Public relations

What makes good PR?

It is not a secret that most important for any company, is good public relation communication, no matter whether they are big or small. Image creation is a long and complicated process that is responsible for how your company is perceived by your clients, media and competitors. A good PR strategy should include both: a well-prepared PR plan; and some space for short term and tactical PR campaigns. To plan a successful campaign you should not forget about your smaller customer groups – ethnic minorities.

Polish Public Relations – remembering the differences

Polish PR can be difficult to implement for those who have no experience in this field. Poles pay attention to the company’s public image; it is important for them if the brand respects their own national and cultural values. It is crucial to know Polish cultural context well to develop effective PR campaigns in Poland. Polish Public Relations may be tricky, but we know how to deal with it. PR is one of the most popular services we offer. We help you to build an effective Polish PR campaign, and reach the exact audience you want.

Let us guide you through Polish PR

We have worked with brands from different business sectors, and helped them to develop their PR in Poland. We specialise in:

  • Storytelling (to build a connection with the Polish audience),
  • Influencer Marketing (working with multiple Polish influencers),
  • Creative writing (tailored content preparation and media placing),
  • Designing Visual Assets (infographics, video production, photo shoots etc.),
  • Competitions and event organisation and promotion,
  • Media booking and buying (choosing and booking advertising campaigns in multiple media channels).

It is extremely important for all business sectors to truly understand the fact that every ethnic group has its own unique individual beliefs, needs and wants, values, spending habits and purchasing behaviour. Having that in mind, we will help you to come up with the right PR strategy, and to implement campaigns that will provide tangible results.

If you need to plan activities that include public relations in Poland, contact us today.

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