Influencer marketing in Poland

The great power of influencer marketing

The influencer marketing market has been growing dynamically for several years. Brands are more eager to invest their budgets in financing their influencer marketing campaigns. The Polish influencer marketing trend has been evolving since 2015 and is now one of the fastest growing marketing strategies used by most brands that target Polish-speakers.
It is not expected that this tendency will decrease in the near future. Brands can see tangible effects from collaborations with the Internet creators (both large and small).

What are the benefits of using influencer marketing?

  • Increasing brand awareness,
  • Building trust,
  • Building emotional links with your audience,
  • Providing engagement,
  • Increasing sales.

Influencer marketing industry in Poland

Poles now trust opinion leaders more than celebrities or the media. Influencers are enthusiasts and experts. Their posts have four times greater impact on purchasing decisions than some other average social media post. This is the power of influencer marketing.

Polish influencer marketing is specific and it is necessary to carefully select influencers for a campaign. Their image has to match the advertised brand, and its objectives. Otherwise, they may be accused of being phony, and Poles have a strong objection to this.
As specialists who constantly follow the changes of influencer marketing trends, and who know the best influencers in Poland, we can help you create a strategy that suits your brand.
We will choose the right communication platform, select and contact Polish influencers, and measure the results of your campaign.

Measuring results is the most important thing

Many companies are eager to use the power of influencer marketing in Poland, but they do not know how to measure the effects. We know the tools that will realistically measure the effect: increasing brand awareness among the target group and ultimately, your sales. By analysing the results on a regular basis we will optimise your campaign for the best results.
If you think you need a well-planned Polish influencer marketing strategy, talk to us.

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