Influencer marketing in Poland

The great power of influencer marketing

The influencer marketing market has been growing dynamically for several years. Brands are more eager to invest their budgets in financing their influencer marketing campaigns. The Polish influencer marketing trend has been evolving since 2015 and is now one of the fastest growing marketing strategies used by most brands that target Polish-speakers.
It is not expected that this tendency will decrease in the near future. Brands can see tangible effects from collaborations with the Internet creators (both large and small).

What are the benefits of using influencer marketing?

  • Increasing brand awareness,
  • Building trust,
  • Building emotional links with your audience,
  • Providing engagement,
  • Increasing sales.

Influencer marketing industry in Poland

Poles now trust opinion leaders more than celebrities or the media. Influencers are enthusiasts and experts. Their posts have four times greater impact on purchasing decisions than some other average social media post. This is the power of influencer marketing.

Polish influencer marketing is specific and it is necessary to carefully select influencers for a campaign. Their image has to match the advertised brand, and its objectives. Otherwise, they may be accused of being phony, and Poles have a strong objection to this.
As specialists who constantly follow the changes of influencer marketing trends, and who know the best influencers in Poland, we can help you create a strategy that suits your brand.
We will choose the right communication platform, select and contact Polish influencers, and measure the results of your campaign.

Polish influencer market

The financial expenditure of brands on influencer marketing in Poland is growing year on year. In 2021, as many as 20% of brands on the Polish market decided to increase spending on cooperation with influencers (of which 8% increased it by more than half!). The popularity of influencer marketing in Poland has remained unchanged for many years. And although social media trends are changing all the time and new faces are constantly appearing in the top names, one thing remains the same – it is still one of the most effective methods of promoting a brand, building brand awareness and increasing sales.

Among the most popular influencer marketing platforms chosen by advertisers in Poland are:

  • Instagram (more than 70% of collaborations with Polish influencers),
  • Facebook (46%),
  • Blogs (33%),
  • YouTube (15%),
  • TikTok (6%).

Both the statistics and our experience as a Polish influencer agency show unequivocally – the king of social media marketing in Poland is Instagram and it is on this platform that we most often run campaigns for our clients. The reach and engagement of an influencer on Instagram are the most important determinant in making decisions about cooperation.

The biggest influencers in Poland


On the Polish market, we have a wide range of influencers targeting different niches and audiences of virtually all ages. Large foreign brands with sizable budgets want to reach as widely as possible with their campaigns. In order to do this, it is best to work with the most popular influencers in Poland. Currently, more than 60 influencers from Poland can boast a score of more than 1 million followers on Instagram.

The most popular Polish influencers include: Robert Lewandowski (sport), Anna Lewandowska (sport, lifestyle), Zusje (sport, lifestyle), Wojciech Szczęsny (sport), Karol “Friz” Wiśniewski (lifestyle, YouTube), Weronika “Wersow” Sowa (lifestyle, YouTube), Lenkalul (beauty, TikTok), Mateusz “Trąba” Trąbka (lifestyle, YouTube), Marcin Dubiel (lifestyle, YouTube), Martyna Wojciechowska (journalist, travel, lifestyle), Marcysia Ryskala (lifestyle, YouTube) or Ewa Chodakowska (sport, lifestyle).


How to do influencer marketing in Poland?


Celebrity influencers

Although the top most-reaching influencers in Poland are powered by internationally popular sportsmen and women, classic ‘TV’ celebrities tend to be displaced by online-only influencers in terms of online popularity. However, there are a few names with whom foreign brands are keen to collaborate. These include Joanna Krupa, Julia Wieniawa Kuba Wojewódzki, Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan, Anja Rubik and Barbara Kurdej Szatan. They are invited to collaborations of the ongoing type, i.e. long-term influencer marketing in Poland, which is carried out on several platforms simultaneously. Celebrities are also often brand ambassadors and faces who represent brands for many years.


Polish influencer marketing lifestyle

Until a few years ago, Polish influencer marketing saw a clear division between niches and industries. Beauty influencers worked with beauty brands, gaming influencers advertised games and those involved in motoring advertised cars. Today, moving away from the division into typical market sectors in Poland is already the norm. The vast majority of Polish influencers are willing to undertake collaborations that are independent of the industry in which a brand operates. For example, food brands (including alcohol), electronics manufacturers, the new technology sector (e.g. VPN or cashback applications and solutions), the retail sector and even banking services (especially e-banking) are happy to advertise with influencers.

