Result-driven, creative and well-organised PR, social media, influencer marketing and content marketing communications for international brands in Poland.

Public Relations

Public relations is now an essential element of communications strategy for every brand. A good Polish PR strategy should, of course, take into account the local variables of this market and its audiences. We will help you to build effective PR campaigns in Poland that will effectively reach the audience you want to reach, and provide the results you desire. We specialise in: Storytelling, Influencer Marketing, Content Creation, Event Management, Designing Visual Assets, Media Buying, and many others. Let us plan Polish public relations activities for you that will help meet your objectives and KPIs.

Employer branding

Build the image of a desirable employer in Poland! Employer branding is a long-term process of building how a company is perceived in the eyes of not only key candidates for employees, business partners, shareholders, but also customers. It is also the internal activities supporting and activating current employees, the aim of which is to keep the best specialists inside the company, increase their work efficiency and accelerate the development of the whole enterprise. Our experts will help you do this.

Social media

Social media in Poland is one of the most dynamically growing online communications channels. Polish Facebook has also shown momentous growth. Many brands available in Poland use various social media channels to gain exposure, engage, build emotional connections with target audiences, and acquire new customers. As specialists in running social media in Poland we will help you choose the right platform for your brand (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, or others) that will work in your business sector. We will prepare an appropriate social marketing strategy for you to reach your Polish clients, effectively and of course implement it.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is big in Poland. It helps to reach a target audience more effectively, builds trust and eventually, increases sales. As specialists who constantly follow the trends, we can help you create the best influencer marketing strategy, and plan the campaign with Polish influencers, big and small. Knowing the measurement tools, we can analyse the results and optimise your campaign the best.

Events and sponsorships

Increasing brand awareness, gaining access to a specific target audience – there are a lot of benefits from using sponsorship activities. Sponsorships, exhibitions and events in Poland are still a very popular part of the marketing strategy of many brands. They are popular both in the B2C and B2B sectors. We are experts in the field of organising Polish events and Polish sponsorship activities. Our specialists have managed over 60 events and exhibitions for our clients in various industries.

Ethnic marketing

It is impossible to reach people from every culture and nationality with the same advertisement. That is why ethnic marketing is so important. We know how to create an appropriate message, and how to plan an entire campaign dedicated to Polish customers living abroad. Using suitable and very specific marketing techniques containing elements of their own culture is the key. We believe that knowledge of clutural differences is the first step to understanding the audience. By using Polish ethnic marketing we will help you to successively communicate with your clients from Poland, using their own language, no matter if they live in the UK, Ireland or Germany.

Content marketing

Content marketing is an excellent long-term way to gain loyal customers, strength your expert position and increase online sales. However, not all content marketing principles can be directly translated into the Polish market. In both the B2C and B2B sectors, content marketing must take into account in-depth study of target groups, a robust content strategy and ways to measure the results. Our team of content marketing experts in Poland will create an action plan for you from scratch and choose the most effective formats: blog, e-books, audiobooks, webinars, infographics, videos, social media and others.

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