All 4 Comms Ltd is a full service marketing and communications agency, specialising in planning and implementing campaigns targeted at Polish consumers, in Poland, Britain and other European countries.

  • Background

    The company was founded in 2006 by marcomms expert Matylda Setlak, who has over 12 years of professional experience. Prior to setting up All 4 Comms, Matylda was a highly sought-after consultant to several mainstream and ethnic marketing agencies. Amongst others, she worked on campaigns for various government departments.


    All 4 Comms operates in Poland and England, working on campaigns covering Poland, the UK and selected European countries with a high number of Polish nationals.

    The team and our approach

    Our team, including experienced and talented Polish and British consultants, provides integrated and strategic campaigns that bring tangible results. We don’t have ‘bad hair days’ nor stand still – we aim to continually raise our game and the standard of service we provide. Over 80% of our clients are returning customers who have been working with us for at least six months.

    Experience and expertise

    So far, the agency has run over 500 campaigns, mainly for international, Polish and British brands, but also for public organisations, charities and individuals. Our client base includes companies operating in diverse sectors: finance, government departments and NGOs, telecoms, legal firms, consumer goods, education, new technology, as well as performing artists and events. All 4 Comms publishes a monthly trade newsletter covering the latest insights and tips on marketing communications targeted at Polish-speaking consumers.

    Transform your marketing comms

    So whether you need a marketing agency to plan and run a whole campaign or just to support your marcomms strategy, please contact us with your brief and budget. Call us on +44 (0) 2034 115 018 or email us at to discuss your requirements. You will receive a FREE consultation and a proposal that will get things moving in the right direction.

    Call us today to transform your marketing communications targeted at Polish customers and see tangible results.

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  • Timeline


    The agency was founded


    The agency was involved in several government communication projects


    Managing Director Matylda Setlak ran an ethnic marketing workshop for GLA


    The agency was featured in PR Week


    Managing Director Matylda Setlak ran an ethnic marketing workshop for Lloyds Bank


    Managing Director Matylda Setlak was a key note speaker for the Polish Professionals event in London


    Matylda was a key note speaker for a Woman of Success event in London


    We launched a regular newsletter on how to target Polish consumers


    We introduced risk free guarantee


    Matylda was nominated for An Outstanding Pole in England, Wales and Northern Ireland award


    We donated communication services valuing £25,000 to an educational organisation


    We celebrated our 10th anniversary


    Our Managing Director co-founded ExcellenceVale, a company in the personal development business sector

  • 500 campaigns

  • 140 clients

  • 12 years of trading

  • 100% commitment