The most popular collaboration methods in Polish influencer marketing:

Polish fashion and beauty influencer marketing

The fashion and beauty markets are the industries most frequently used to work with influencers in Poland. Here, suitable creators (from Instagram, YouTube or TikTok) can be selected by any brand, even those with a small budget. The possibilities are virtually endless and it all depends on the budget, the goals the brand wants to achieve and the idea for the campaign. As an influencer marketing agency, we like to combine several creators in one campaign. In this way, we are able to reach a wider group, increase brand credibility and compare the effects of working with each creator.

The most popular promotional tools are:

  • Sending PR packs and samples for testing,

  • Sponsored videos on YouTube (tests, comparisons, tutorials, beauty routines, ‘we measure’ series, clothing or make-up lifehacks),

  • Sponsored content on TikTok or participation of TikTokers in brand ads,

  • Insta Stories, Reels, series of posts or individual posts on Instagram,

  • Influencers’ product lines for the brand,

  • Participation in events.

Polish influencer marketing for gaming and streamers

Good relationships with gaming influencers, streamers and YouTubers should be the backbone of the marketing strategy for the gaming industry in Poland. This is because it is their opinion that has the greatest influence on potential customers. Influencers in this sector can be divided into many different groups: depending on the platform on which they operate (YouTube or Twitch), the type of content (general gaming, streams or lifestyle content that occasionally features games), and the type of games (whether it is, for example, Minecraft or League of Legends, CS, FIFA or perhaps GTA). Influencers from the gaming industry in Poland have a huge reach and, as an influencer marketing agency, we are keen to use them when working with brands from different sectors, not just those related to gaming.

The most popular promotional tools:

  • First looks and pre-release game content,

  • Game streams (on Twitch and YouTube),

  • Sponsored content on Instagram,

  • Participation in events,

  • Sponsorship blocks in YouTube videos,

  • Brand ambassadors (ongoing campaigns),

Polish influencer travel marketing

Influencer marketing in Poland is also popular in the travel sector. Polish travel influencers are keen to work with travel agencies, airlines, transport companies, carriers, hotels, restaurants or tour operators. They usually undertake cooperation with foreign brands that sponsor trips for them or provide discounts on their services in exchange for promotional material. However, the opportunities do not end with the travel industry alone – Polish travel influencers often advertise banking services (e.g. travel insurance), footwear, clothing and food for travellers or sportspeople, and even electronic equipment (especially cameras and camcorders).

The most popular promotional tools:

  • Instagram (series of Stories with a trip report or posts on the feed),

  • Blog or YouTube (brand-dedicated video/post or short sponsorship block in a longer piece of content),

  • Joint campaign promoted on the brand’s social media (e.g. influencer coverage of the trip).

The biggest challenges of Polish influencer marketing

Influencer marketing in Poland is full of numerous challenges. There is a constant battle to engage potential customers, build the right brand image and make unobtrusive sales. An essential element of a successful campaign is, of course, choosing the right influencer to work with. We, as a Polish influencer agency, know what influencer marketing is and what to do to make it effective.

Here’s how we select influencers for our clients’ campaigns:

How much does influencer marketing cost in Poland?

The price of such cooperation varies greatly and there is no clear answer to the question of how much influencer marketing costs in Poland. It depends on many factors, including:

  • the size and reach of the influencer (and therefore their rates),
  • the current popularity of the influencer (influencers who are “on a roll” increase their price tags),
  • the chosen method of promotion (a single Stories will cost less than a sponsored YouTube video),
  • the expected length of the campaign.

The cost of product placement on Instagram ranges from a few hundred zlotys to even tens of thousands per post. It is therefore worth working with our influencer marketing agency. We will help you assess the rates proposed by the influencer, as well as negotiate them with the creator’s management.

Measuring results is the most important

Many companies are happy to use influencer marketing power in Poland, but they don’t know how to measure results. We know tools that will realistically measure the effect: an increase in brand awareness among the target group and ultimately your sales. Analysing the results on an ongoing basis, we will optimise your campaign so that it brings the best results.

If you think you need a well-planned Polish influencer marketing strategy, talk to us.

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