Events and sponsorships in Poland

Polish events industry

Sponsorships, exhibitions and events in Poland have remained popular for many years now.
Many companies decide on such solutions as part of their marketing strategy. Sponsoring an event is a significant investment, so it is important to choose the best type of event or exhibition for your business.
In the end, results are what really count.

There are a lot of benefits from using sponsorship activities:

  • increasing brand awareness
  • gaining access to a specific target audience that may be inaccessible otherwise
  • building a connection with your target audience
  • getting feedback from clients directly
  • acquiring new customers

B2C and B2B segments

Our consultants are experts in the field of event marketing, having already managed over 60 sponsorships, exhibitions and other promotional activities during events in Poland.

There are many types of events equally popular in the B2B and B2C sectors.
B2B events in Poland are an indispensable tool for the B2B segment. Trips, trainings, conferences, or fairs, always attract potential partners in the B2B sector. Currently, Internet events such as webinars, teleconferences and online meetings are also becoming more and more popular. We will help you with sponsorship activities that will work best with your brand.

B2C events in Poland have not lost their popularity either. Events are a great place to reach a specific target market. More and more brands from different business sectors use events to make a connection with their potential customers. Well-planned sponsorship activities will allow you to get to know the needs of your clients and increase brand awareness. We are specialists in Polish consumer and business events. We will use our know-how and experience to make your brand visible in every event.

Tell us about your needs!

There are many brands that decide to organise their own events. If you need help in organising Polish events or just support in planning Polish sponsorship activities, feel free to contact us.

See out latest sponsorships and exhibitions during Polish events for our clients.

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