool.


Brand24 for marketers

This Polish application has successfully become one of the most indispensable tools of marketers and entrepreneurs and has recently been described by the Entrepreneur magazine in Startup Toolkit: September 2016. The application for Internet discussion monitoring is used even by the White House. “Check the opinion of your company” – such an annotation encourages you to take the free Brand24 tests. Apart from an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, it stands out thanks to an innovative approach to marketing and continuous improvement of services. A new version of the website has just been published, and has already received a nomination in the Awwwards competition, thanks to which the company has gained more than a thousand new users and several dozen “trials”.


E-mail marketing with FreshMail is a modern tool used to create and send newsletters and emails to clients from your own database. It enables fully automatic recipients’ list creation and the sending of newsletters. Additionally, it has many useful functions which optimise mass mailing communication. Due to this, you can save a considerable amount of time and increase the efficiency of your emails. FreshMail popularises knowledge of its services by organising free webinars, publishing guide books and recording instructional videos.


Social media with Sotrender

Are you responsible for marketing in social media? “We will explain to you, step by step, what can be improved on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube”, as we were cordially informed by Polish Saas for social media channels management – Sotrender. The application helps to conquer social media thanks to reports and clues. The brand invests in content marketing, offering agencies and marketers monthly reports comparing the activity of particular industries on Facebook. The company has offices in the USA, Great Britain and Indonesia.


RTBHouse.​com for advertisers

This is an e-marketing company specialising in precise adjustment of advertising content to the Internet users’ interests. “Increase the efficiency of advertising activity” – this is the message to tired marketers who struggle with low conversion and exceeded budgets. RTB House uses its own technology. Its offer, directed at e-stores, B2B companies and advertising agencies has already convinced clients in 33 countries.


Codility for IT recruiters

Polish programmers work worldwide. One, who was working in China at the time, came up with the idea of automating the recruitment of 20 engineers (20 additional software engineers). The Polish Codility application helps companies (regardless of their size) to automate and accelerate the recruitment processes in the IT sector. Using this Polish platform, people looking for employees may perform tests for applicants, assess and compare their positions and experience and, finally, interview the most promising candidates online.


Prowly for communications

Are you a PR person? Poles have something for you. Thanks to the Prowly application, you can send press information with just one click, but the mail your recipient gets is still personalised. Instead of attachments that overload their mailbox, the recipient receives from you a link to a website with press information and attachments to download. Aside from this, the brand offers marketers Brand Journal – a place where you can find the most recent and vital information about a specific brand. It functions as a press office and helps to integrate the most important channels of social media in one place. See how the Allegro press office looks…..


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