Organizing events and sponsorships in Poland

Polish events sector

Sponsorships, corporate events, special events, banquets, seminars, and exhibitions in Poland have remained popular for many years now. Many companies across Poland decide on such solutions as part of their marketing strategy. Sponsoring an event is a significant investment, so it is important to choose the best type of event or exhibition for your business. In the end, results are what really counts.

There are a lot of benefits from using sponsorship activities:

  • increasing brand awareness
  • gaining access to a specific target audience that may be inaccessible otherwise
  • building a connection with your target audience
  • quickly assessing the reception of a new product or service
  • getting feedback from clients directly 
  • strengthening relations with clients 
  • acquiring new customers
  • obtain information about customers’ needs to satisfy them in a better way

B2C and B2B segments

Our consultants are experts in the field of event marketing, having already managed over 60 sponsorships, exhibitions and other promotional activities during events in many cities in Poland (such as Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Lodz, and more).

There are many types of events equally popular in the B2B and B2C sectors. B2B events in Poland are an indispensable tool for the B2B segment. Trips, trainings, conferences, or fairs, always attract potential partners in the B2B sector. Currently, Internet events such as webinars, teleconferences and online meetings are also becoming more and more popular. We will help you with sponsorship activities that will work best with your brand.

B2C events in Poland have not lost their popularity either. Events are a great place to reach a specific target market. More and more brands from different business sectors use events to make a connection with their potential customers. Well-planned sponsorship activities will allow you to get to know the needs of your clients and increase brand awareness. We are specialists in consumer and business events for companies in Poland. We will use our know-how and experience to make your brand visible in every event.

Event marketing in Poland – what opportunities do brands have?

Although the pandemic has turned the world of events in Poland almost upside down, the most popular methods for using them to promote a brand remain the same. These include conducting their own events, putting on company’s speakers at events, being an exhibitor at events (for example, local or educational events) and sponsoring events.

Hosting the event 

This endeavour requires careful preparation and strategy development. If well organised, it can bring tangible benefits to the brand: fostering relationships with customers and building their loyalty, going beyond mere consumer satisfaction. Such an event can serve various purposes, such as:

  • introducing a new brand to guests,

  • product launches,

  • brand’s anniversary,
  • direct product sales,

  • employer branding, attracting business partners and building relationships.

For years, we have been supporting foreign brands in event preparation in Poland (or events abroad aimed at the Poles), regardless of the sector. This type of marketing is particularly popular in the children’s and parenting, cosmetics, clothing and food sectors. The rule is – the more creative, the better. This is why we are keen to use unconventional solutions, such as cooperation with influencers, hybrid events (combining the offline and online worlds), competitions or introducing elements of gamification.

Company speakers and hosts

Putting up speakers to represent your brand at industry events is a common way of building branding, increasing brand awareness and expanding your B2B network. In cooperation with our clients, we search for suitable events and then establish contacts with the organisers. We support clients in selecting speakers and even create the content of speeches. This type of event marketing works phenomenally in the new technology, electronics, gaming, financial and legal industries. It is also one of the most interesting employer branding tools.

The brand as an exhibitor at events

This type of event marketing requires relatively little effort and a small budget, but with the precise selection of an appropriate event, it is able to spectacularly support a brand in achieving a specific objective. This is not a classic event sponsorship, as the brand here is not just a sponsor marked on promotional materials, but actively participates in the event itself and has an influence on its shape. We support our clients in setting up stands (booths, stands) at events, trade fairs or industry events. We do this in a creative way, for example by organising competitions or sports competitions, so that our client’s brand is more visible among attendees. 

Event sponsorship in Poland

Event sponsorship is the most popular type of event marketing in Poland. Arranging a brand’s own event is often too time-consuming and expensive. What is more, many events (e.g. sports, music, charity or business events) do not provide for the participation of brands in a role other than that sponsorship. Co-sponsoring an event is a win-win – both for the organiser and the brand promoting it. Moreover, all the most difficult elements of the event are shifted to the organiser. The brand does not bear any risk. 

