Teens are a particularly demanding target group for all marketers. Communication with them is a constant pursuit of the latest, hottest trends. The fashion industry faces an even bigger challenge — whether demanding teenagers recognise products and brands as trends and will be willing to co-create a community around the label fully depends on a good advertisement. Although Polish teenagers are heavily influenced by media and advertising campaigns from around the world, it is definitely worth spending time and money to get to know them and create dedicated advertising campaigns targeted at them. What are the most effective online strategies for fashion brands that target their ads to Polish teens? Here are some of the best examples:

A group of young people hanging out outside.

Choosing the right brand ambassador

An unreliable brand ambassador, who the target group will not identify with, is the worst thing that a fashion brand can do. Polish teenagers are particularly sensitive to deception in the media. What’s more, their idols usually exist outside of traditional media. A good brand ambassador must be a young, popular and trustworthy person; one who also arouses lust and admiration. When researching the influencer’s market, it is a good idea to look at their social media statistics to quickly identify who can be considered for cooperation and who won’t work. Adidas’s recent collaboration with two of the most popular Polish fashion bloggers: Jessica Mercedes and Maffashion (both already have around one million followers on Instagram) was a great step towards reaching out to younger clients. Maffashion was the face of the brand previously, promoting products for Polish teenagers on her Instagram and SnapChat:

Maffashion’s Instagram posts announcing that she became an ambassador of Adidas Poland.

One of the more recent fashion advertising campaigns on the Polish market was the cooperation of the NA-KD brand with the singer and actress Julia Wieniawa. Julia is a huge influencer who is extremely popular among the young audience. She is still promoting her own collection, created especially for NA-KD. Immediately after the premiere, there were a lot of YouTube videos describing people’s impressions from her collection.

NA-KD brand ad with Polish influencer Julia Wieniawa.

What’s more, Julia Wieniawa is also the face of the Deichmann footwear brand, and their common 360⁰ campaign promoting modern footwear for young women has also proved to be an extremely effective activity.

Social media activities

There is no doubt that it is impossible to achieve effective online marketing without an appropriate social media strategy. However, in planning a campaign for Polish teenagers, you should not rely on the traditional approach to social media. Every brand that creates advertising activities for its target group must keep up with the news on the web and follow the messages on where the teenagers are migrating to. For young Poles, Facebook is no longer a valuable medium. It is worth focusing, for example, on Instagram. Fashion brand Sinsay base all their internet communication on this platform. The brand uses InstaStories and shows clothing hauls and tours around the stores presenting new collections.

An excellent example of a successful social media campaign dedicated to Polish teens was that created by the House brand, supported by Instagram posts and a promotional YouTube video. The motto of the campaign was “Clothes tell everything”, and the main theme of the video was tags that can be found on Instagram:

The CCC footwear brand uses the growing popularity of text platforms and has created its first campaign based on Messenger. The brand organised a contest for Polish teenagers, and asked them questions such as: “Where are you going? What keeps pushing you forward? What makes you happy?” It was also a great way to get to know the target group.

Ad promoting CCC brand contest for Polish teens.

If you direct messages to young Polish recipients, you should even use tools that may seem unintelligible and completely ignored by other fashion brands in their marketing activities. The Highlandsritch brand is an amazing example of creative (and totally free) usage of the power of the TikTok application (extremely popular among young Poles). The brand’s t-shirt owners can add their own short clips, tagging the brand’s profile. The medium in which users create content by themselves served as a tool to build a huge and faithful community around the brand.

TikTok video with a Polish girl added as an InstaStory of Highlandsritch fashion brand

Influencer marketing

However, social media is not only a good medium for product promotion, but also good for hyping up the brand’s events. When the AboutYou brand entered the Polish market, all of its internet communication promoting the event was based on Instagram. Over 300 Polish influencers (both micro and leaders) took part in the big event. The whole communication was streamed via a lot of InstaStories and the brand reached over 4 million people with just one launch event!

Influencers’ power is also well-known to brands such as Converse. On its official Instagram profile, the brand focuses on showing influencers from different countries posing with iconic Converses. Polish faces also appear there – the brand cooperated with internet stars such as Nadia Długosz from the popular Polish YouTube channel, Szymon Zaparty, and Instagrammer Maciejkof.

Instagram post added by converse.polska with Polish influencer Szymon Zaparty wearing brand’s shoes.

Many brands, as part of a one-time cooperation with Influencers, send them a package of selected clothes and give a special, individual discount for all their followers. It is also a perfect way to analyse the effectiveness of this kind of campaign and implement any changes or improvements in the future. The brand can easily verify how many orders using the given code they’ve received. This solution has been used, for example, by the palm.hills brand:

Instagram post made by Polish influencer jeleniewska wearing palm.hills’ t-shirt.

Social selling

Social selling is another amazing opportunity offered by social media. This tool allows people to go directly to the brand’s online store by just clicking the photos, for example on Instagram. Communication based on such activity as this is used by popular teenage brands such as Local Heroes or Aloha From Deer. They tag every product with a link to their store and its prize. This is a solution that every brand (especially from the fashion industry) should consider implementing if they target the Z generation from Poland.

Instagram post added by brand Local Heroes with its clothes tagged on the photo.

As you can see, the fashion brand that directs its messages to Polish teenagers should primarily focus on the opportunities offered by social media. It is worth being constantly up to date and following the news not only from the industry but also analysing the trends that dominate among Polish teenagers. It’s good to know what’s popular and why. If you need help with creating a campaign for your fashion brand targeting Polish teenagers or someone to plan the entire communication activities for this target group, please contact us. We are specialists in internet marketing and constantly follow industry news to identify what’s hot and trendy among Polish teenagers.

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