Employer branding in Poland

Build the image of a desirable employer in Poland! Employer branding is a long-term process of building how a company is perceived in the eyes of not only key candidates for employees, business partners, shareholders, but also customers. It is also the internal activities supporting and activating current employees, the aim of which is to keep the best specialists inside the company, increase their work efficiency and accelerate the development of the whole enterprise. Our experts will help you do this.

Key benefits of employer branding

It has been said for many years that there is an employee market. Employer branding in Poland today is not just an add-on, but a necessity if we want to build solid company foundations based on the work of the best experts on the market. The main benefits of implementing employer branding activities with our help include
  • better matching of candidates to the company’s working environment, 
  • greater involvement of employees in the company’s development, 
  • more spontaneous recruitment and easier attraction of the right people,
  • lower recruitment costs, 
  • higher employee satisfaction and loyalty to the company,
  • reduced turnover of experts, 
  • better internal communication and organisational culture building,
  • higher work efficiency and customer service quality, 
  • gaining competitive advantage.

External and internal employer branding in Poland

According to the latest research on employer branding in Poland, the number of companies that declare involvement in employer branding is constantly growing and amounts to around 25%. The basis of the external employer branding strategy today are online activities, including social media, but also positioning (SEO) and appropriate communication via the company’s website. These are also offline activities, such as participation in trade fairs and industry conferences, or meetings with ambassadors at universities. The most popular internal employer branding tools in Poland include onboarding, talent management, development programmes, employee training, employee bonuses, team building trips and events, or other company events involving employees.  Polish companies are allocating larger and larger budgets to detailed quantitative (questionnaires about working conditions, employee motivation) and qualitative (what employees value most in the company and what they would like to change) research. Many companies also invest in internal and external communication audits conducted by external agencies dealing with Polish employer branding. More and more companies are entering the Polish market and employing specialists from Poland. Before starting to recruit, competitive, market and target group research is now a necessity.  

Take care of Polish employer branding under the guidance of professionals!

As a Polish employer branding agency we will help your company build a positive image of the employer – in the eyes of your current employees, but not only. We specialise in designing and implementing long-term internal and external employer branding strategies (image and recruitment) tailored to your budget and objectives. We do this through:
  • professional audits of current communication,
  • preparation of whole market research, 
  • segmentation of target groups, 
  • building an effective candidate path from scratch, 
  • online communication (social media, content creation, SEO, videos),
  • offline communication (assistance with job fairs, organisation of meetings at universities and schools, publications in trade magazines), 
  • creation of an effective employer value proposition.
If you need a comprehensive employer branding strategy in Poland, contact our experts.

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