Content marketing in Poland

Content marketing, i.e. creating and publishing content that interests your customers, has been used for years as an effective, long-term support for brands. It is worth using its power in building lasting relationships with consumers and attracting customers to your own media (so called owned media).

The main advantages of content marketing are:

  • Attracting the attention of selected customer groups (by creating helpful and interesting content),
  • Building brand engagement (comments on the blog or under video materials),
  • Strengthening relationships with potential customers,
  • Increasing website traffic (SEO support),
  • Customer education about the industry (infographics, research results, case studies),
  • Building the position of an expert in a given industry (company blogs, guest articles).

Content marketing in Poland

The role of content marketing in Poland is growing stronger – both in B2C and B2B communication. More and more companies recognise the potential of corporate blogs in Polish, creating original podcasts or e-books, sharing case studies or guest expert articles on industry websites. However, not each of these methods will work in every industry – and not each will be equally effective for your Polish recipients. Content marketing in Poland must take into account cultural differences and specific consumer behaviour. Our content marketing experts analyse what content your Polish customers expect and how it should be provided to maximize results. We will help you solve customers’ problems, involve them in your communication and stand out from the competition. Regardless of the chosen distribution methods, you can be sure that the content will be created in line with principles of web writing and copywriting and consistent with your brand – both visually and linguistically.

Analyse the results and introduce changes

Without appropriate tools to analyse the results of your content marketing activities, effective activities are not possible. That is why, when cooperating with our clients, we not only perform a deep preliminary analysis, create a strategy and implement it, but also constantly monitor the results of what we do. For this we use both internal analytical tools (Google Search Console, Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics), but also paid external tools to monitor trends among customers and keywords searched on the Internet. By regularly analysing the results, we will optimize your content marketing activities in Poland so that it will help you achieve specific goals.
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