• 9 ways to market your Polish-made products on the British market, and not fail

    Taking your product to a foreign market is one of the most difficult tasks in a business development strategy. Many Polish brands have decided to expand into the British market where Polish citizens are one of the biggest minor ethnic groups, without hiring a Polish PR or digital marketing agency. They won’t, however, always succeed. […]

  • The Best ‘Mum&Baby’ Marketing Strategies for brands targeting Polish mums

    According to National Statistics, over 75% of children born in some areas of the UK last year were of foreign origin, 3.3% of whom were Polish. In 2015, babies born to Polish parents in the UK, numbered 22,900 according to National Statistics. This is a whopping 23,000 new potential clients for your brands, with approx. […]

  • We donated services worth more than £25k

    We donated services worth more than £25k

    For over a year, our agency has supported, pro bono, the provision of multi-channel marketing communications, to a certain educational organisation. We were responsible for running their comms campaign on several social networking sites and also media relations activities. We have co-organised and promoted over 20 educational events and webinars. We produced weekly content for […]

  • MistrzowieDrugiegoPlanu.pl


    On the website dedicated to Polish PR professionals, run by Prowly.com team, you can read an article written by our Managing Director, Matylda Setlak. The main subject of the article is effective management of a team, individual employees, and their skills. Recommended reading for Polish agencies, and those who might be interested, you can read it […]