The first summer sales start in June in Poland. According to the Santander Consumer Bank report – “Poles and money – we love opportunities” – this season’s promotions interest Polish consumers the most. However, the favorite pro-sales action is the “second or subsequent product for a penny” mechanism.

Poles agree. When asked about shopping opportunities most favorable to shopping, almost half, i.e. 42.2 percent Poles surveyed indicated sales organized, among others in the summer season. In this group, women definitely dominate – as much as 39 percent.

Ladies like to hunt for bargains during summer sales. For comparison, there are 21.5 percent of such men.

What about Poles’ approach to sales?

As the bank’s survey showed, Poles approach all promotions very rationally.

As much as 48.1 percent women and 45.3 percent men declare that they take advantage of special occasions only when they relate to something that they were supposed to buy anyway. In the context of summer sales, it can be assumed that this group will provide the products needed during the holiday rest

Piotr Dolata, Member of the Management Board of Santander Consumer Bank

Almost every tenth Pole always chooses the goods that are currently on promotion. The sales that begin in June are those that they are also likely to benefit from. Contrary to appearances, there is also a large group of Poles who will not react to summer promotions.

As much as 23.7 percent Polish women and 31.2 percent Polish men declare that they do not pay attention to discounts and buy what they think is necessary regardless of the discounts. 8.6 percent of Polish respondents love promotions and practically do not buy anything that is not at a special price – so in June, this group will definitely visit shopping malls and stores.

What promotions do Poles like the most?

Interestingly, not every discount works for Poles. The Santander Consumer Bank study carried out for the needs of the report ‘Poles and money – we love opportunities’ shows that the ‘second or another product for a penny’ mechanism is the most valued pro-sales campaign in Poland. This is what 44.2 percent of respondents said.

When preparing for the June shopping frenzy, stores should remember that a traditional product discount or rebate while shopping is also an attractive offer.

A total of 41.3 percent of Polish consumers find this solution the most convincing. Free delivery came third.

More and more Polish customers are shopping in online stores, so it is not surprising that 25.3 percent of them will be tempted to shop online, unless they have to pay for the delivery of products.

Promotional preferences of Poles also included vouchers for subsequent purchases (20.3%), points for the loyalty program (16.1%). Shopping for June sales may also be encouraged by a discount for a certain form of payment (13.9 percent).

It is also worth adding that promotional preferences of Poles change with age. 33.8 percent of people aged 18-29 find free delivery attractive, but only 23.2 percent aged 50-59 declared this attractive.

The second or subsequent free product is an interesting opportunity especially for people in their thirties. Regarding the oldest bargain hunters, respondents aged 70+ most often chose the product discount and rebate when shopping (38%)

The survey was commissioned by Santander Consumer Bank, the TurboKARTA credit card issuer, in a telephone survey conducted by the IBRIS Institute on October 9-11, 2018. Adults from all over Poland took part in the survey. Sample, n = 1000.

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