The keywords searched by Poles in Google are a reflection of topics that are interesting to them or are discussed in a given year. It turns out that search categories related to travel, shopping and finance gaining the fastest popularity are not always obvious. However, they can provide us with a lot of information about the most desirable products and destinations.

“Discount” is a keyword that was one of the most searched. What are Poles looking for in prices in online stores? Last year, the undisputed winner turned out to be the “discount on refrigerators”, ahead of “discount on games” and “discounted shoes”. In the next place was “dress discounts”.

Poles equally often entered keywords such as “discounts”, “night discounts” or “summer discounts 2019”. The Year in Search 2019 ranking prepared by Google shows us the most popular keywords in business, shopping, travel and holiday areas.

And, just as often, Poles searched for “cheap”. This category opens with “cheap flights”, which proved to be more popular than “cheap food” and “cheap books”. Same list, but further on are: “cheap holidays”, “cheap restaurants” and “cheap airlines”.

The “cheap” list includes searched, and refer directly to holidays and planned flights. Poles love “cheap travel”. The travel ranking shows that we are most often looking for “last minute”, or “last minute holidays”. 

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Since we are looking for holidays at the last minute, similar trends apply to selected countries. Greece reigns supreme among last minute holidays. Immediately after, Egypt and Turkey are placed in the top three.

What about holidays and important celebrations for us? Most often we search for inspiration for wishes. Poles are also inspired by Christmas lotteries, gingerbread recipes and songs.

Equally high was “New Year’s Eve” and “Valentine’s Day”. Often there is an enquiry about choosing a dress for important celebrations, such as a wedding. Google also tells us about gifts when we are looking for gift ideas for a man, mom, or the first birthday of a child.

And do you know what phrases your customers are going to put into Google, in order to get to your website? How to use this knowledge in practice, and then translate this into the development of your marketing comms campaign in the Polish market?

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