Blogosphere is very popular, and even trendy in Poland. There are new blogs popping up all the time and numerous events and competitions are organised for bloggers. There are a number of specialist tools used for cooperation with bloggers who are becoming more and more aware of their influence.


Poles read blogs and watch vlogs, and are often influenced by blogger recommendations. According to research on Polish blogosphere, carried out in 2014, as many as 33% of Internet users who read blogs or watch vlogs bought a particular product under the influence of their content. 32% resigned from the purchase of a particular product after contact with a blog/vlog. But, this is not all. In the case of people who browse blogs and vlogs on a regular basis, these figures are even higher and equal to, respectively, 53% and 52%.

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No wonder bloggers have become very attractive partners for marketers.

1. Additional communication channel

Blogosphere in Poland is not going to exist INSTEAD of traditional media, but constitute an additional channel. Television has not replaced the radio, as these are two different communication channels. Blogosphere, which is becoming more and more popular in Poland, is regarded by readers and marketing specialists as a credible and opinion-forming medium – it is another communication channel.

2. It’s not the coverage that counts, but the community

A blog’s sales potential is not determined by its coverage, but by the motivation and engagement of its community. Blogs with specific shopping advice, whose authors play the role of experts having contact with particular products and testing them, inspire recipients a great deal, which in turn directly influences sales. A reader of such a blog is interested in the product, wants to find an opinion about it, and if it is positive, decides to buy it.

Blogs without an expert flair will not attract readers interested in a purchase, even though they are solely about products. This is because they do not give any specific shopping advice. This is why one blog is popular, and another is not.

3. Influence and sales

Is there any correlation between reading an entry and purchase? It is very difficult to answer this question. At this time, there are no tools that enable tracking such a correlation, and it is even more difficult to say in a situation where a client does not purchase a product immediately after reading an entry, but postpones it, because they want first to try the product, or save some money.

4. How much does it cost?

Everything depends on the engagement, the quality of texts, regularity, ideas and willingness to learn new things. Among the most popular forms of earning money are sponsored articles and advertising. You may earn nothing, but you can, as the best bloggers in Poland do, achieve an annual income of a few hundred thousand PLN.

The highest incomes are achieved by specialist blogs, and among the leaders are technological blogs, whose authors earn a few hundred thousand PLN a year. Earnings are similar in the case of blogs devoted to fashion and cooking, but only those considered the best. According to the “Polish Blogosphere 2014” report, readers are mostly interested in blogs from lifestyle, cooking, beauty, personal and photography categories.

5. Blogosphere professionalization

Bloggers assess the development of Polish blogosphere positively, in their opinion it is now in a phase of professionalization. The greatest chances of success have those authors who offer interesting, professional and – preferably – niche content. That is why publishing of each article is preceded by thorough preparation. Both readers and marketing specialists consider blogs as a credible and opinion-forming medium.

One thing is for sure – Polish bloggers have immense influence on the tastes and attitudes of their readers.

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