Table of Contents:

  • The scope of the offer of social media agencies in Poland
  • What should a social media agency offer?
  • What does the agency specialise in?
  • Portfolio – an obligatory element of a Polish agency
  • Initial interview – what to ask?
    • Reporting
    • The process of creating posts
    • Moderation
    • Ad targeting?
  • Agreement with the Polish social media agency

Do you run a foreign company or deal with marketing and want to start conducting social media communication aimed at recipients from Poland? Finding the right agency that has experience in social media marketing strategy and working with foreign clients can be a real challenge. See what to look for, and how to choose a social media agency in Poland!

The scope of the offer of social media agencies in Poland

To begin with, let’s separate what distinguishes a social media agency from digital agencies, interactive agencies, 360˚ agencies, and other agencies related to marketing. How can you be sure that you need a social media agency? If your goal is only to promote your brand on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter), the social media agency will be a bull’s eye. The activities of 360˚ or digital agencies in Poland will go beyond social media and even the Internet. Of course, it is worth having the opportunity to expand cooperation, but if you are looking for a specialist who knows their field well, a social media agency would be the best option.

 What should a social media agency in Poland offer?

  • Creating a strategy of activities in Polish social media (after setting goals: customer acquisition, community building, industry recognition, image creation, or direct sales activities),
  • Systematic preparation of content for social media in the form of schedules (texts and graphics),
  • Moderating comments and private messages,
  • Conducting advertising campaigns in social media and monitoring the results,
  • Consulting in the field of social media, constant contact, informing about trends,
  • Initiating new activities, taking the initiative,
  • Periodic reporting of activities,
  • Photo sessions, video recordings, creating animations for social media.

Of course, you don’t need all of these activities from the agency – but it’s good for the agency to take care of all the activities, so that you can extend the scope of cooperation and use on-site assistance if necessary.

What does the agency specialise in?

It’s always better to decide to work with a social media agency that has extensive experience in working with clients from your industry. It does not have to be a highly specialised agency, e.g. to work with companies only in the beauty or IT industry, but do not be afraid to ask about its experience in your business profile. A well-functioning social media agency in Poland assigns employees to projects so that they deal with the industries they know and like. In this case, there are no mishaps or substantive errors in the posts.

The second thing you should pay attention to is making sure that the agency in question has experience working with a foreign client. The agency that deals with it on a daily basis takes as natural some small but important elements of everyday cooperation (e.g. different time zones, error-free communication in your language, and knowledge of the specifics of your industry in other countries). Think about how you want to contact the agency? Are the calls to be made by phone? Do you prefer meetings to be held remotely or live? If you prefer frequent live meetings, choose agencies that specialise in communication to Poles, but based in your country. For example, our Polish agency has an office in London as well. This makes it very easy for many companies to contact us on a daily basis.

Portfolio – an obligatory element of the Polish social media agency

Who the agency cooperated with should be a clear indicator for you of whether it is worth asking for an offer. When browsing the portfolio, pay attention not only to the implemented social media campaigns, but also to the brands themselves. Analyse whether it has undertaken cooperation with brands with a similar profile to you. Make sure they have worked for companies of a similar size and that they have worked for companies in your home country. If so, check out their social media and see if you like what you see. Don’t be afraid to ask how many accounts are supported by the agency and a specific specialist who would be “assigned” to you. In Poland, it has been assumed that the average number of clients with whom one social media specialist works is from 3 to 5. Too many may indicate two things: you will either not have much time for you, or you have been assigned a less experienced person who is spread over many smaller projects to learn.

Preliminary interview with a social media agency in Poland – what to ask?

Here are some questions to ask before starting cooperation. These will help you find the right social media agency in Poland:

What is the reporting like?

Be sure to pay attention to how often the agency sends reports and whether it discusses the KPI results with the client. Usually, social media agencies in Poland send such a report at the end of each month, but you should be able to obtain the report at any time.

What does the post creation process look like?

Be sure to ask about the experience of people who will work with you, the method of posting schedules (it is best to work on a weekly or monthly basis), who is responsible for translating texts (in the case of bilingual posts), how far in advance you will receive posts, from where the agency takes photos for the graphics, and how much extra posts or advertisements cost.

What does moderation look like?

You should know what the average response time is to comments or messages from fans on the fanpage, and whether the agency is flexible in this regard. The social media agency should also come up with an initiative to create response patterns and a method of contact with you in urgent matters related to moderation.

What does ad targeting look like?

Facebook or Instagram, of course, is not only about creating posts and communicating with customers, but above all, about advertising. Be sure to find out how the agency targets ads (pay attention to whether it comes up with proposals tailored to your business profile, at the initial talks stage), whether it uses all available remarketing methods, or performs the configuration of the advertising account and Facebook Pixel tracking code, and whether they prepare an advertising strategy in advance.

Agreement with the Polish social media agency

Before the ultimate start of cooperation, be sure to familiarise yourself with what the contract with the agency will look like. In Poland, the cooperation agreement is a standard “seal” of all your arrangements and most agencies will not start cooperation before signing it.

A properly structured contract must obligatorily contain information on:

  • The exact scope of cooperation (profiles and channels)
  • The agreed advertising budget,
  • Hours of active moderation,
  • Communication methods outside the agency’s standard working hours (including account availability hours),
  • Time and methods of creating materials for your approval,
  • The number of possible free corrections,
  • All information related to reporting,
  • Price list for activities outside the contract.

In Poland, the cooperation of companies with social media agencies is usually very flexible, but mindful of the necessary procedures. If you make sure in advance whether the agency has experience in working for similar clients as you and experience in maintaining accounts for foreign clients, you will avoid unpleasant surprises, and perhaps find the perfect agency. Are you looking for a Polish social media agency that works with brands from Great Britain, and even the USA or Germany? Write to us!