Ethnic marketing in Britain

Appropriate message is the key to success


The most important role of ethnic marketing is to reach recipients of a specific nationality or ethnic group, who live in a country other than their native country. Therefore, we use unique marketing techniques, created in their mother tongue, and that contain elements of their culture.

Brands who want to run ethnic marketing campaigns have to take into account many important factors. Intuition will not be enough here. We know how to research the needs and wants of your target audience, and what marketing techniques to implement to reach Poles, no matter where they live. We can develop and implement measurable campaigns that not only build brand awareness, position you as an expert or market leader, but also drive sales.


Every ethnic group is different


More than one million Poles live in Britain with over £300 billion worth of disposable income. How to successfully reach them?

By utilising Polish ethnic marketing. We know how to create an appropriate message, what media to choose, and how to plan the entire campaign to reach Poles. We provide engaging comms campaigns, targeting Poles from all over the world.

Due to our unique links, experience and expertise, we can also prepare and execute campaigns for Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Albanian and Czech communities in Britain. Our ethnic marketing campaigns have proved to be very effective also in countries such as Poland, Germany, France, Norway, and Ireland too.


Multicultural marketing


People who identify with a particular culture share the same values ​​and views. They influence purchasing processes. That is why it is often so difficult for foreign brands to build appropriate communication, aimed at communities with different consumer behaviour than their existing customers. When creating a marketing strategy, we take into account, first of all, the customer’s unique experiences – because they have an impact on the customer’s criteria for choosing products or services and the way content is consumed. When building communication with a client from a given country or ethnic group, we examine their habits, language, lifestyle, culture, experiences, communication patterns with brands and beliefs about them. Multicultural consumers often adopt behaviours typical of several cultures at the same time – it is impossible to confine them to a uniform framework. We will analyse your target group needs and create communication appealing to them.


Why invest in ethnic marketing strategies?


Does your brand want to sell products or services to an ethnically diverse market? Ethnic (a.k.a. multicultural) marketing is the absolute basis for effectively reaching customers. The multicultural nature of the population is growing in many European countries, as well as in the United States – up to 40% of the US population is made up of people from cultural minorities. The UK is also home to many representatives of other nationalities. More than 5% of the population is Pakistani, and many Chinese, Bengalis, Italians, Germans and Poles are also starting a new life in Britain. Each of these ethnic groups requires a different marketing approach. Ethnic marketing in the UK presents a major opportunity for brands looking for effective ways to reach a new customer base.


You will fill the gaps

As an agency specialising in developing ethnic marketing strategies for the UK, US or German markets, we notice how many gaps in the market are still untapped. Few brands understand the needs of particular ethnic minorities and therefore fail to see the buying potential that lies within them. For example, we often find that no brand in a particular industry in the UK market offers a product that meets the needs of Poles living there. Filling such a gap with a tailored product (with an effective ethnic marketing campaign in the UK) leaves you with absolutely no competition.


Increase customer loyalty across sectors

An ethnic marketing strategy that relates to a specific culture or nationality and uses appropriate outreach methods not only increases brand awareness. It is also a phenomenal way to increase consumer identification with the brand.


You will scrutinise the market more effectively

As an ethnic marketing agency in the UK, we always start every collaboration with clients with detailed market research. This enables us to better understand the needs, problems and buying habits of an ethnic or cultural group. We are able to clearly explain to the client the mistakes that have been made so far, as well as which sectors are worth investing in and which are not.


Reduce marketing costs

A standardised marketing message targeting a mass audience works well in two cases: a highly recognisable brand or a market with little ethnic diversity. Advertising messages targeted at narrow groups reduce the number of audiences, but their precision and tailoring to the target makes for a much higher conversion rate. This makes more efficient use of the marketing budget.


