In our article about digital trends for 2019, we wrote that we can expect a quick boost in social commerce. Although the world’s biggest brands already know how to take advantage of the possibilities of this e-commerce solution, in Poland this is still not a solution for which brands reach for first. However, selling through social media really IS the future, even for Polish brands. It allows customers to communicate with brands quickly and make a purchase without leaving the app.

Picture of a hand holding a smartphone with Facebook app opened

Poles are more and more and more used to convenience and purchase automation. Having the right tools you can really take advantage of the huge social commerce potential and significantly increase your sales, as well as improve the user experience. There are several Polish brands that are kings of social commerce. Here are 5 of the best examples of their activities:

1.     Multikino

Multikino cinema multiplex has its own chatbot on Facebook Messenger called Multikino Bot. the bot conducts conversations with users, allowing them to ask about or search for a movie, watch the trailer, and get recommendations by verifying their preferences. Multikino Bot can be asked about a particular genre, about the screenings displayed, specific movie title or production recommended by others. If someone wants to start a conversation with the bot, they can just write, for example “I want to watch a romantic comedy today”.

Multikino’s chatbot is the first project of this kind in Poland and the first cinema bot in Europe. Only through the conversation, it supports the whole process of ordering tickets, so people don’t have to leave the app. Multikino Bot, as a new form of buying or booking tickets, is a perfect example of how a brand can improve the customer’s purchase process and increase the user experience.

2.     Mosquito

Mosquito is a Polish fashion brand that currently has one of the largest fanbases on Facebook among all brands from this category. No wonder that the company seeks new Facebook tools and functions. One of them is, of course — the store.
It is not a big secret that Facebook doesn’t like any external links: not only to YouTube but also to mainstream websites or stores. When we put a link in a post, it will gain a smaller organic reach than without a link. The answer to this problem is easy and was solved by Facebook itself — the Shop Section on Facebook Store.

Mosquito’s Facebook Store

Thanks to this solution, users can browse the brand’s products along with prices, without leaving the Facebook page. Fans can find clothes directly from the catalogue or by clicking on individual ads that appear on the brand’s feed. Facebook Store is also another excellent form of promotion. Posts with product tags and links to the shop section can also be promoted the same way as regular ads — photos, carousels, or collections. Mosquito often uses the format of the collection, which is a great tool for increasing traffic.

Mosquito’s ad directing to their FB Store

3.     Annabelle Minerals

Instagram has been taken over by women. According to a report from 2018 carried out on Poles by Gemius / PBI, the vast majority of Instagram users are women (over 73% of all users).

This is why women targeting brands are constantly looking for new ways to not only inspire and build their Instagram community involvement, but also sell their products. The perfect use of its capabilities was utilised by Annabelle Minerals — a Polish mineral cosmetics brand. Their communication does not end with great photoshoots and good pictures presenting cosmetics.

Instagram post of Annabelle Minerals cosmetics with Product Tags]

Each photo is tagged with a label so that fans can immediately check their Instagram Store and get to know the product’s price and how the packaging looks. What’s more, the brand also shows the final effect — models with full make-up on, and a tag to the products used to create those looks. This is a perfect solution not only for fans, but also for the brand itself — all information about products are clearly marked and everything is carefully arranged all the time.

However, Annabelle Minerals does not end their social commerce activities on Instagram. They also have a large community on their Facebook page, so they sell products directly via Facebook. A true social commerce king, and a real Insta Brand.

Facebook cover photo of Annabelle Minerals with Product Tags

4.     Semilac

The Polish hybrid varnishes brand Semilac is another example of using Messenger chatbot to communicate with clients and boost sales. The social media manager of the brand explained that by analysing the most frequently asked questions by the brand’s clients, they generated specific categories of answers and from this, the tool content was selected. Using the Semilac chatbot, their fans can now search for specific products by entering the product number, the colour, or name of the collection, in the conversation. The chatbot is not only a sales tool but also an instrument to build trust and engagement by giving customers advice. For example, if someone asks: “how to apply hybrids”, the bot will redirect them to the instructional video on their official YouTube channel.

screen shot of a conversation with Semilac chatbot via Messenger

What is interesting is that this very extensive system does not transfer fans beyond the chatbot, thus allowing them to spend more time using the tool itself. The bot is also enriched with many additional tools: “Inspirations” category and “Lucky luck” which shows randomly chosen nail designs. By entering the name or number, users can check how this colour actually looks on real nails. Push notifications inform the registered user about new products and collection launches.

5.     4F

Not only women’s brands have huge social commerce potential. One of the most famous Polish sports brands, 4F, has been very active in social media for many years. The brand is up to date with new trends and puts huge impact on effective advertising campaigns (the brand is the official sponsor of the Polish men’s ski jumping National Team and the athletes appear as ambassadors on their Instagram very often). The brand is also a real social commerce champion, running Instagram and Facebook stores, at the same time.

4F’s Instagram Shop

However, both look slightly different and are directed to different target groups. Facebook Store looks more traditional — clothes are presented in a typical way, divided into collections. Most often, they are presented in the form of carousel ads, selected by the type of clothes. Instagram Store is used to show the latest collections and attract younger customers with amazing photoshoots with the brand’s ambassadors. Every post is tagged with products. By clicking on them, the user is transferred to the actual online store.

4F Facebook carousel ad

4F activities are a great example of coherent communication, which is successfully directed to two completely different target groups who use different social media platforms.

We hope to see more similar examples in Polish social media!

If you think that your brand does not totally take advantage of the opportunities offered by social commerce – contact us! We have experience in communicating with Polish clients, and we know which tools are the most effective for different industries. We will guide you through the whole process of creating, optimising and personalising the tool, and we will support you throughout its life. If you want the professional help of an advertising agency that specialises in social media, feel free to write to us.

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