Content marketing in Poland

Content marketing, i.e. creating and publishing content that interests your customers, has been used for years as an effective, long-term support for brands. It is worth using its power in building lasting relationships with consumers and attracting customers to your own media (so called owned media).


The main advantages of content marketing are:


  • Attracting the attention of selected customer groups (by creating helpful and interesting content),
  • Building brand engagement (comments on the blog or under video materials),
  • Strengthening relationships with potential customers,
  • Increasing website traffic (SEO support),
  • Customer education about the industry (infographics, research results, case studies),
  • Building the position of an expert in a given industry (company blogs, guest articles).


Content marketing in Poland


The role of content marketing in Poland is growing stronger – both in B2C and B2B communication. More and more companies recognise the potential of corporate blogs in Polish, creating original podcasts or e-books, sharing case studies or guest expert articles on industry websites. However, not each of these methods will work in every industry – and not each will be equally effective for your Polish recipients. Content marketing in Poland must take into account cultural differences and specific consumer behaviour. Our content marketing experts analyse what content your Polish customers expect and how it should be provided to maximize results. We will help you solve customers’ problems, involve them in your communication and stand out from the competition. Regardless of the chosen distribution methods, you can be sure that the content will be created in line with principles of web writing and copywriting and consistent with your brand – both visually and linguistically.


Content marketing strategy in Poland – where to start?


It is difficult to have an effect without a proper strategy – this sentence perfectly describes every type of marketing. In Polish content marketing, strategy is exceptionally essential. For, it is what determines what, where, when and how often a brand publishes, to whom it communicates and, most importantly, for what. Whether you are just planning to enter the Polish market, or you are already using content marketing but are not seeing results, you need a tailored content marketing strategy in Polish. A precise plan for creating, distributing and measuring results will be essential, regardless of your industry or company size.

There is no single effective plan for a Polish content marketing strategy that will work for everyone. That’s why it’s so important to carefully analyse your brand’s needs, research the market, define your objectives and, finally, develop a plan that will help you deliver in line with your brand philosophy and the specifics of your target audience.


As an experienced Polish content marketing agency, we apply the 6-step principle in developing strategies for our clients:


  1. Setting the goal and defining measures – Selecting the right KPIs is the key to effective content marketing activities in Poland. Together, we will achieve a range of goals for you, such as:

  • increase traffic or conversions on the website,

  • sales support (increase in number of orders),

  • increase brand recognition (number of mentions),

  • build expertise (positive mentions, external expert articles, citation of brand research)

  1. Audit of your brand – we dissect your strengths and weaknesses using, among other things, a SWOT model, analyse your brand’s previous content marketing activities and their effectiveness, do an audit of your website (especially if you plan to publish on a blog).
  2. Analysis of competitors’ activities – we check who your actual competitors are on the Polish market, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and analyse content marketing activities in Polish. We use specialised tools, as well as qualitative analysis for this purpose.

  3. We identify personae – we analyse who your ideal target group is and divide potential customers into several sectors. We create personae based on these to facilitate the development of a content plan. We identify their needs, problems and the range of topics they are interested in. We also look for thematic gaps that we can fill with content for your brand.

  4. We choose the methods – as a Polish content marketing agency, we know which types of content work well for which industries. We combine this knowledge with the results of our previous analyses of your brand.

  5. We define time, budget, distribution methods and analytical tools – we help match the content plan to the client’s budget, determine the duration of the campaign and suggest the most effective tools to analyse the campaign’s progress on an ongoing basis.


The most popular types of content marketing in Poland


As a content marketing agency from Poland, we have been supporting our foreign clients with content marketing strategy development and implementation for many years. We write texts, help record videos, design infographics, and support the distribution of content via social media or emailing. Here are the most popular and, in our opinion, most effective types of content:


Company blogs

On the Polish market, company blogs are undoubtedly the centre of content marketing. Maintaining a company blog has many advantages: it increases online visibility, website traffic and the number of leads (thanks to simultaneous SEO activities), builds the position of an expert (here it is important that the content is of real value), and also supports link building. In Poland, all kinds of how-to guides and, in the case of content marketing in Poland for the B2B sector, case studies work well for this purpose.