Ethnic marketing – strategies that work


Which marketing tools are most cost-effective in multicultural marketing? From the perspective of an ethnic marketing agency in the UK, we can identify several areas worth investing in:


Ethnic marketing online


  • Social media

Social media communication aimed directly at the ethnic groups concerned is an effective and low-cost method of reaching them. However, a number of factors need to be taken into account here that influence the effectiveness of the measures: linguistic correctness, cultural knowledge and the general characteristics of the target group in question (habits, character, shopping habits, online behaviour, etc.).


  • Internet advertisements

These are mainly ads in the Google ecosystem (e.g. search engine ads, banner ads on minority-dedicated websites, ads on YouTube) and precisely targeted advertising in social media, especially in the Meta ecosystem (i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Messenger). The key to successful advertising, however, is not only choosing the right target group, but also an advertising message that catches the eye of the minority in question.


  • Content marketing

From the experience of ethnic marketing agencies, we know how content marketing works in many industries. This applies mainly to the service sector (e.g. insurance or advice: accounting, financial, tax, medical, etc.). Both interesting content on social media, guest posts on blogs popular with minorities and sponsored articles published on selected portals, work fantastically here.


Offline ethnic marketing


  • Traditional media

There is a major pitfall for brands that want to start implementing an ethnic marketing strategy. For, the key to success is not the national media – most ethnic minorities (especially in the UK or the US) do not use them. Instead, they choose their own media. Advertising on TV, in the print press or on minority-specific radio is capable of producing spectacular results.


  • Outdoor advertising and distribution of printed material

Billboards, posters, leaflets, advertisements on buses, taxis or bus stops and other forms of street advertising are, in our opinion, the most effective tool for reaching ethnic minorities. However, it is important to remember that the location of the advertisement or where the printed material is distributed is key. Usually, when working with brands, we opt for areas around airports and train stations, or parts of the city inhabited by expats.


  • Sponsorship of events

Most often, we coordinate the sponsorship of local events organised for given cultural minorities, or general events for expats. We help our clients choose the form of cooperation, contact the organiser of the event, take care of securing the appropriate contract, and keep an eye on brand exposure during the event. The sponsorship of local sports teams also yields great results.


Ethnic marketing to Poles


We are an agency with a Polish pedigree and specialise in ethnic marketing to Poles living in the UK. The Polish community in the UK has a population of around 700,000 people who support various areas of the UK economy (mainly hospitality, catering, retail, construction, as well as the B2C service sector).

The Polish customer is not a trusting type of consumer and is very different from the British customer. They are more tempted by all kinds of promotions, samples, free goodies or discounts. As research shows, Poles are mainly guided by the price of the product when making purchasing decisions. However, the Polish population is not a homogeneous group, and successive generations living in the UK are becoming more and more like the Western customer. The most visible change is affecting younger customers (millennials and Generation Z). This is why we start every collaboration on ethnic marketing to Poles with a detailed study of our client’s target group.


How do we do it?


As one of the most experienced ethnic marketing agencies, we have had the opportunity to work with brands from many different sectors:


  • cosmetics

  • clothing,

  • food,

  • tourism and telecommunications,

  • legal, tax and financial

  • publishing,

  • new technologies,

  • and others.


The effectiveness of a campaign targeting an ethnic minority is not the responsibility of the industry itself, but of the market research, the strategy and the appropriate outreach methods selected for the narrow customer group. As a specialised ethnic marketing agency, we handle the entire process from A to Z for our clients:


  • We study the market potential precisely.

  • We segment the audience into specific ethnic or cultural groups.

  • We learn about the problems and purchasing needs of potential minority customers.

  • We analyse the activities of the brand’s competitors.

  • We select communication tools and media to distribute the advertising message.

  • We build ethnic marketing strategies – short-term and long-term.

  • We implement the strategy.

  • We analyse and report the results.


Let us reach your Polish customers


With extended cultural background and well-prepared research, we are able to provide an effective marketing communication plan. We specialise in cross-cultural dialogue that builds bridges between people from different backgrounds. We believe that knowledge of cultural differences is the first step to understanding your clients. By using the power of ethnic marketing we help you to successively communicate with your potential customers, in their own language. If you are ready to engage your audience, contact us.


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