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What makes good PR in Poland?

It is no secret that for every company, good public relation communication is crucial, no matter whether they are big or small. Image creation is a long and complicated process that is responsible for how your company is perceived by your clients on the Polish market, media and competitors. By its very definition, PR and media relations aim to ensure a good image and acceptance of the company’s actions in relation to a specific person, group of people or brand. A good communication strategy should include both: a well-prepared brand’s PR plan and some space for short-term and tactical PR campaigns. To plan a successful campaign, you should not forget about your smaller customer groups – ethnic minorities.

Top PR agency in Poland for B2B

Public relations in Poland addressed to the Business-to-business sector has its own rules. In order for a foreign company to be noticed by potential clients in Poland, it is necessary to maintain regular relationships and build a positive image with other entities from the industry in this country. However, PR activities from other markets cannot be translated directly onto the Polish market. Polish B2B customers attach great importance to the company’s philosophy and ethics of its operation. They want to work with companies that share their values and take into account the cultural context in their work. As a public relations and digital agency, we build a PR plan from scratch. We create segmentation of message recipients, combine communication plan with marketing aimed at your business environment and design communication that is fully integrated with sales goals. Our Polish PR agency specializes in building effective online and offline communication, developing industry blogs, reaching the relevant media and maximizing press coverage.

B2C PR activities in Poland

Regardless of how long your brand has been in existence and which markets you have operated in so far, public relations may require planning a separate strategy. This should take into account not only the specifics of the Polish audience or market trends but also the most effective tactics, which often differ from those used in the UK or US markets. As a Polish PR firm based in England, we support foreign brands in creating effective PR communication to Polish clients – both in Poland and to the Polish community living in other countries (including the CEE region).

See how we do it step by step:

1. All 4 Comms will help your brand to define its PR goals

You are already on the Polish market, but your brand is not very visible? Do you want to change your PR communication in Poland to reach a new customer segment? Or maybe you have experienced a crisis and need support in crisis management? On the other hand, perhaps you are just planning to enter the Polish market and are looking for ways to effectively build your brand image from scratch? Our experienced marketing communication experts will help you find the objectives of your integrated marketing communications in Poland.

2. We will define the audience for PR communication in Poland

We will help you define which group you should communicate to and analyse who your audience is. We will take into account all the actors of effective Polish PR: clients, potential clients, competitors, media (journalists), business partners and the entire business environment.

3. We create the message

We will develop a brand message that takes into account both your brand philosophy and values and the specifics of your audience. We will help you define what you want to say about your brand to the world, what distinguishes it from the competition on the market, what it should be associated with and what emotions it should evoke.

4 We select the tools and tactics

Based on your budget, we will select the most effective PR tools in Poland that will best achieve your objectives. Our communication plan for Polish public relations can be based on various areas: both online (social media, blogs, video marketing), traditional media (contact with journalists, sponsored articles, and media mentions) and events (sponsoring events, organising events, press conferences).

5 We implement the public relations strategy in Poland

As an experienced top PR agency in Poland, we will support you at all stages – not only during the development of your plan, but also during its implementation. We will be the link between you and journalists, social media leaders, partners and direct consumers. We analyse your activities on an ongoing basis and optimise them, modifying them to bring the best results.

Let us guide you through Polish PR and improve the presence of your brand

As a Polish agency in London, we have worked with brands from different business sectors. We helped them to develop their PR, improve their online presence and to attract the client’s attention. Our team offers comprehensive public relations services that help to reach the right media and clients. We offer public relations activities such as:

Polish Public Relations – remembering the differences

Polish PR can be difficult to implement for those who have no experience in this field. Poles pay attention to a company’s public image; it is important for them that the brand reflects their own national and cultural values. This trend is particularly true for young Poles, who look at the actions of brands in the palm of their hands; the chosen philosophy or ethics of a company, its treatment of its employees or its carbon footprint are increasingly important purchasing factors for them. It is crucial to know how to create content keeping in mind the Polish cultural context well to develop effective PR campaigns in Poland.