Sponsored and guest articles

In addition to supporting the link building of a company’s website and its SEO, writing sponsored and guest articles has another huge advantage. Nothing builds a brand’s reputation (and especially that of its representatives) as strongly as just publishing in prestigious or widely read titles or blogs.


E-books, reports, infographics and newsletters

Both research or analysis reports, company newsletters, expert e-books and infographics created on their basis have great viral potential, so they should be the basis of a content marketing strategy in Poland. They spread quickly because such industry studies are referred to by many experts, bloggers, influencers or even competitors. And each such mention reaches another set of potential customers who interact with your brand.


Social media content

Social media is not just a platform to collaborate with influencers, an advertising tool or a way to conveniently communicate with customers. Interesting, creative content on Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn has the powerful ability to reach new potential consumers. As a Polish content marketing agency, we make sure that not only sales or image posts, but also educational posts, such as longer tutorials or infographics, appear on our clients’ profiles.


Video marketing and podcasts

Videos and podcasts are an excellent content marketing tool in Poland and a way to stand out from the competition. In many industries, this type of content marketing is used reluctantly, despite its huge potential. Polish customers spend less and less time consuming written content, and more often reach for guides or video and audio guides. However, these types of content require appropriate preparation – not only technical, but also substantive. A boring video full of industry jargon will be a waste of money.


We provide content marketing in Poland for brands from many industries


As a leading content marketing agency from Poland working with foreign brands, we have many successful collaborations with brands from various sectors in our portfolio. We deal with content marketing strategy in Polish and content planning for brands from industries such as:


  • food

  • medical,

  • tourism and telecommunications

  • energy

  • publishing,

  • cosmetics

  • clothing,

  • legal and financial

  • gaming and new technologies.


Polish content marketing for the fashion and beauty industry


Are you launching a new cosmetics or clothing brand on the Polish market? Content marketing in Polish can be a big help in reaching a wide range of customers. Company blogs with expert advice and industry trends, video content (especially when working with influencers, e.g. lookbooks or first looks), creative newsletters, and the king in the fashion and beauty industries, i.e. Instagram content, work well in this sector.


Polish content marketing for the food industry


Poland’s content marketing strategy for the food industry is primarily culinary guides and recipes. On the Polish market, recipes in the form of videos, where customers can see step by step how to prepare a dish using the brand’s products, are very popular. Experts from our Polish content marketing agency will create an online cooking programme for your brand, develop recipes for your blog or propose a concept for interesting communication on Facebook.


Polish content marketing for the financial, legal and banking industry


On the Polish market, the financial and legal industries are regarded as difficult and boring sectors. It is therefore important that the Polish content marketing strategy includes a plan on how to make the audience really interested. Blogs with advice and case studies (simple communication language is key!), but also videos in the form of advice or interviews and even podcasts are a very good idea here. However, it should be remembered here that Polish law is extremely restrictive towards these industries. Without professional support from a content marketing agency in Poland, it can be difficult to find your way around the legal complexities.


Polish content marketing for the medical industry


Advertising in the medical or pharmaceutical industry in Poland is – like that in the financial sector – strictly regulated by law. It is almost impossible to enter the Polish market without consulting experts from a Polish content marketing agency. We will support your brand not only in examining the legality of the content, but also in selecting the right content tools. Substantive expert articles published on industry portals or blogs, as well as cooperation with educational influencers, are perfect for this role.


Polish content marketing for the travel sector


Classic television advertising or banners on websites no longer work on anyone – especially in the age of Instagram, which floods Polish customers with beautiful photos of charming places from all over the world. Polish content marketing in the travel sector today is all about inspiring through educating. This is why such popular types of content in this sector are photo reports from trips, advice for travelers, or extensive descriptions of given destinations. Creative and distinctive content on Instagram is equally essential.


We analyse the results and introduce changes


Without appropriate tools to analyse the results of your content marketing activities, effective activities are not possible. That is why, when cooperating with our clients, we not only perform a deep preliminary analysis, create a strategy and implement it, but also constantly monitor the results of what we do. For this we use both internal analytical tools (Google Search Console, Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics), but also paid external tools to monitor trends among customers and keywords searched on the Internet. By regularly analysing the results, we will optimise your content marketing activities in Poland so that it will help you achieve specific goals. If you need a comprehensive content marketing strategy for Polish customers, contact our experts.


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