Ethnic marketing

Appropriate message is the key to success

The most important role of ethnic marketing is to reach recipients of a specific nationality or ethnic group, who live in a country other than their native country. Therefore, we use unique marketing techniques, created in their mother tongue, and that contain elements of their culture.

Brands who want to run ethnic marketing campaigns have to take into account many important factors. Intuition will not be enough here. We know how to research the needs and wants of your target audience, and what marketing techniques to implement to reach Poles, no matter where they live. We can develop and implement measurable campaigns that not only build brand awareness, position you as an expert or market leader, but also drive sales.

Every ethnic group is different

More than one million Poles live in Britain with over £300 billion worth of disposable income. How to successfully reach them?

By utilising Polish ethnic marketing. We know how to create an appropriate message, what media to choose, and how to plan the entire campaign to reach Poles. We provide engaging comms campaigns, targeting Poles from all over the world.

Due to our unique links, experience and expertise, we can also prepare and execute campaigns for Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Albanian and Czech communities in Britain. Our ethnic marketing campaigns have proved to be very effective also in countries such as Poland, Germany, France, Norway, and Ireland too.

Let us reach your Polish customers

With extended cultural background and well-prepared research, we are able to provide an effective marketing communication plan. We specialise in cross-cultural dialogue that builds bridges between people from different backgrounds. We believe that knowledge of cultural differences is the first step to understanding your clients. By using the power of ethnic marketing we help you to successively communicate with your potential customers, in their own language. If you are ready to engage your audience, contact us.

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