In order to conduct effective activities in Poland, it is also worth keeping up to date with current public affairs and trends in Polish PR. Currently, for example, one can notice an increase in the importance of brand communication in the ESG (environment, society and corporate governance) area. Today, more and more brands are announcing their business services regarding pro-environmental activities and a sustainable approach to business. A large part of PR is moving to the virtual world, and classic public relations tools or even events that brands sponsor take place online. This requires constant modification of strategy to create a unique experience and serve clients better.

Public Relations may be tricky but we know how to deal with it. That is why, if you have no experience in the Polish market or are just considering offering your services or products to Poles, it is worth asking an experienced Polish PR and marketing agency for help. All 4 Comms PR consultants will help you to build an effective public relations campaign and attract the attention of the audience you want.

Polish PR services – which industries do we work with?

As a public relations and advertising agency, we have had the opportunity to work with brands of all sizes and from many industries. We are happy to undertake collaborations both in industries we are very familiar with and in brand-new ones, when our experts can show off their creativity.

We deal with Polish PR in industries such as, among others:

Our agency is located in London (with a branch in Warsaw), so we are also keen to support brands operating in local markets. If you are looking for ways to build your brand’s image among minority customers such as the Polish community, let us plan your internal PR activities.

Polish PR for the clothing and cosmetics industry

In the case of the fashion and beauty industries, the main pillar of our PR activities in Poland is the internet – social media, cooperation with influencers, as well as sponsored articles on popular lifestyle or fashion portals. In addition to this, we also take care of regular publications in fashion and beauty trade magazines, and help organise meetings and events. We also take care of PR for specific products or services (e.g. those just being launched). On a long-term basis, we support brand owners in building their position as experts in the industry, and we also assist in activities in the area of corporate social responsibility, which should be an important pillar of Polish public relations communication.

Polish PR for the food industry

A huge role in planning PR strategy in Poland in the food industry is the awareness of current consumer trends (e.g. ecology, meat-free diets, Polish production). As an experienced Polish public relations agency, we know what is currently in vogue and what Polish consumers pay attention to. Thanks to this, we create messages for brands that will be friendly and interesting to their recipients. We combine classic PR tools in Poland (such as social media and sponsored articles) with customer education (blogs, videos, recipes, dietary guides, lifehacks, etc.). We also support food brands in the area of ESG, as well as in the organisation of events with the participation of Polish media, industry experts, celebrities and digital content creators.

Public relations activities for technology and gaming industries

The technology or gaming industries are difficult industries to communicate in. Typically, the audience (whether customers, influencers, stakeholders, or journalists) is a very aware audience. They know well what they like, have high expectations of brands, and spare no criticism when a brand does not give them what they were hoping for. The focus in Polish public relations campaigns is therefore on making them as creative as possible and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies. Classic media, such as the press or television, rarely work. That is why we focus on building strong relationships with potential brand advocates: trade journalists and influencers, who have huge audiences (gaming YouTubers and streamers are among the largest Polish influencers!).

Brand PR for the Polish community abroad

It is extremely important for all business sectors to truly understand the fact that every ethnic group has its own unique individual beliefs, needs and wants, values, spending habits and purchasing behaviour. Having that in mind, we will help you to come up with the right Polish PR strategy for the Polish minority in your country, and to implement campaigns that will provide tangible results. Unfortunately, there is no set of effective rules that will work in every case. The Polish diaspora is very diverse (some Poles living in other countries still identify with Polish culture; others quite the opposite), so PR activities for such a group should always start with a thorough research of the target audience. Moreover, reaching your audience requires excellent knowledge of the tools and media available (e.g. you need to know whether they use national media or rather reach out to local media targeting the Polish community and conducted in Polish). Every little detail like this matters and we will help you spot it and then use it in your PR communication. If you need to plan your communication activities in Poland and seek for professional help of a public relations company, contact us today.

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