For over 12 years, we have been specialising in event sponsorship in Poland for years, working with brands from various sectors:

We tailor appropriate events taking into account the target audience of the brand, as well as its business objectives (both short – and long-term). We guarantee high brand exposure, as well as increased brand awareness. We assist in the organisation of event sponsorship in Poland for various types of events such as outdoor and open, free and ticketed, one-day and multi-day, and virtual and in-person event sponsorships.

Sponsoring virtual events – a great trend in event marketing!

After the pandemic, the most significant change in the event sponsorship field is the move away from classic offline events to online scenery. Virtual event sponsorship is particularly popular in the education sector, the service sector and B2B communications. According to the latest reports, as many as 56% of Poles attending such events have no objection to educational training, conferences or webinars being moved entirely into the virtual world.

Hybrid events are also growing in importance. Galas, competitions, contests and high-profile events, for example from the world of sport or gaming, are increasingly being streamed. Organisers make live coverage available to those who choose to buy a ticket. In this way, the brand logo does not reach random people, but actual potential customers. Our team is always up-to-date with technological news and generates fresh and creative ideas with diligence. What is more, we, as an event agency in Poland, can help you with technical equipment and negotiate with the organisers the display time of the advertising banner or logo of the client we are working with.

The biggest challenges of event sponsorship in Poland

From the perspective of an event agency that has been involved in event marketing and event sponsorship coordination for years, we see many challenges that brands are not aware of. Sometimes it seems that it is enough to appear at a selected event and customers will already notice our product. This is a big mistake that can cost a brand considerable money. The greatest challenges of event sponsorship are:

  • Outperforming the competition

With massive events (sports, music or business), the number of brands that want to become event sponsors is huge. And the greater the competition, the better the offer needs to be. In choosing a particular sponsorship offer, it is often not so much the budget itself that counts, but the creativity and innovation of the idea the brand comes up with. What’s more, at the event itself, there is also competition in the form of other sponsors (from other industries). To be noticed by potential customers, the brand should be conspicuous.

  • Definition of the objective

The form that a sponsorship event will take depends, not only on the budget, but also on the purpose of such an activity. It can be sales-related, image-related, or other. It is easy to fall into a trap here. Many brands, in the fervour of organising an event, don’t look globally. They forget that it is not the event itself that is most important, but their business objective. This is why it is so important to work with a dedicated team of external experts who will make sure that the main objective never disappears from sight, modify the direction if needed and initiate the change in the strategy.


  • Setting of relevant KPIs

It is not enough to show participants the brand logo and hope for results. In our work with clients, we select KPIs tailored to the purpose of sponsoring the event. This way, we know what our numerical targets are (e.g. number of samples given out, products sold, number of exposures when streaming the event online, media mentions, etc.).


  • Selection of tools to measure effects

Selecting methods to measure the achievement of KPIs is another difficult task. It looks slightly different with every event. We are keen to use modern tools, for example for the analytics of online mentions or tools dedicated to measuring the effects of event marketing.

Event sponsorship in Poland – we’ll take care of everything for you

When working with brands, we create and implement an event marketing strategy:

  • We define the target group of the event and its main objectives.
  • We support the organisation and handle the promotion of the event from A to Z in selected communication channels.
  • We analyse the effects against pre-defined KPIs.

When sponsoring events, our activities include (but are not limited) to:

  • Creating a sponsorship strategy,
  • Researching industry events and more,
  • Creating sponsorship offers (you don’t have to think about how to ask for event sponsorship),
  • Taking care of the financial and legal aspects (contracts, settlements, negotiations),
  • Coordinating brand presence at the event,
  • Contacting the event organisers.

Tell us about your needs – let’s organize your event!

If you need help in event management in Poland, or just assistance in organizing sponsorship activities, feel free to contact us and meet our event planners. Thanks to many years of experience, we specialize in comprehensive event planning in Poland and abroad. We will help you at every stage of the planning process and every detail, including technical support as well as PR and marketing integration. Our team is ready to help you!

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